Hydroxycut Advanced Review – Does it Work?

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hydroxycut advanced review

With all these fat-burning products out there, how can you know which one actually works? Most weight loss supplements make big claims and offer to support weight loss, but is that true? That is where our Hydroxycut Advanced review comes into play. Keep reading before diving into yet another fat loss product that might or might not be the right one. 

What Is Hydroxycut Advanced?

Hydroxycut Advanced, formerly known as Hydroxycut Black, is a weight loss supplement produced by the number one weight loss supplement brand in America.

Supposedly, this supplement provides an energy and metabolism boost. In fact, research conducted with this product showed that taking this supplement for 60 days resulted in subjects losing an average of 10.95 pounds. 

The key ingredient used is called C. canephora robusta, which claims to result in maximum weight loss. If you have tried other Hydroxycut products before, like Hydroxycut Hardcore, you might be wondering why to add another one of the Hydroxycut supplements to your list. 

Let us take a closer look, though, and investigate this weight loss supplement further. Keep reading to learn more about Hydroxycut Advanced!

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Hydroxycut Advanced Ingredients

The main ingredients included in this formula are two caffeine sources: C. canephora robusta and caffeine anhydrous.

C. canephora robusta

This species of coffee is originally from Central and Sub-Saharan Africa. It is often referred to as coffee robusta. Robusta has been shown to promote weight loss due to increased energy, metabolism, and its diuretic effect. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous can be found in other weight loss pills, such as Leptitox and Skald. These caffeine benefits have been proven to provide a large energy boost among users, which may translate to increased metabolism that supports overall weight loss. This energy boost may also enhance athletic performance as well.

Medium Chain Triglyceride

Another ingredient included is MCT oil, which is a medium-chain triglyceride oil with many health benefits.

MCT helps boost metabolism and promotes weight loss. It is a fatty acid derived from coconuts and coconut oil. Because of its high-fat content, it may help keep you full for longer periods of time, reducing cravings. 

Unlike fat metabolism of other lipids, MCT is also included in weight loss capsules because it does not increase cholesterol levels and is not digested by the liver. With a calorie-reduced diet, MCT usually means less fat and less risk of high cholesterol or fatty liver disease. 

Yohimbe Extract 

Yohimbe extract is another ingredient in Hydroxycut that supports proper blood flow and circulation in the body. It is often studied for its aphrodisiac properties and is also associated with enhanced athletic performance and weight loss benefits.

Other Ingredients 

The other ingredients in Hydroxycut Advantage are chicory root, which may support healthy digestion and weight loss. It also has black caraway extract, which contains a lot of antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

Purslane extract is also high in antioxidants and contains a lot of Vitamin A. Finally, maitake mushroom extract, may help boost immune system health, improve cognition, and promote a healthier gut.

Hydroxycut Black Ingredients


Hydroxycut Advanced Benefits

The main purpose of this product is weight loss, but since it contains a variety of ingredients, it can also help promote other health benefits. 

Weight Loss

This product is largely marketed as a weight loss supplement. If you have taken weight loss pills, then you might be wondering why to pay more for Hydroxycut Advanced weight loss supplement.

The fast-release capsule and caffeine sources provide an energy and metabolism boost that supports weight loss. One capsule contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. 

This company and the product rely heavily on two scientific studies conducted concerning the efficacy of the key ingredient, C. canephora robusta. The studies show that subjects taking this supplement lost an average of 10.95 pounds over the course of 60 days, which was coupled with a calorie-restricted diet.

Increases Metabolic Rate

Most Hydroxycut products come in rapid-release capsules, this one supposedly triggers thermogenesis leading to an increase in energy, resulting in a metabolic boost.

Caffeine may enhance metabolism even more. It is especially effective for caffeine-sensitive individuals. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is another ingredient that has been proven to aid in the metabolism of all three macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats). Most fat burners contain only caffeine, but a more intense weight loss requires ingredients that help you metabolize carbs more efficiently, provide maximum energy, and give an extra boost to your metabolism. 

Increases Energy

The caffeine in the formula includes caffeine anhydrous and robusta coffee extract (C. canephora robusta). These caffeine sources, coupled with a fast-released capsule, provide a large energy boost that helps fuel you for workouts and increase your metabolism.

If you are just starting your fitness journey, you know that having on-the-go energy is not always easy. You can get your butt-busting workout plan going with this dietary supplement, a healthy diet, and enough sleep. 

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Does Hydroxycut Advanced Actually Help?

Weight loss supplements are always a bit misleading. Can this supplement alone make you lose weight? Probably not. Real weight loss comes from following a low-calorie diet, which the two studies involved utilized among their subjects.

This product is really a metabolic booster that uses sources of energy and caffeine. Caffeine might boost your metabolism and amp up your workouts, which may, in turn, lead to weight loss. Taking this product alone without following a healthy diet and exercise will most likely not prove effective.

Is Hydroxycut safe? The safety of the product depends on individual tolerance, almost like drinking an energy drink. The extra energy in this product is what gives this product the fat loss abilities it has. Healthy adults should be able to use it along with a healthy diet and workout plan. 

