NutraBurst Review – A Look At This Liquid Multivitamin From Total Life Changes

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By Alexa DaFonte

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Most people, unfortunately, don’t get the essential amount of vitamins and nutrients that they need on a daily basis. That is why so many people take multivitamins, which can help you meet your daily recommended values for each micronutrient, vitamin, and mineral, your body needs.

NutraBurst is a relatively new liquid multivitamin out there that makes some pretty big claims. NutraBurst says it is more than just the average multivitamin. It claims that it is designed to detox your system all the while supplying the essential vitamins needed to make your body work at maximum functionality. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of multivitamins out there that make health claims just like these. They may claim that they help you achieve prime health, but one may wonder, “am I just drinking a bottle of inert minerals that are doing nothing for me?”

Today, we are going to talk about NutraBurst by Total Life Changes and answer any important questions you might have regarding its pros, cons, ingredients, and costs. We will also give our verdict on whether it is really worth the purchase or not.


NutraBurst: An Overview

NutraBurst is a comprehensive all-in-one liquid multivitamin that claims to be more than just a multivitamin providing the average health benefits. NutraBurst claims that it provides essential nutrients that will help your body perform at its best and make you feel pretty great overall. NutraBurst, however, is pretty light on exact descriptions of the benefits and claims and simply states rather vaguely that it will make you “feel good”. 

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This is one problem we noticed upon our initial NutraBurst review of this dietary supplement. NutraBurst does not make any definite claims and just states that you will feel better overall. It does say that it can help detoxify your body, but to be completely honest, phrases about “toxins” and “detoxifying” are pretty meaningless unless research is referenced to specify what is being detoxed and how. 

Since NutraBurst does not make too many blanket claims and also offers an impressive list of active ingredients, we can assume that something is bound to happen if someone takes all of these vitamins and minerals. NutraBurst claims that it has over 72 minerals, 10 vitamins, 22 phytonutrients, 19 amino acids, 13 whole food greens, and 12 herbs in this liquid formula.


What are the Advantages of NutraBurst?

  • Huge list of active ingredients, including essential vitamins and minerals
  • The liquid form makes it easier to drink
  • Easy to add to food or drinks
  • 1 tablespoon of NutraBurst is equivalent to eating 10 salads
  • Absorbs quickly into the body
  • Contains virtually every nutrient your body needs on a daily basis

What are the Disadvantages of NutraBurst?

  • It’s rather expensive
  • No definite claims backed by research or peer-reviewed studies
  • The customer reviews are mixed
  • The science behind the efficacy of liquid vitamins is still unclear
  • Purpose is not clearly identified


Who Makes NutraBurst?

NutraBurst is designed and produced by Total Life Changes (TLC), a health and wellness company based out of Fair Haven, MI. Total Life Changes was founded by CEO Jack Fallon in 2002 and expanded in 2008. Fallon was inspired by his own experiences with health and wellness, and wanted to “make sure customers feel healthier and more energized, employees feel inspired, and the Life Changers feel supported.”

Total Life Management sells several other health supplements and products besides the NutraBurst dietary supplement including herbal teas, probiotics, toothpaste, eye drops, and more. We checked out TLC’s Better Bureau page and here is what we found. They have an A+ rating and an average of 4.0 out 5 for 48 NutraBurst reviews. There are quite a few complaints on their account and mixed customer reviews, most of which are focused on the company’s billing and shipping practices. Fortunately, they seem to have responded to most complaints and resolved the issue satisfactorily. 


How Does NutraBurst Work?

NutraBurst makes three claims on its website:

  • It detoxifies the system
  • It provides a daily dosage of all vitamins
  • It contains 19 amino acids that make the body perform at its peak

These claims are very broad and unfortunately, the site does not go into too much into detail about how these claims are achieved. It sounds like the NutraBurst formula is basically a super vitamin that contains a little bit of everything your body needs. In that sense, NutraBurst is a catch-all daily vitamin that could prove to be fruitful in terms of daily supplements that allow you to achieve a healthier body. 


What are the Ingredients in NutraBurst?

