Trans4orm Review – Is This Evlution Weight Loss Supplement Effective?

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By Alexis Massie, MS

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Trans4orm Review

Do you ever get to the point where you have felt that you worked so hard at the gym, at home, on the bike/running trail just to look at the scale and be discouraged? Ever felt that you have exhausted yourself to get to where you are now and need more energy to keep going?

There are those that look to weight loss supplements that can support them in their journey to reaching that goal weight. Which supplement is the right one to choose? There are way too many to list here, but there is one that has the potential to work, and that is from a company called EVLUTION Nutrition and their Trans4orm thermogenic energized weight loss supplement. 

Is it worth taking? That’s what we’re here to determine. In this Trans4orm review, we’ll take a closer look at this supplement’s ingredients, benefits, pricing, and more to see if it’s truly worth using. Let’s get started!

Trans4orm For Workout

What is Trans4orm?

Trans4orm is s supplement from health and wellness company, Evlution Nutrition. In addition to Trans4orm, Evlution has produced a variety of supplements, including LeanMode, EVLTEST, and ENGN Shred. Trans4orm is said to be a scientifically developed, multi-stage, thermogenic energizer and weight loss supplement. There are 4 main statements that are given right on the bottle: 

  • Thermogenic fat burning
  • Energy and mental focus
  • Metabolism support
  • Appetite support. 

Trans4orm By EVLUTION

The ingredients in Trans4orm work with your body to transform fat and build that beneficial lean muscle mass and reach your weight loss goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the purported benefits.

Trans4orm Benefits

There are 3 main benefits that Trans4orm advertises from the ingredients: Fat burning, energy and mental focus, and metabolism support.

Fat Burning

One key question for a weight loss supplement is, “how is this going to help me burn fat and lose weight?”

Trans4orm uses 3 ingredients to achieve this: green tea extract, green coffee bean, and coleus extract. Yohimbe is also said to have some fat burning properties. The green tea extract is included for its compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), that is said to be responsible for the stimulation of fatty acid breakdown in the body. 

Green coffee bean is a natural source of caffeine that can also help burn fat in the body. The third ingredient is coleus extract. This one was new to me, and we will get more into what it is later on. Coleus extract, according to Trans4orm, is the most effective at fat burning when it is used with caffeine. 

Energy and Mental Focus

The natural caffeine from the green tea and the green coffee extract aid in giving you that boost of energy throughout the day. Yohimbe is also used to increase your energy production so you can sustain that energy throughout the entire day. Trans4orm relies on most of the caffeine to provide the energy in this supplement. L-tyrosine, alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, choline bitartrate, B-vitamin complex, and huperzia serrata extract are used to increase that mental focus and even elevate your mood throughout the day. I know some of those ingredients were a little hard to handle, but don’t worry, we will be going over each one shortly, and they are not as scary as they seem. Well, most of them, that is. 

Trans4orm Benefits-Fat burning, energy and mental focus

Metabolism Support 

Let’s face it, not everyone’s metabolism is the same. We all process foods that we eat, the workouts we do, and most likely most things differently. I know I am not the only one when I say that I wish my metabolism was a little more up to par, especially when we see people eat what they want and seem to be doing great at keeping their weight off.

There are several ingredients in Trans4orm that they claim to help give you a metabolism boost, and those are: L-tyrosine, B-vitamin complex, and green coffee bean. These help with metabolism by supporting how the body handles blood sugar, through the production of neurotransmitters, increasing cellular energy production, and regulating hormones. Regulating some of these hormones can also contribute to appetite suppression which is important when trying to lose weight and not consuming as much food.  

Trans4orm Ingredients

When looking at the nutrition label, you will see a long list of ingredients. These can seem very overwhelming, which is exactly what I thought when I first saw it, but in the next section we will break down these ingredients and get to the root of what they have the potential to do for the body. 

Trans4orm Ingredients

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are essential to overall health and well-being. Niacin, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), folic acid, and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) are the main B vitamins in this supplement. These vitamins play a key role in the breakdown of cells, conversion of amino acids, and generation of energy. The B vitamins help to metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to activate them and turn them into energy. 

Niacin or vitamin B3 releases energy from food and is responsible for the breakdown of all types of cells, including fat cells. Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine also releases energy from foods and is needed for protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Folic acid is responsible for cell growth and replication in metabolic pathways. B12, or cyanocobalamin, aids in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and interacts with folic acid metabolism. These B vitamins are important for overall health. Whether alone or in combination with other ingredients, they can be very beneficial for your health. 

