Miracle Reds Vs. Vital Reds – Which Is Better?

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By Thomas Youngerman

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miracle reds vs. vital reds

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention extolls the virtues of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, recommending one and a half to two cups of fruits and three cups of vegetables daily. The nutrients in these foods, particularly when combined with healthy lifestyle choices, regular exercise, and a sensible diet, can help reduce the risk of many leading causes of illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. Yet only 12.2% of Americans consume enough fruits, and only 9.3% meet their vegetable requirements. 

One of the hottest categories in the nutritional supplement space today is the green movement, green powdered drinks designed to supplement your food intake, providing a safety net to ensure you get the appropriate macro- and micronutrients. Many of the more established brands in the green space also offer an accompanying product, a red powder, as fruits and vegetables of different colors contain unique phytonutrients. These red powders typically feature superfoods with polyphenols, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties – phytonutrients that benefit your immune system and cardiovascular health, and may aid in weight loss. 

This article compares two popular reds products, Miracle Reds from MacroLife Naturals and Vital Reds from Gundry MD. Both products contain vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and pre-and probiotics – in total, fifty or more ingredients each. We examine these elaborate formulations, their proprietary blends, dosages, and cost-value relationship to determine which might be more appropriate for you. As a bonus, we compare these offerings to their company’s counterpart greens product to help you determine if combining the two is advisable, affordable, or if there may be a more logical approach. 

Miracle Reds vs. Vital Reds: The Products

Superfruits, rich in polyphenols, are the basis for both red products. However, MacroLife and Gundry go beyond these blends to include Metabolic and Digestive Blends, added vitamins and minerals, probiotics, and prebiotic fibers. Both products use proprietary blends, typically not considered a best practice in dietary supplements. However, in this instance, it is acceptable due to the sheer number of compounds making it nearly impossible to isolate the precise dosage of each ingredient. In our comparisons, we look at the dosage of each blend and its components. 

Miracle Reds from MacroLife Naturals

Miracle Reds is a powdered dietary supplement available in 30, 60, or 90-serving containers and in a 12-packet box. Developed by Sylvia Ortiz, a nutrition, health, and fitness expert, and Dr. Edward Wagner, a leading chiropractor, Miracle Reds joins Macro Greens to deliver the nutrition equivalent of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily without calories or carbohydrates.

Miracle Reds

The product contains five proprietary blends, probiotics, heart-friendly (cholesterol-reducing) plant sterols, digestive enzymes, and added vitamins and minerals. The Super Fruit Blend contains organic blackberries, blueberries, papaya, and carrots; plus boysenberries, elderberries, and cherry fruit. It is non-GMO, Vegan, gluten and dairy-free and is nonallergenic. High in polyphenols, carotenes, and antioxidants, its benefits include immunity support, enhanced energy, and cardiovascular and digestive health. The company also states Miracle Reds is appropriate as a post-workout recovery drink and an excellent insurance policy to source compounds sorely missing in our typical Western diet.  

MacroLife Naturals products are available on their website, at other e-commerce retailers, and in brick-and-mortar stores such as Target, Walmart, and the Vitamin Shoppe. 

The recommended dosage is equal to one tablespoon, about 9.5 grams. Blend one scoop of Miracle Reds with water (a splash of apple juice is optional) or add to your favorite smoothie or protein shake. Not recommended for use with citrus juice products.

Vital Reds from Gundry MD

Vital Reds is a powdered dietary supplement containing three proprietary blends for energy, digestion, and metabolism, plus vitamins and minerals and pre-and probiotics. The product was developed by Dr. Steven Gundry, a pre-eminent heart surgeon, New York Times bestselling author, and one of the leading authorities on digestive health and antiaging in the industry today.

Gundry MD Vital Reds

The Polyphenol Blend is 1760 milligrams and contains thirty-four polyphenol-rich superfruits. The Metabolic Blend includes natural fat-burning ingredients such as green tea, turmeric, and black pepper fruit, and the Digestive Blend contains 3 billion CFUs of probiotics from four different strains. To support the probiotics and a healthy microbiome, there are 250 mg of Fructo-oligosaccharides.

The purported benefits of Vital Reds are increased energy, improved digestion, healthier-looking skin, and weight management. The product is soy-free, lectin-free, and contains no added sugars. 

Gundry MD markets an extensive array of products, from supplements to skin and haircare, manufactured in the U.S. in GMP-certified facilities and third-party tested for quality and purity. Although several items from Gundry are now on, we could only find Vital Reds on the Gundry MD site. 

