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Instaflex Advanced Review – Can This Supplement Give You Joint Pain Relief?

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Instaflex Advanced Review

With a “team” consisting of Chief Medical Advisor David Katz and retired NFL quarterback Doug Flutie, Instaflex is seemingly a company more bent on keeping your joints healthy and pain-free than they are in talking about themselves.

Instead, what they offer is the best in all-natural joint care, including pain relief creams and supplements designed to keep you and your joints pain-free and moving. That’s where Instaflex Advanced comes in.

There are tons of joint supplements out there, from Tropical Oasis Joint Complete Premium to Performance Lab Flex. So, let’s learn more about Instaflex Advanced with this review. We’ll discuss its benefits, its ingredients, and more so you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

Instaflex Advanced Joint Relief

About Instaflex Advanced

Based on the latest in cutting-edge nutritional research, Instaflex Advanced is a doctor-formulated, all-natural joint supplement containing science-backed ingredients.

It comes in a convenient once-daily capsule, is uniquely (in the world of joint supplements) glucosamine-free, and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Instaflex Advanced Joint Relief bottle

Instaflex Advanced Benefits

Provides Significant Relief In As Little As 7-days

Ingredients such as resveratrol, turmeric, Boswellia Serrata Extract, and black pepper fruit extract are powerful antioxidants that go to work immediately to reduce oxidative stress in joints. UC-II also adds collagen to your joint cartilage to keep it smooth and slippery, and hyaluronic acid adds hydration and elasticity to it as well.

Is Free Of Shellfish And Glucosamine

While glucosamine is generally a safe and effective joint care compound, it has side-effects for some, and for those allergic to shellfish (which most glucosamine is derived from), it can be fatal.

For those who experience gastric upset, abdominal pain, and diarrhea from glucosamine, or those allergic to shellfish, Instaflex Advanced is a safe and effective alternative.

It Frees Up Joints To Restore Pain-free, Flexible Movement

When you reduce joint inflammation and stimulate your body to produce healthy joint cartilage, you get joints that are pain-free, mobile, and with full range of motion. This is especially good news for those suffering osteoporosis, which the ingredients in Instaflex Advanced have shown to effectively alleviate the symptoms of.

Instaflex Advanced Ingredients

Turmeric Extract

A powerful antioxidant that has been used both medicinally and as a spice throughout history, Instaflex includes 200 mg of Turmeric in their Advanced formula, which should provide ample relief from most joint pain caused by inflammation.


A natural plant compound and powerful antioxidant commonly found in red wine and richly colored fruits and nuts, Instaflex includes 100 mg of resveratrol in its formula. Along with its other ingredients, this forms a strong antioxidant force to reduce joint inflammation and keep you moving.

Boswellia Serrata Extract

Also known as Indian Frankincense, the 100 mg of Boswellia in Instaflex Advanced contain acids that work to reduce inflammation by relieving the body’s oxidative stress.


Along with its lineup of antioxidant superstars, Instaflex includes 40 mg of UC-II undenatured collagen protein in their formula to provide healthy construction materials for your joint cartilage. This helps keep your cartilage thick, hydrated, and smooth.

Hyaluronic Acid

Produced naturally in the body to keep connective tissues hydrated and healthy, Instaflex includes 5 mg of hyaluronic acid in their formula.

Bioperine®-Black Pepper Extract

Along with turmeric, black pepper is a potent antioxidant that has long been used as a spice. Bioperine— AKA Piperine—is the active ingredient in pepper in the form of an extract, which Instaflex includes 5 mg of in their formula.

Instaflex Advanced supplement facts

Does Instaflex Advanced Work?

If you suffer from joint pain related to inflammation or minor cartilage wear, there is a good chance this product will work well for you. That’s because, along with all its ingredients being backed by science, Instaflex Advanced takes a 2-pronged approach to joint care: potent antioxidants to relieve symptoms of oxidative stress, and compounds to help rebuild and hydrate joint cartilage to keep it fluid and healthy.

So yes, this product should work for most.

Who Is Instaflex Advanced Best For?

Anyone experiencing painful, creaking, achy joints should see improvement using this product. This includes those experiencing osteoarthritis, and those experiencing normal age-related joint wear-and-tear.

The product is also gluten-free and free of shellfish, making it ideal for anyone with allergies to these compounds.

Instaflex Advanced Joint Relief supplement for joint pain

Claims vs. Reality

So far as whether or not Instaflex lives up to their claims, there is no reason to doubt them. The product contains ingredients scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, restore cartilage, and keep your joints working in a smooth, healthy manner.

The product is also glucosamine-free for those allergic to glucosamine or shellfish.

On a side note, while the product doesn’t make any claims to being “all-natural,” we nonetheless question the inclusion of a substance such as “FD&C Blue #1” as part of the gelatin capsule. No, FD&C Blue #1 isn’t a major health concern, though it is disconcerting to see such an unnecessary synthetic ingredient included in a product meant to benefit natural health.

Is Instaflex Advanced Safe?

As long as the product is used as directed, and the user has no allergies to any of the ingredients in it, the only known side effects are freer, more pain-free joint movement, and reduced inflammation.


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Where To Buy Instaflex Advanced

At $69.99 for a 1-month supply, Instaflex Advanced carries a premium price. Granted, the ingredients live up to the quality standards one would expect for a pill costing them over $2 per day, and there is also the convenience of a simple one-a-day capsule, though the ingredients on their own could likely be gathered for much less.

But you do get the opportunity to try the Instaflex Advanced free-of-charge for 14-days before committing to it, which should be enough time to determine your results. Beyond that, there are no volume discounts or other offers we could find, so the company is clearly confident in their product’s worth.

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It is also widely available through most online and brick-and-mortar retailers who sell natural supplements, including Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and many independent stores.

Instaflex Advanced Review
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Instaflex Advanced is a joint relief supplement designed to improve mobility, joint comfort, and support active physical activities while avoiding joint stiffness and knee discomfort. This product claims to improve flexibility and relieve joint pain and discomfort. It contains an effective combination of ingredients shown to support joint health, flexibility, and mobility. Check out our review of Instaflex Advanced to see if this supplement lives up to its claims.

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