NeoCell Collagen Review – Does This Super Collagen Actually Work?

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NeoCell Collagen Review

Collagen is one of the most essential building blocks of the human body. It’s found in skin, hair, joints, and nails and helps to keep each of them strong and durable. When the collagen in your body begins to break down, which typically happens with aging, you might experience joint stiffness, sagging/ wrinkled skin, and thinner/easily breakable hair.

Collagen products, usually found in the form of a pill or a powder, help to boost your body’s natural collagen stores. Through the use of collagen supplements, your body may experience a restored youthful skin appearance, enhanced joint strength, and an improvement in the strength of your hair and nails.

However, not all collagen products work as they say they do, often times failing to provide the supposed benefits. The NeoCell Super Collagen formula is designed to improve the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints by encouraging your body to produce even more collagen. We are now going to go over what this collagen supplement really has to offer and whether it’s worth the hype in this NeoCell Collagen review.

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What is NeoCell Super Collagen?

NeoCell Super Collagen is a pure powdered, hydrolyzed collagen supplement that you can simply dissolve in a glass of water or in your favorite smoothie. Given that this product contains 6.6 grams of hydrolyzed collagen, it’s designed to target the overall health and appearance of your skin. NeoCell Collagen supplements are made out of bovine sources, which is the most beneficial source of collagen when it comes to supplementation.

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When taken consistently, collagen supplements should reduce wrinkling and sagging, improve your skin’s moisture content, and thicken the outer layer of your skin. Collagen has also been shown to promote hair growth, support the production of biotin, and provide additional joint support. Since this collagen supplement has both collagens 1 and 3 in a supplement form called peptides, you also might notice reduced pain from arthritis and better joint functionality.

Advantages and Benefits of NeoCell Super Collagen Powder

  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Pure collagen
  • Grass-fed collagen
  • Has both collagens 1 and 3
  • 6.6 grams of collagen in every serving
  • Two available flavors and one unflavored variety

Disadvantages of NeoCell Super Collagen Powder

  • Many aren’t impressed with the taste
  • Doesn’t dissolve too well in water
  • Has an odd odor
  • May not be as effective as the company claims
Neocell Super Collagen Advantages

Who Makes NeoCell Super Collagen?

Super Collagen is a collagen product made by NeoCell, a company that was developed in 1998. Since its inception, the company has actively strived to create products designed to improve your exterior appearance from the “inside out”, which many companies market as your “inner beauty”. A majority of their product line includes dietary supplements designed to target the health of your hair, nails, and skin. Their most popular products seem to be their collagen-based skincare products, which many customers have noticed benefits from within just a few weeks.

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What are the Ingredients in NeoCell Collagen?

Though all variations of this product have the same amount of hydrolyzed bovine collagen in every serving, there are three flavor options available: unflavored, french vanilla, and berry lemon.

The only active ingredient in the unflavored blend is pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen (approximately 6.6 grams per serving).

The ingredients of the berry lemon blend include pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen, beetroot, citric acid, stevia leaf extract, and organic natural flavor.

The ingredients of the french vanilla blend are pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen, citric acid, and natural flavors.

Another thing we want to note about this collagen supplement is that it does not contain any vitamin c. Some collagen supplements contain vitamin c as it helps your body produce more collagen naturally. However, you can enhance collagen production in your body by consuming a diet rich in citrus fruits, a potent source of vitamin c, or by supplementing with additional vitamin c.

NeoCell Super Collagen Supplement Facts

How to Take NeoCell Collagen Powder

To use this product, simply just take a scoop of the powder and vigorously mix it into some water, a smoothie, juice, baked goods, or any of your other favorite recipes. Remember that you must take this product daily and for quite some time in order to see any noticeable effects.

This product’s main ingredient is hydrolyzed bovine collagen (Collagens 1 and 3), which is a specific type of collagen that targets the health of your skin and forces your skin to thicken and rebuild. When your body receives a more substantial intake of collagen, it is better able to improve your skin’s elasticity, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, enhance your skin’s moisture content, and mitigate overall signs of aging.

In addition, this product also might be able to help your body rebuild the collagen in your joints, which can help improve symptoms of arthritis and even help treat the symptoms of degenerative bone diseases like osteoporosis. Since your skin will be stronger, more soft and smooth, more hydrated, and more durable, the added collagen can also improve your skin’s ability to rapidly heal and repair surface-level wounds.

neocell collagen

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NeoCell Collagen

  • Formula includes hydrolyzed bovine collagen
  • Ingredients are gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Benefits hair, nail, and skin health

Is NeoCell Collagen Safe?

The greatest problem when it comes to collagen products like NeoCell Collagen is that it might have trace amounts of egg, fish, shellfish, or other common allergens. So, it might be best to avoid this product if you have any sort of severe allergy to any of those ingredients. Also, this product isn’t exactly ideal for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet, as this sort of collagen comes from cows and bovine sources.

Most people tolerate extra collagen in their diet pretty well, but there is always a risk of slight digestive issues like nausea or stomach aches, and some users even report a bad taste in their mouth. Depending on how severe these side effects are, you might want to limit your intake to every other day or stop taking it entirely to eliminate these effects.

NeoCell Collagen Features

Where to Buy NeoCell Super Collagen

You can buy NeoCell Collagen from the company’s official website here. The price you’ll end up paying for this collagen supplement depends on the flavor and size you choose. The 7-ounce versions of both the french vanilla and the unflavored variations are $16.95. The 7-ounce container of berry lemon costs a little extra at $18.95. You can also buy 14 ounces of the unflavored collagen for $30.95. The company’s website offers an additional 25% off and free shipping if you select auto-delivery.

Neocell Super Collagen Website

How do I Decide Which Collagen Supplement is Right for Me?

When it comes to choosing a collagen supplement, it can be very difficult as the health and wellness industry is saturated with collagen products and brands. Some brands make collagen products that are better than others. For instance, Vital Proteins is one of the most popular collagen supplement brands on the market. This company makes different vitamins and supplements all formulated with grass-fed collagen, with some plant-based options as well.

In choosing a collagen product, it’s crucial to look at the average rating of the supplement as well as the ingredients. We recommend straying away from artificial ingredients and fillers in a collagen supplement, as well as any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

NeoCell Super Collagen: Is it Worth it?

NeoCell Collagen can be worth the money if you actively struggle to maintain your skin, nail, hair, and joint health. In reality, though, the average person won’t necessarily need this product to improve these areas of their health. In terms of collagen supplements, it’s advised to first try other products and interventions to improve hair, skin, nail, and joint health before strictly utilizing collagen. Collagen peptides are not a cure to some of these health issues, and often merely provide an additional source of support.

Collagen is crucial for supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails, fighting the collagen decline that occurs with age, supporting the strength of tendons and ligaments, and even preventing bone-related diseases. However, if you are looking for the best way to incorporate some extra collagen into your diet, we recommend consuming foods that naturally boost your body’s ability to produce collagen. Some of these foods include things like berries, eggs, and fish.

Overall, when it comes to collagen supplements, we say save yourself the money and try getting some collagen in your diet first. If you are looking to additionally boost your collagen stores, we would then suggest incorporating a collagen supplement into your daily routine. Incorporating collagen into your diet or as a supplement can be extremely crucial in combating the decline of the nature stores of collagen in your body, and ultimately, we recommend prioritizing collagen as a health focus.

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