NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Review – Is It A Top Choice?

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By Kelly McGeehan, MSc

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nativepath collagen peptides review

Collagen, a protein, is the key to healthy bones and youthful skin. Unfortunately, our bodies produce less of it as we age, leading to often unwanted signs of aging. 

You can take a collagen supplement to increase collagen levels in the body. Collagen supplements have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years for their ability to support skin, bone, muscle, and joint health. Among the slew of products is NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder, an all-natural collagen supplement containing science-backed ingredients. 

Wondering if NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder is right for you? This review covers what you need to know about NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder to help you decide if it’s the best collagen supplement for you.

About NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder

Founded by Dr. Chad Walding, NativePath is a wellness company that sells supplements designed to promote an all-natural lifestyle. For example, its NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder has just one ingredient, collagen, sustainably sourced from grass-fed cows. It is also free of gluten, dairy, soy, and artificial additives. 

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NativePath uses sustainably sourced, science-backed ingredients in every supplement. Its products are made in the USA and produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility. Its Original Collagen Peptides are particularly popular, receiving over 6,000 5-star reviews. They come in various flavors and have an array of supposed benefits, which we’ll get into in the next section.

NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Benefits

Collagen types I and III in NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder offer these potential benefits. 

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Enhanced Skin, Nail, and Hair Health

Reduced collagen in the body can lead to dry, sagging, and wrinkled skin. Research suggests that collagen supplementation can increase skin hydration and elasticity, both of which contribute to a youthful glow. Many believe that collagen supplementation can also strengthen hair and nails, but more research is needed to confirm this. 

Reduced Joint Pain

Collagen helps maintain the cartilage that protects your joints. When collagen is lost, cartilage is lost, resulting in joint pain as we age. Fortunately, research suggests that collagen supplementation can prevent the cartilage loss responsible for joint pain. 

Improved Muscle Mass 

Collagen, a protein, plays a crucial role in muscle growth. Some research indicates that taking a collagen supplement can help maintain muscle mass and prevent age-related muscle weakening. 

NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Ingredients

NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder contains collagen in every scoop- and nothing else. This means you get the collagen you’re looking for without any fluff ingredients. Its collagen is sourced from grass-fed cows and is free of dairy, soy, gluten, and sugar.

As the body’s most abundant protein, collagen plays an essential role in skin, bone, and joint health. It keeps the bones and joints strong while keeping the skin firm and youthful. Collagen production slows after our mid-20s, so taking a supplement can increase collagen levels in the body and support healthy aging. 

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Who Is NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Best For?

NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder is best for people who want to encourage healthy aging and improve their skin, bone, muscle, and joint health. It is especially beneficial for older adults as collagen production decreases as we age. 

Claims vs. Reality

NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder claims to transform the well-being of its consumers by supporting skin, bone, muscle, and joint health. 

So can it? 

There is ample evidence that highlights the importance of collagen on bone, joint, muscle, and skin health. While it may not transform you, NativePath can increase collagen levels in the body. This can simultaneously slow age-related bone and joint weakening and help the skin maintain firmness. 

Does NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Work?

If you are taking collagen to maintain bone and joint strength, support muscle retention, or enhance hair or nail health, then NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder is likely to work. However, collagen is not a miracle cure for aging. It’s important to have realistic expectations when taking a collagen supplement. In addition, its use should complement a lifestyle conducive to healthy aging which includes exercising, getting enough sleep, and managing stress levels. 

How Does NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Compare?

Overall, NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder is a great product that delivers both quality and quantity. Let’s see how it compares to other collagen products on the market. 

NativePath Vs. Vital Proteins

NativePath is great for readers who want a no-fluff collagen supplement. However, readers looking for extra benefits might prefer Vital Proteins. Each serving contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in addition to 20 mg of collagen. 

NativePath Vs. Orgain

NativePath is a high-quality, reputable collagen supplement, and its price reflects that. Cost-conscious readers might prefer a more affordable option like Orgain

Is NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Safe?

NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder is a safe supplement with no known side effects. However, talking to a health professional before adding collagen to your diet is best. 

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Where to Buy NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder

You can purchase NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder online from NativePath’s website and on Amazon

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Final Thoughts: NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder Review

So, is NativePath Collagen Peptides Powder worth it? If you are looking for an all-natural, reliable collagen supplement that supports joint, bone, muscle, and skin health, NativePath Collagen Peptides is a great option for you. 

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