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Born: 1996

Jennie Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. She is an only child and when she was 9, she went to New Zealand to live and study for 5 years, returning to South Korea in 2010. That same year, she auditioned and was accepted as a trainee for YG Entertainment. In 2016, Kim debuted as a member of the K-Pop band, Blackpink. Kim made her solo debut in 2018 with an album titled Solo which went platinum. In 2023, she expanded her repertoire into acting using the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane in the HBO series The Idol. Kim has numerous endorsements, including Lotte Air Baked snacks, the luxury beauty brand Hera, and the vitamin drink Kwangdong Vita500. She is a House Ambassador for Chanel, and has modeled for numerous fashion magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan. Kim has tens of millions of followers on social media. She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs about 108 lbs.

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Jennie Kim’s Diet

Diet Summary

Kim believes in having a balanced diet. To her, this means eating clean most of the time, and not being too strict if she’s in the mood for a treat. She loves her native Korean food best. Avocado salad is tops on her list every day. She also loves her oatmeal and does not feel tempted to load up on sugary junk, most of the time. She drinks plenty of water and watches her salt intake as she says it causes her to bloat. When she does indulge, she always follows it up with a day of healthy eating, including detox tea.

Estimated Macros

Medium Protein

Medium Fat

Medium Carb

Diet Details

Healthy Start

Kim loves her morning oatmeal. She says it starts her day off right, and gets her ready to do some Pilates right after.

Hometown Faves

Kim’s favorite food is Korean, such as avocado on rice with salted pollock fish roe.

Watch the Salt

Kim says she is very sensitive to salt and that it makes her retain water so she mostly avoids it.

Cookie Queen

Kim is into baking as well, and often takes the lead when Blackpink cooks together, earning her the nickname ‘Jennie Ramsey’ after British chef Gordon Ramsey.

Detox Tea

Kim drinks detox tea as a way to help rebalance her system after indulging in a cheat day.

What to Eat

  • Avocados
  • Oatmeal
  • Organic vegetables
  • Organic fruit
  • Whole grains
  • Seafood
  • Clean protein
  • Rice
  • Green juice
  • Detox tea
  • Water

What to Avoid

  • Excess salt
  • Overeating
  • Empty-calorie foods
  • Junk food
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Chemicals

Kim on temptation

Even if my group mates are overwhelmed by foods and desserts that look extremely delicious, I eat my oatmeal. I never mind what they eat.

Kim on detox tea

Very much needed this tea time.

Kim on the way to eat

Eat your vitamins.

Jennie Kim’s Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Ballet Babe

Kim studied ballet as a teen and had aspirations of going pro before switching over to K-pop.

Stretching Matters

Kim usually carries a yoga mat and foam roller with her as she travels around the world to different shows.

Use What You Got

Globetrotting Kim is always up for exploring wherever she goes. If she’s by the ocean, she might try surfing if she’s near mountains she’ll go for an inspiring hike to get her blood pumping.

Daily Dose

Even though she has an incredibly busy work schedule, Kim makes the time to fit in some exercise every day.

Pilates Princess

Kim does Pilates most days. She likes the focus on core strength and flexibility.

Aerial Yoga

Kim is also a fan of aerial yoga, meaning yoga done while suspended in sheets of silk. Aerial yoga is fun and therapeutic.

Body & Mind

Kim likes exercise to do double duty, refreshing her spirit as well as strengthening her body.

Exercise Style

A Jennie Kim Routine

  • Pilates
  • Aerial yoga
  • Stretching/foam rolling
  • Exercise daily for your body & your mind.

Kim on working out

Exercising on a holiday, exercising on Monday, and I’m going to exercise every day.

Kim on Pilates

Got body like Rambo.

Kim on aerial yoga

For peaceful mind and healthy me.

Kim on hiking

Muddy shoes pay off.

Jennie Kim’s Supplements

vitamin beverage

Vitamin Beverage

Kim is a spokesperson for Vita 500, an apple juice-based vitamin drink that is rich in vitamins C and B2, and is free of caffeine.

SkinnyMint Teatox

Detox Tea

Kim makes an effort to eat clean, but when she cuts loose, she follows it up with some detox tea to cleanse her system and get back on track.



Kim also drinks green juices to rebalance her system. If you don’t get enough greens into your diet, try a greens supplement for health-boosting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients.

Jennie Kim’s Lifestyle

Breaking Bad Habits

Kim admits to having the bad habit of scrolling through her phone before going to bed. She is trying very hard to stop doing it by watching a movie instead.


Her bandmates say Kim is known for talking in her sleep, and she even ‘spooked’ Jisoo once with this habit.

Multilingual Miss

Besides her native Korean, Kim is fluent in English, can speak basic Japanese, and she also taught herself French.

Vintage Style

Kim says she loved fashion from the time she was little, and would raid her mother’s closet searching for the good stuff, especially vintage Chanel.

Multilingual Miss

Besides her native Korean, Kim is fluent in English, can speak basic Japanese, and she also taught herself French.

Groundbreaking Gal

Kim has many firsts under her belt: her music video for Solo is the most viewed female Korean solo artist on YouTube in a single day; she is the first Korean to garner over 50 million followers on Instagram; and she was the first Korean solo artist to perform at Coachella (2019).

Incense to Calm the Senses

Kim is a fan of incense and likes the way it makes the house smell even when it isn’t burning. She says it calms her, but she she had to give up the practice once she got pet dogs.

Versatile Vocalist

Kim has been training as a vocalist since she was a kid. She can croon, rap, and do just about everything in between, as well as play guitar, piano, and flute.

Image vs. Reality

Kim was so shy as a girl that she could barely speak to introduce herself at auditions.

Gold-Plated Inspo

Kim credits megastars like Rihanna, Lauryn Hill and TLC as her role models. Other musical influences include Billie Eilish, Harry Hudson, Lana Del Rey and Kacey Musgraves.

Alternate Reality

Kim’s parents wanted her to move to the US to train to become a teacher or lawyer, but Kim had no interest in those as careers and so she returned home to Korea. Her plan was to become a photographer if her entertainment career didn’t work out.

Giving Back

Kim has participated in the Cheongdam Woori Animal Hospital pet rescue for abandoned dogs since 2018.

Kim on bedtime scrolling

I am only human…so it is hard, quitting that.

Kim on early fashion forays

When I was little, I looked through my mother’s wardrobe and searched for whatever vintage Chanel I could find.

Kim on herself

Rather than being a person that other people have branded me as, I want to be a good individual who thinks for herself.

Kim on fashion

My style varies on my mood or the weather of the day.

Kim on her idol

My #1 idol will always be Rihanna. She has everything I want to be.

Kim on being part of a group

We think friendship between us is a very important aspect for our group…We don’t have to try too hard, but it always needs to be there.

Kim on her teen years

A lot of people make memories as a high school student, but I never had that.

Kim on her work schedule

Even on our off days, we’re basically at the studio recording.

Kim on her goals

I want to be a good influence to other people and in the music scene.

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