Mind Body Matrix Review – Can This Pain Relief Cream Help You Manage Your Pain?

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Mind Body Matrix Review

Pain treatments need an overhaul. In a market dominated by pain medications, people want something that is non-invasive and non-chemically based that can help manage their pain.

That is where Mind Body Matrix claims to help. Mind Body Matrix, also known as Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream, touts itself as a way to effectively eliminate chronic pain. Daily application of the cream is claimed to reduce inflammation, decrease swelling, and improve mobility. So today, we are going to take a look at Mind Body Matrix in this review and see if it really does what it claims.

Mind-Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream

What Is Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream?

Mind Body Matrix has created a topical cream meant for treating mild to moderate pain. The cream is designed to be rubbed into trouble areas and claims it can treat elbow, knee, back, and arthritic joint pain, overcome sleep issues, eliminate headaches, and “virtually treat all minor aches and pain.”

MindBody Matrix contains 9 key ingredients that include a mixture of GABA and L-theanine neurotransmitters and essential oils. MindBody Matrix says it’s based on ‘red light therapy’ (RLT), a therapeutic technique based around harnessing the properties of red wavelengths of light.

Mind-Body Matrix Pain Relief

Mind Body Matrix Advantages

  • Treats mild pain in the body
  • Can help improve sleep
  • GABA inhibitors have some evidentiary basis
  • Might be effective for smaller aches and pains


  • Claims are unrealistic
  • Scientific backing is thin

Who Makes Mind Body Matrix?

Mind Body Matrix is created by TK Huynh, a doctorate in pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Huynh was driven to create MindBody Matrix as a response to what he perceived as the overly-corporate and greedy culture of the pharmacy world. Huynh claims he wanted to create a way to help people, not just medicate them for a quick dollar.

Mind Body Matrix has a clean looking website that does not seem spammy. The page uses a lot of troubling words like “frequencies” and “balancing the mind and body,” which are common on websites for supplements that don’t have any substance. Most of the products have very few reviews too, a lot of which sound awkward and forced. We could not find a BBB or Trustpilot page for the company either, which is normally not a good sign.

Mind-Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream logo

How Does Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream Work?

MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream claims to be based on red light therapy technology. Red light therapy is a controversial technique that involves stimulating parts of the body with low-level red-light radiation. The idea is that light waves can cause energy changes in the body’s cellular structure, which could potentially have therapeutic effects. Light frequency therapy has been investigated for some issues such as acne or depression.

However, there is still not much evidence over whether red light therapy is effective for treating pain. There is some limited evidence it might be effective for certain kinds of pain, but nothing conclusive. So Mind Body Matrix’s main therapy modality is called into question.

Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream features

Even if red light therapy had a lot of evidence behind it, it’s not clear how, exactly, the cream utilizes red light therapy. The website claims that each bottle of the product is placed into a red light chamber for 30 minutes to ‘infuse’ it with red light’s therapeutic properties.

This claim is, quite frankly, a bunch of nonsense. You cannot ‘infuse’ objects with the properties of light. Light is made of photons that have physical momentum, which is why it can cause energy changes at a cellular level. You cannot ‘infuse’ this momentum into a cream and have it exhibit similar effects on other objects. When the cream is placed into the chamber, it just absorbs the photons, which causes a tiny, tiny raise in its internal temperature. The cream will not suddenly start to exhibit similar properties to red light.

The product descriptions dance around this point with vague references to ‘energies’ and ‘bioenergetic frequencies,’ none of which are standard medical terms that have a clearly defined meaning. This is a common tactic for supplements that are not based on any solid scientific mechanisms.

So, unfortunately, the claim that Mind Body Matrix is based on red-light therapy is most definitely a bunch of marketing hocus pocus. If it has any pain-relieving effects at all, then they must come from the actual ingredients of the cream and have nothing to do with red light.

Mind Body Matrix Ingredients

Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream has 11 main ingredients, 9 of which are essential oils and the other two, which are neurotransmitters. The essential oils include the standard fare such as:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender
  • Lemon balm
  • Aloe vera
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula oil
  • Boswellia

Most of these have a few uses. The two neurotransmitters are GABA and L-theanine. Both of these neurotransmitters are known to play a role in pain signaling in the body’s nervous system. So any pain-relief properties most certainly come from these two ingredients, and not the whole red-light thing.

Is Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream Safe?

Mind Body Matrix pain relief cream is non-toxic and safe when used properly. The only problems that might arise are if you have any allergies to the essential oils in the ingredients list. The product also recommends that you should contact a medical professional if you directly ingest any of the creams. You should also not apply it near open wounds or near your eyes.

Where Can I Buy Mind Body Matrix?

Currently, you can only buy Mind Body Matrix online at the manufacturer’s website. A single 4 oz. bottle of the cream costs $59.77. That is a bit expensive for a single bottle, in our opinion.

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Mind Body Matrix: Is It Worth It?

Mind Body Matrix’s claims about the cream using red-light therapy are definitely false, and just there to make the product seem more innovative than it actually is. However, at least a few of the ingredients have been shown to have mildly effective pain-relieving properties. Even though the cream does not use red light therapy, it may have some effect on your pain. However, it would probably be just as effective and cheaper to just buy a generic topical pain relief cream from the drugstore.

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