Green Tea Leaf Extract

This ingredient may be one of the more common ones that are included in this supplement. Green tea contains an increased amount of catechin polyphenols. These catechins are thought to stimulate fat oxidation by stopping the enzymes that reduce norepinephrine, which in turn increases the sympathetic nerve stimulation and increases fatty acid oxidation. In other words, causes the body to increase the breakdown of fatty acids.  

A short-term study showed that consumption of the catechin EGCG of about 244-270 mg, can increase fatty acid oxidation at rest. Another randomized double-blind trial of 115 women that were obese, showed that consuming a high dose of green tea extract (856.8 mg) over a period of 12 weeks showed a significant amount of weight loss. This study also showed that the women had lower levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone). 

As far as energy goes, the green tea extract dose in this supplement would provide around 200 mg of caffeine. Caffeine is known to increase physical energy, and that energy could last up to 12 hours but depends on the individual. 

Choline / Choline Bitartrate / Alpha-Glycerolphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC)

Choline is a precursor for acetylcholine, which is a crucial neurotransmitter for cholinergic memory functioning. Choline is also paired with another ingredient in this supplement, Huperzia serrata extract to provide optimal benefits. Several double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have shown an increase in memory, working memory, and cognitive recognition. There is also little evidence that choline bitartrate works better with caffeine to increase the stimulation of neurons to increase the availability of choline to boost those brain signals. The optimal dose of choline from studies is 1200 mg /day to see improvement. 

Alpha-GPC also works in cahoots with caffeine to improve mental and physical performance. Again, the mechanism of action is to increase the release of acetylcholine to increase learning and memory. This one has mixed reviews in the studies. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed no statistical improvement on mood, cognitive function, or performance 30 minutes after ingestion. Another single-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that alpha-GPC had increased motivation in healthy subjects at a dose of 400 mg per day for 2 weeks.   


If you’re thinking that this sounds familiar, that is because it is one of the non-essential amino acids, meaning your body is able to make this through another amino acid called phenylalanine. What makes this amino acid special is that it is essential for the production of several neurotransmitters: epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. These neurotransmitters can influence mood and increase communication between nerve cells.

Tyrosine also makes thyroid hormones which in turn regulate your entire metabolism. One specific thyroid hormone is thyroxine. Thyroxine is the main hormone that regulates your metabolism and controls the levels of T3 and T4 in your body. There has also been a study that showed tyrosine could possibly help with weight reduction in overweight individuals when tyrosine is taken with capsaicin, catechines, and caffeine.

Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Bean

Caffeine. Sometimes I think this is what most people think will keep them running all day, and they can’t live without it. The natural caffeine in this supplement comes from the green coffee bean. Caffeine is well absorbed by the body and is also a stimulant that can make you feel energized and focused. Caffeine does this by increasing the sympathetic nervous system activity and increasing adrenaline levels that can result in an increase in the breakdown of fatty acids. 

A study that had participants consume a high dose of caffeine showed that those who consumed the caffeine had a significantly higher fat oxidation rate than those who consumed the placebo. However, the research shows that overall, caffeine effects on fat metabolism are generally small, and even though an effective dose has not been established, it is recommended that 400 mg a day is an acceptable dose of caffeine. 

Green coffee bean has also been shown to boost metabolism. A review from 2013 showed that caffeine helped to lower blood sugar and reduce insulin spikes by reducing carbohydrate absorption in the digestive tract. It is good to note that a lot of the research on metabolism boosting is done on rats, and the research that is done on humans has numerous limitations. 

Coleus Extract

This is one ingredient that I was not very familiar with. This is actually a member of the mint family! The active ingredient is called Forskolii. This active ingredient releases cyclic AMP, which is also knowns as, “a second messenger,” that triggers the action of various hormones. It has been shown to reduce body fat in overweight adults by enhancing the breakdown and release of fat from the fat cells. A usual dose of coleus forskohlii is 250 mg twice a day. Trans4orm gives you 100 mg two times a day, so a little lower than the usual dose. 

Yohimbe Extract

This ingredient was one that I found the least amount of research on. This comes from an evergreen tree that is native to central and western Africa. The main compound is found in the bark of the tree and is found to increase energy production with caffeine and improve lipid mobilization and thermogenesis. In a study on body composition of professional soccer players, yohimbe significantly decreased the percentage of body fat in combination with resistance training. There were also sources out there that were very cautious of this ingredient. 