The recommended dosage is one 3.765 grams scoop with eight ounces of cold water or your favorite beverage.

Miracle Reds vs. Vital Reds: Which Red Product Do We Recommend?

Which product is superior? That’s a challenging question. Gundry, a highly respected MD, researches his products extensively, and typically the formulations are more complex, and the ingredients are better, using patented and trademarked compounds and all-natural and organic components. Although Vital Reds is a sophisticated formula, there are no patented ingredients or organic certifications. Miracle Reds is a similarly complex formula, in fact, probably overly complicated in how the blends are presented on the Supplement Facts panel; however, many of the ingredients in Miracle Reds are certified organic. The chart below illustrates the pertinent issues in the ingredient and formulation comparison.

Vital RedsMiracle Reds
Container Size4 oz / 112.95 grams10 oz / 283.5 grams
# of Servings3030
Serving Size3.765 grams9.5 grams
Vitamins8 B Vitamins3 Vitamins – A, C, B12
MineralsSelenium/ChromiumCalcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron
Polyphenol Blend1760 mg / 34 ingredients
Super Food Blend2525 mg / 7 ingredients
Metabolic Blend365 mg / 7 ingredients
Adaptogenic & Metabolic Blend1630 mg / 7 ingredients
Digestive Blend (Probiotics)3 billion CFUs / 4 strains1 billion CFUs / 3 strains
Natural Plant Enzyme100 mg Bromelain
Prebiotics250 mg FOSYes, FOS
Plant Sterols670 mg
Antioxidant Blend1630 mg / 12 ingredients
Natural Fibers Blend865 mg / 3 ingredients
Herbs Blend1070 mg / 8 ingredients

First, the net weight of the two products (both thirty servings size) is dramatically different, with Miracle Reds delivering two and one-half times the amount of product. 

Although taking different approaches, both brands contain added vitamins and minerals, and we find no discernible advantage. 

There is a notable difference in the dosage of the Blends; however, many of the ingredients found in the Vital Reds Polyphenol Blend are categorized differently in Miracle Reds, such as the Raspberry and Apricot in the Adaptogenic Blend or the Cranberry and Beet Root in the Herbs Blend. 

Neither product is a viable stand-alone probiotic; the dosage and number of strains are too restrictive. Vital Reds has triple the number of CFUs (colony forming units) and one more strain than Miracle Reds. Both brands include FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) prebiotics to support the probiotics and healthy bacteria. Miracle Reds also has a Fiber Blend containing Oat Beta-Glucans. We would give Dr. Gundry a slight edge in the probiotic area, but Miracle Reds has the advantage in dietary fibers and prebiotics.

The compounds in the Vital Reds Metabolic Blend are more targeted towards weight management with green and white tea extracts, ginger root, bitter melon, and black pepper, plus Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) – a plus for those seeking to lose weight. The Miracle Reds Metabolic and Adaptogenic Blends are far larger in volume, contain more compounds, and are geared toward immune support and stress reduction.  

The MacroLife Naturals product is formulated with plant sterols for heart health and cholesterol reduction and the digestive enzyme Bromelain, 100 mg. These compounds are not required in a red product but support cardiovascular and digestive health benefits. 

From a macronutrient viewpoint, Miracle Reds has more calories, carbohydrates, sugars, and fats than the Gundry product, but the difference is minimal. 

Vital RedsMiracle Reds
Total Carbohydrates2 g7 g
    Dietary Fiber< 1 g1 g
    Total Sugars< 1 g3 g
Total Fat01 g
Protein01 g

To summarize, both products are manufactured in the U.S. in federally registered, GMP-certified facilities featuring complex formulations with many of the same ingredients, albeit labeled differently. Gundry products are also third-party tested for quality and purity. Although Miracle Reds goes slightly further with certified organic compounds, sterols, and digestive enzymes, the real advantage is their volume versus Vital Reds. We review some of each brand’s distinctive ingredients in our Formulation section.

Which leads us to the cost/value relationship. 

Vital Reds$49.9530-Serve/3.765 Grams$1.665$.442
Miracle Reds$43.4930-Serve/9.5 Grams$1.45$.152

We used the introductory special price on the Gundry website for this comparison. It should be noted that the company offers frequent sales, and Gundry MD members receive significant discounts. In this analysis, the cost per serving is marginally less for Miracle Reds; however, when we factor in serving sizes, the cost per gram is significantly lower – making Miracle Reds the better value, in our opinion. 