NutraBurst contains quite a lengthy list of ingredients, so it would take too much space to list them all here. NutraBurst’s formula is split into 5 different and unique complexes each with ingredients focused on specific primary benefits. The 5 complexes are as follows:

  • Mineral complex: This blend contains over 72 naturally occurring minerals including calcium, magnesium, chromium, boron, cobalt, potassium, and more. All of these minerals play important roles when it comes to achieving a healthy balance of micronutrients.
  • Proprietary Herbal Complex: The herbal complex contains ingredients like Panax ginseng, bioflavonoids, corn silk, cranberry, goldenrod, grape seed extract, green tea extract, and juniper berry extract. These kinda of dietary supplements help boost overall health, providing antioxidants and specific micronutrients and superfoods.
  • Amino Acid Complex: This blend contains several important amino acids such as alanine isoleucine, serine, arginine, leucine, and threonine. The amino acid complex is designed to give the nutrients your body needs to repair its tissues, while also providing essential building blocks required for protein levels in your body. Many essential amino acids have their own unique set of benefits as well, like helping you achieve your weight loss goals and inducing relaxation.
  • Phytonutrient Blend: the phytonutrient blend contains several ingredients from fruits and veggies and is packed full of healthy plant enzymes derived from foods like pineapples, broccoli, apples, orange, cauliflower, celery, grapefruit, kale, and raspberry. 
  • Whole Food Green Blend: This blend contains several superfood greens like buckwheat, wheatgrass, chlorella, spiraling algae, barley malt, mung bean, and soybean. These greens provide a significant amount of fiber to help promote healthy digestion and may even help promote weight loss.

As you can see, the ingredients in NutraBurst are designed to target several things at once, as is the case with any dietary multivitamin supplement. TLC claims that NutraBurst is most effective when used with Phyte, NRG, and ProZ, which are 3 other supplements offered in their store. 


Is NutraBurst Safe?

NutraBurst does not indicate any side effects and we could not find any evidence of potential side effects. A common side effect of liquid multivitamins is indigestion, however users taking NutraBurst did not experience this side effect regularly, or at all. A few of the ingredients, such as green tea extract, contain caffeine which can negatively affect those who are sensitive. In addition, it’s important to consult your healthcare provider to decide if this liquid multivitamin is right for you. With any multivitamin, you are consuming a wide array of minerals and nutrients, which can all cause certain side effects and affect your body in different ways, which is something to be mindful of.

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Where to Buy NutraBurst

You can buy NutraBurst directly from the manufacturer’s website or from third-party online retailers like Amazon. NutraBurst does not seem to be available in physical retail stores currently. A 16 oz. 32-serving bottle costs $64.95, which is a bit expensive in our opinion. 


NutraBurst: Worth It or Not?

We say yes, NutraBurst is worth it. The reason why we are quick to say yes is because this liquid vitamin contains a ton of essential micronutrients and essentially has a bit of every vitamin and mineral your body needs on a daily basis for an overall healthier body. In addition, NutraBurst has over 100 different ingredients which are guaranteed to have at least some positive effects, especially in terms of the superfood content you otherwise may not be getting in your diet.

The main benefits of this liquid vitamin are catered towards providing your body with the vitamins it needs on a daily basis, so it basically replaces the plethora of vitamin supplements you may have in your cabinet. So, this sort of justifies the high price since you probably are spending more on the individual vitamin supplements included in this formula rather than the multivitamin itself.

 In addition, some may associate NutraBurst with weight loss supplements due to many of the weight loss benefits that this company lists for some of their products on their website. NutraBurst is not really a weight loss supplement, but rather a way to promote whole body health. Most weight loss supplements are formulated with certain ingredients that promote either appetite suppression, high doses of fiber, or metabolism boosting ingredients. This supplement does not really provide the ingredients needed to lose weight, so be mindful of that in terms of the company’s marketing for many of their products.

Overall, NutraBurst is a great supplement to include in your everyday routine. With many of the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis, this liquid vitamin is perfect for achieving your daily recommended values for a healthy life. Although slightly expensive, it will absolutely replace the many supplement products you currently have sitting in your cabinet.

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With a degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Alexa brings a vast knowledge of nutritional sciences, especially as it intersects with modern health and wellness. Due to her passion for a healthy lifestyle, she enjoys spreading awareness of the science behind many of her nutrition practices.

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