In one study, Yohimbe increased the levels of noradrenalin, a hormone that makes us feel alert and energized. It works with caffeine to activate our “fight-or-flight” system and increase the calories that we burn. The dangers of this herbal supplement seem to really outweigh the potential benefits, and one site even stated that it was banned in certain countries, and individuals should only consume 30 mg or less a day. 

Huperzia Serrata Extract

Trans4orm markets this ingredient as one that helps with mental focus and concentration. This is from a Chinese club moss plant. The supposed mechanism of action is that huperzia serrata extract regulates the cholinergic system through AChE inhibition which allows for more acetylcholine to be in the brain to improve cognitive function. A study that was done on mice showed that it did improve cognitive function in both short- and long-term memory in the mice and could be helpful in those who have memory impairment diseases.  Huperzia serrata is usually paired with choline, or alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC), which is also included in this supplement. 

In a study that was done on patients with a diagnosis of possible Alzheimer’s disease were given either 400 micrograms/day for 12 weeks or a placebo. The group taking the huperzia showed that cognition was improved as well as behavior and mood. However, research is still lacking, and the studies that have been done have many limitations to them. 

Does Trans4orm Work?

Several of the main ingredients in this supplement have been supported by research, such as caffeine, green tea extract, vitamin B complex, and L-tyrosine, to name a few. This product is likely to work; however, how efficiently it will work will depend on the individual. One product that works for one person may not work for all. It is also important to note that some of the ingredients do not work as efficiently, and a lot of the research has been done on animals. The research that has been done on humans has some limitations in the sample sizes, and more research is needed to establish proper dosing. 

EVLUTION Trans4orm -Time To Trans4rm

Claims vs. Reality

Trans4orm claims to work as a fat burning supplement to support weight loss through thermogenic ingredients. This is where the company is smart and doesn’t stick a specific claim of, “this product will help you lose 10 pounds in 1 week”. It simply states that it is a weight loss supplement and actually does have some background research to prove this with its main ingredients. I do think that there are some filler ingredients in there where not a lot of research was done, specifically, yohimbe, where the negatives might possibly outweigh the benefit. 

On the company’s website, it does mention in the product description that it transforms fat and builds lean muscle. Yet, none of the ingredients support this claim, and the main focus is on fat burning and not necessarily on building lean muscle mass. 

Is Trans4orm Right for Me?

This product is ideal for those who are looking to shed those unwanted pounds. The marketing strategy for this supplement is great for those who are looking to lose weight but want to keep with energy, appetite, and metabolism under control. It is recommended that this be taken while following a proper diet and exercise regimen. I like this statement. It advertises that this is not just a take this pill and lose fat, they are recommending individuals to follow a healthy diet and get out and exercise. Anyone under the age of 18 should not consume this product. 

Is Trans4orm Safe?

It is advised not to consume caffeine from any other sources that include coffee, tea, soda, or other dietary supplements or medications that may contain phenylephrine or caffeine. This product is to be taken for no more than 8 weeks and then discontinued for at least 4 weeks. This supplement could interact with certain medications such as MAO inhibitors, antidepressants, aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Also, it could interact with drugs that contain phenylephrine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and other stimulants. Individuals with certain conditions such as diabetes, heart, thyroid disease, and high blood pressure to name a few, should err on the side of caution. Some side effects include rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, headaches, and dizziness. As always, before beginning any supplement regimen, always consult with your health care provider. 

Where to Buy Trans4orm

This product can be purchased online at the EVLution Nutrition website or on Amazon. There were only a few other sites that I found this specific product on, and those were, iHerb, The Vitamin Shoppe, Vitacost, Ebay, and LuckyVitamin. I also found this at Walmart for an even cheaper price for 60 servings at $19.99. The price seems to range from $15.99 – $19.99 for a 30-day supply and $19.99 – $24.99 for a 60-day supply. 

EVLUTION Trans4orm Website

Trans4orm Final Thoughts

  • No proprietary blends!
  • Company states that they analyze their samples every 30 minutes for quality standards.
  • Made in a plant that is inspected by the FDA, however, this does not mean that all the statements and the supplement itself are approved by the FDA. In fact, there is a disclaimer on the website that informs the consumer that some of the statements made about the ingredients are not supported by the FDA. 
  • Made in the USA!
  • Easy to take. 1 serving in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 serving about 4-6 hours later. 
  • Contains ingredients that have the POTENTIAL to support weight loss, however, the scientific research is lacking. 

Overall, Trans4orm has great potential in helping individuals lose weight while keeping that mental focus and metabolism under control. This product may not be for everyone, and consulting with your health care provider before starting would be advisable. 

Overall Rating:
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