Primal Plants Vs. Vital Reds – Which Gundry MD Superfood Powder Is Better?

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Vital Reds vs Primal Plants

Primal Plants and Vital Reds, both made by Gundry MD, are two of the most popular superfood powders in the market today. These two superfood powders are great and potent in and of themselves. But if you are wondering which of these superfood powders is better, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to compare Gundry MD’s Primal Plants and Vital Reds. At the end of it, we are going to decide which superfood powder is better. So, if you are choosing between Primal Plants and Vital Reds, please continue to read on!

That being said, without further ado, let’s get started!

Blue and Orange Superfood Powder

What are Superfood Powders?

Superfood powders are simply foods that are dried, dehydrated, and finely ground until they become powder. So, you are taking the powdered version of the foods. Some of the “superfoods” used in these supplements are green leafy vegetables, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms.

What makes superfood powders appealing is that you can easily incorporate them into your diet. And even if you’re not into, say, vegetables, you can still take these superfood powders because you can blend them with the food of your choices, such as drinks or smoothies, to mask its flavor.

Superfood Powder

For best options, be sure that you are getting organic superfood powders as some processes may use additives and preservatives because it is more convenient. When shopping for your superfood powder, find the label such as “organic,” “cold-pressed” or “freeze-dried.” This usually means that the product is organically processed.

About Primal Plants


Primal Plants is a superfood powder made by Gundry MD. This superfood powder is made of 25 ingredients which will bring about metabolic support and digestive aid, among its other benefits. Some of its benefits include heart health and skin health support. Primal Plants is also a “quick-dissolve” mix with its delicious green apple flavor.

Primal Plants are soy-free, lectin-free, and sugar-free. It is also free from any artificial sweetener.

About Vital Reds

Gundry MD Vital Reds

Vital Reds is another superfood powder, and it is also a product of Gundry MD. Vital Reds boasts its 34 polyphenol-rich superfruits. Aside from its superfruits, Vital Reds also contains probiotics and fat-burning ingredients, which are beneficial for digestion and weight loss.

Some of the benefits that we can get from Vital Reds are improved energy, digestive support, and promotion of healthy skin. Like Primal Plants, Vital Reds is also soy-free, lectin-free, and it has no added sugar. It is also a “quick-dissolve” mix with its natural berry flavor.

Primal Plants Ingredients

Primal Plants and Vital Reds’ ingredients are summed up as proprietary blends. Therefore, it is easy to take a look at their ingredients and what they could do for our bodies. Let’s start with Primal Plants.Gundry MD Primal Plants Supplement Facts

Primal Plants has 4 proprietary blends:

  • Superfood Greens Blend – which focuses on bringing the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that we need.
  • Metabolic Enhancing Blend – ingredients that are primarily used for metabolic support.
  • Digestive Support Blend – ingredients to support proper digestion.
  • Probiotic Blend – ingredients that will provide probiotics in your body. Probiotics are very helpful organisms that will support your gut health. Hence, adding it to the supplement is a big point!

Key ingredients of each proprietary blend:

  • Superfood Greens Blend – cinnamon bark, kale, and broccoli
  • Metabolic Enhancing Blend – bitter melon extract and green tea extract
  • Digestive Support Blend – digestive enzymes (including fructooligosaccharides and bromelain) and pectin
  • Probiotic Blend – L. acidophilus, B. lactis, B. coagulans, and L. reuteri

Vital Reds Ingredients

Like Primal Plants, the ingredients of Vital Reds are also summed up as proprietary blends. And like Primal Plants, Vital Reds have the same proprietary blends except for the first one; instead of Superfood Greens Blend, it has Reds Blend.Gundry MD Vital Reds Supplement Facts

Being a “superfruit” supplement, the Reds Blend of Vital Reds are made up of different fruits to provide the vitamins and minerals that we need. Some of these fruits are carrot, apple, blackberry, beetroot, pomegranate, lemon, and strawberry.

Aside from the Reds Blend, Vital Reds also consists of Metabolic Enhancing Blend, Digestive Support Blend, and Probiotic, just like Primal Plants. However, the ingredients used in Vital Reds’ proprietary blends have some slight differences from that of Primal Plants.

Primal Plants vs. Vital Reds: The Benefits

Now that we get to know the ingredients of both Primal Plants and Vital Reds, it is easy to see what benefits we can get from these two superfood powders.

As superfood powders, both Primal Plants and Vital Reds would provide rich amounts of nutrients to supplement our nutritional needs. Aside from nutrients, they would also provide us with antioxidants to protect our body from sicknesses and the effects of chronic inflammation.


And since both Primal Plants and Vital Reds contain digestive support and probiotic blends, they can also provide benefits for our gut and digestive health. It should be noted, though, that Vital Reds do not contain digestive enzymes, unlike Primal Plants.

Perhaps, the only main difference between the two is that Primal Plants have an emphasis on benefiting our heart health while Vital Reds is focused on improving our energy for our daily needs.

Primal Plants vs. Vital Reds: Customer Reviews

Now that we know the basic information regarding Primal Plants and Vital Reds, let’s get to know what customers say about them. Normally, I go to Amazon to check for customer reviews. However, because I cannot find a proper product page for both of the supplements, we’ll just see what the customers are saying on Gundry MD’s store.

Gundry MD Primal Plants

Gundry MD star rating: 4.83 out of 5 from 561 customer reviews

Primal Plants’ reviews are mostly positive, with customers noting that Primal Plants helped them with their overall health. Some noted that it helped boost their energy levels – without the need for caffeine. Some also noted that their body weight is decreasing and their mind is clearer.

Regarding the tasty, in general, customers said that Primal Plants are tasty and delicious.


Gundry MD Vital Reds

Amazon star rating: 4.78 out of 5 from 2,657 customer reviews

Like Primal Plants, Vital Reds’ reviews are also mostly positive. Aside from improved energy level and enhanced mental focus, customers of Vital Reds noted that the supplement had curbed their appetite. Some also reported that their skin and nails improved with Vital Reds.

Vital Reds and Gundry MD Supplements

Primal Plants vs. Vital reds: Other Considerations

Both these supplements come from Gundry MD, which is a well-trusted and high-quality brand. Gundry MD was created by Dr. Steven Gundry, a doctor with the mission “to help dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through my unique vision of diet and nutrition.” 

Primal Plants vs. Vital Reds: Pricing

When it comes to price, Primal Plants are significantly more expensive with a price of $99.99 compared to Vital Reds’ price of $69.99. Considering that both supplements have virtually the same types of ingredients (except for their first proprietary blends), the reason why Primal Plants is more expensive than Vital Reds could be because, aside from some minor ingredient differences, Primal Plants contain digestive enzymes, unlike Vital Reds.

Vital Reds Drink

Digestive enzymes are very important because, without them, we won’t be able to eat certain foods and compounds depending on which digestive enzyme we are lacking. You may also want to note, though, that right now you can save up to 50% on Primal Plants at this link and up to 46% off Vital reds at this link.

Primal Plants vs. Vital Reds: Which is Better?

After reviewing and comparing Primal Plants and Vital Reds, we can say that both of these superfood powders are great and potent supplements. But still, at the end of the day, we should pick one winner. For this one, we would say that Primal Plants are better than Vital Reds!

Primal Plants and Vital Reds

Despite the heavy price tag, Primal Plants is better for us because of the digestive enzymes it has – something that is not included in Vital Reds. As mentioned above, having digestive enzymes – and different types of digestive enzymes – is essential for smooth digestion. If you’re still undecided, though, make sure to read our complete review of Primal Plants here and our complete review of Vital Reds here to learn even more.

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