Finally, accessing/buying the product may be more convenient if you opt for the Miracle Reds product, as it is broadly available online, including, and in brick-and-mortar retailers. Vital Reds is only available on the Gundry website.

In our final analysis, the cost/value relationship, driven by the larger serving size, makes Miracle Reds the better value.

Miracle Reds vs. Vital Reds: Benefits of Both

Beyond the convenience of a reds product to improve your diet and supplement your daily fruit intake, reds’ antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are known to increase energy, support immunity, and be beneficial for heart health. 

Additional benefits for Miracle Reds include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol (plant sterols). 
  • Stress and anxiety reduction due to the Adaptogenic Blend. 
  • Improved digestion with the Bromelain enzyme. 
  • Potential use as a post-workout recovery product.
Miracle Reds Drink

Vital Reds notes its potential additional benefits as:

  • Weight management due to the compounds in its Metabolic Blend plus chromium picolinate.
  • Improved skin health.
  • Overall health and antiaging.
Vital Reds Bottle

Miracle Reds vs. Vital Reds: Product Formulations and Distinctive Ingredients

Although we broadly compared ingredients and dosages in the above, as promised, we do a bit deeper dive into some of the essential and unique compounds in each of our subject products. As previously noted, the precise dosage of many of these compounds is unknown due to the proprietary blends.

Miracle Reds

  • Micronutrients – Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, 400 mg of Vitamin C, and four minerals
  • Plant Sterols – diets that include plant sterol/stanol esters may reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Antioxidants:
    • Grape Seed Extract 
    • Goji Berries
    • Acai Extract 
    • Mangosteen Fruit 
    • Turmeric – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
    • Papaya – a rich source of antioxidant nutrients it also contains papain, another digestive enzyme
  • Digestive Enzyme – Bromelain
  • Soluble Fiber – Oat Beta-Glucans
Miracle Reds Supplement Facts

Vital Reds

  • Micronutrients – A broad spectrum of B Vitamins plus three minerals
  • Weight Management:
    • Cinnamon bark, green and white tea extracts, ginger, turmeric, and melon fruit to naturally support weight management, and black pepper fruit to enhance absorption
    • Chromium Picolinate – aids in weight loss and may help reduce cholesterol
  •  Polyphenols 34 unique superfruits, including apple, grape seed, Aronia berries, acai, beetroot, papaya, mango, and pomegranate – a plethora of fruit extracts and concentrates
Vital Reds Polyphenol Blend

Formulation Notes

  1. Although both products contain added micronutrients, neither could pass as a substitute for a daily MVM (Multivitamin/Mineral).
  2. Similarly, neither product is suitable as a comprehensive pre- or probiotic product. 
  3. Many of the superfoods and antioxidants in Miracle Reds and the polyphenols in Vital Reds are the same ingredients, identified differently by the respective companies. Please read the below to clarify what science says about polyphenols and their antioxidant properties.  

Polyphenols – the Science

Oxidative stress due to free radical damage and chronic inflammation are primary contributors to aging and cause many serious illnesses such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer. 

In its conclusion of a review of numerous clinical trials, the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) states, “Polyphenols have biological properties such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, antiaging, cardioprotective, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties.” In a table of various polyphenols and their activities, they address the following:

  • Address oxidative stress.
  • Reduce chronic inflammation. 
  • Suppress melanoma growth.
  • Inhibit the metastasis of cancer cells.
  • Address pulmonary artery hypertension.
  • Enhance exercise performance and speed recovery.

The most prevalent natural sources of polyphenols:

  • Fruits such as grapes, apples, pears, cherries, and berries.
  • Red wine
  • Green and white tea
  • Coffee
  • Dark chocolate
  • Herbs and spices

So, whether Gundry markets its product with a Polyphenol Blend or MacroLife Naturals refers to their Super Food Blend or Antioxidant Blend, many of the compounds are the same, with the same intended significant benefits. 

Miracle Reds vs. Vital Reds: Pricing & Where to Access

Vital Reds is $69.95 for a 4-ounce, 112.95-gram, 30-serving container on the website. The company frequently offers introductory and quantity discounts and special pricing for VIP Membership in Gundry MD. Products are offered at a single purchase price, for three and a bundle of six. The cost per unit declines as the purchased quantity gets larger. VIP Membership can save up to 60% off retail and provide free shipping, priority handling, exclusive VIP-only offers, and other perks. 

We found an introductory price of $49.95 for Vital Reds.

GundryMD Vital Reds Website

The company website is the only place to access Vital Reds, although there are other Gundry MD products on It appears these offerings are from a third-party seller versus being made available by Gundry. Note: the Gundry 90-day money-back guarantee only applies to products purchased on the company website. 

Miracle Reds is available on the MacroLife website with pricing as follows:

  • 30 Servings – $58.00
  • 60 Servings – $97.00
  • 90 Servings – $132.00
  • 12-Packet Box – $38.00
Miracle Reds Website

Although MacroLife has a Satisfaction Guarantee, we noted the following statement when purchasing the product on the company website, “All Sales are Final. For everyone’s safety, we are temporarily unable to accept returns on purchases made after 3/25/2020 due to COVID-19.”

Miracle Reds vs. Vital Reds: Are They Safe?

As always, we recommend you consult with your healthcare provider before adding a dietary supplement. This is particularly apt with products containing the vast number of ingredients in either Vital Reds or Miracle Reds, as they may interact with prescription medicines. Other potential side effects include but are not limited to, nausea, gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

In Summary: Miracle Reds vs. Vital Reds

Ensuring you achieve your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables is a solid strategy, given the many health benefits. Food should be your primary source; however, a reds powder can supplement your intake and serve as a “nutritional insurance policy.”

But what about your vegetables? Should you be combining your red and green powders? 

Bonus Section

Both Vital Reds (Primal Plants) and Miracle Reds (Macro Greens) have companion products offering a green powder alternative. We compared the formulas of these companion products in the charts below:

Gundry MDVital RedsPrimal Plants
Vitamins 8 B Vitamins8 B Vitamins
Minerals2 Minerals4 Minerals
Polyphenol Blend1760 mg / 34 ingredients
Greens Blend1000 mg / 12 ingredients
Metabolic Blend365 mg / 7 ingredients415 mg / 6 ingredients
Digestive Blend (Probiotics)3 billion CFUs / 4 strains3 billion CFUs / 4 strains
Prebiotics250 mg350 mg
MacroLife NaturalsMiracle RedsMacro Greens
Vitamins 3 Vitamins – A, C, B124 Vitamins
Minerals 4 Minerals4 Minerals
Plant Sterols670 mg70 mg
Super Food Blend2525 mg / 7 ingredients1735 mg / 5 ingredients
Digestive Blend (Probiotics)1 billion CFUs / 3 strains18 billion CFUs / 5 strains
Antioxidant Blend1630 mg / 12 ingredients1490 mg / 8 ingredients
Adaptogenic & Metabolic Blend1630 mg / 7 ingredients2808 mg / 11 ingredients
Natural Fibers Blend865 mg / 3 ingredients1225 mg / 3 ingredients
Herbs Blend1070 mg / 8 ingredients1070 mg / 8 ingredients
Natural Plant Enzyme100 mg Bromelain200 mg & 180 mg Bromelain

Both brands repeat the same formula structure with added micronutrients and proprietary blends to support digestion and metabolism, with pre-and probiotics. 

MacroLife recommends that if you use Miracle Reds and Macro Greens, you take one in the a.m. and the other in the afternoon or reduce the serving size if you use them together.  

Dr. Gundry tells us he uses Vital Reds, Primal Plants, and PrebioThrive together. This combination provides a broader spectrum of polyphenols and antioxidants, and the Metabolic and Digestive Blend dosages are not problematic when taken together. One alternative is to cut the serving size of each product in half, especially if you are budget conscious.

Finally, a last suggestion is to consider an all-in-one reds and greens product with added micronutrients and pre-and probiotics. Just a few of our favorites include AG 1 by Athletic Greens, Proven Greens & Reds by Gaspari Nutrition, and GoBiotix Greens & Reds Superfood.

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Thomas Youngerman is an entrepreneur and author in the health and wellness space with extensive experience in the supplement industry. He has owned multiple sports nutrition stores and served as the Category Manager and Director of Business Development for a regional chain of nutrition stores. Thomas created a successful line of men’s healthy aging supplements that was distributed in GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Kroger, and later sold to a West Coast corporation. Thomas was previously a certified nutrition coach. He has a strong understanding of nutrition, supplement formulations, DSHEA, cGMP, and FDA regulations.