There are not a ton of consumer reviews concerning this product, but the product does seem effective for most users. Many users cite more of an energy boost rather than a weight loss solution. It is also clean energy, so if you are looking for a source of energy to start your day or kickstart your workouts, this product could be a good option.

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Claims Vs. Reality

Hydroxycut claims that this supplement causes weight loss, specifically citing two of their studies that show an average of 10.95 pounds lost among subjects over the course of 60 days. This company also includes in smaller print that this weight loss was coupled with a diet that was low in calories. This caloric deficit was probably the contributing factor to the weight loss. The supplement alone most likely did not lead to that amount of weight loss.

Weight loss supplements and companies often like to market their products as being an easy way to lose weight. They do not often talk about other important factors like diet, exercise, and genetic disposition. This means they are falsely advertising their products as a quick fix for weight loss. Although it may have been effective for the subjects, they don’t advertise the other important aspects of the study like diet and exercise.

Additionally, it is important to note that the claim of increased energy seems to be realistic due to the high caffeine content. This caffeine content is not sustainable long-term, though, and you do not want your body and metabolism getting too accustomed to that degree of caffeine. 

Excessive caffeine intake might lead you to experience unusual symptoms as it might exceed recommended serving size for you. One pill of Hydroxycut a day might not seem like much, but this over-the-counter drug-free product can still harm you when used incorrectly. Before you trust any claims, assess individual tolerance and think of a medical condition that could interfere with this product. 

How to Take Hydroxycut

Who Should Take Hydroxycut Advanced?

This supplement is definitely targeted toward individuals looking to lose weight since it is primarily marketed as a weight loss supplement. However, based on the ingredient profile and user reviews, the biggest benefit is an energy boost. This means this supplement can be useful for individuals looking to increase their energy and caffeine. However, because of the high caffeine content, if you are caffeine sensitive individual, this probably is not the product for you.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Advanced does contain other beneficial ingredients like chicory root and maitake mushroom extract, so it may provide an immune boost as well. However, there are better products on the market to target your immune system and the other health benefits this product may offer, just without the caffeine.

So will Hydroxycut work for intense weight loss? The robusta coffee extract and green coffee extract might give you maximum energy and a metabolism boost, but the fat loss will likely be a result of more intense workout activity. 

Dosage and Safety 

According to Hydroxycut, you should take two pills twice daily, for a total of four. The company recommends taking the supplement 30 to 60 minutes before your two largest meals of the day. They also suggest you not snack between meals and that you do not take the product within 5 hours before bedtime. 

This regimen might not be sustainable if your largest meal of the day is dinner or if you need to snack to maintain energy levels or blood sugar control. 

Finally, Hydroxycut suggests that you not exceed two capsules in four hours or four capsules in 24 hours. If you want to see the best results, use this product for a minimum of 60 days along with a low-fat and low-calorie diet and exercise. 

Hydroxycut Advantage

Hydroxycut Side Effects 

This product is generally safe. However, it has a lot of caffeine, which may cause headaches, jitters, insomnia, and irritability, as well as other unusual symptoms. Consult with your medical doctor before taking a caffeine supplement as it may have harmful effects on your individual health, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine.

If you experience symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, extreme energy at all times, or have a family history of hypertension, insomnia, or metabolic syndrome, you might be more prone to health concerns when taking these dietary supplements. 

In terms of weight loss claims, although the research shows it to be effective, this product alone will not cause you to lose weight.

Following a healthy diet and exercise protocol is necessary to achieve some of these health benefits from this supplement. This company claims when using this product, you should not snack in between meals or really at all. This can be harmful as it may cause you to disregard hunger cues, which may hurt your metabolism and health as a whole. This eating pattern is also not sustainable long-term, and many individuals need snacks to maintain their blood sugar levels and avoid fatigue. 

While Hydroxycut reviews on the website give this diety supplement 5 stars, be mindful that we might not be seeing all of the reviews out there.

Improper use of this product can lead to severe adverse effects, like liver damage and extreme sensory issues. 


Where To Buy Hydroxycut Advantage?

This product is available directly from the Hydroxycut website for $26.99. You can buy 1 and get 1 for 50% off as well when you get it directly online

The return policy is also on their website. You can submit a return/refund policy within 60 days of purchase. Some products might be eligible for replacement, while others might only get a refund. 

As an alternative, you can also buy Hydroxycut Advantage at retail shops like Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. You can also find it online at Amazon. 

Other Hydroxycut Supplements  

  • Hydroxycut Original: a weight loss supplement that also has caffeine and vitamins, and apple cider vinegar for gut and immune health. 
  • Hydroxycut Gummies: a vitamin and mineral supplement without anything else except a little robust coffee extract to promote weight loss. 
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore: a product with intense caffeine supplementation for added energy that might promote “hardcore” weight loss. 

As you can see, most Hydroxycut products help you obtain maximum energy that could lead to weight loss. Hydroxycut gummies are geared towards wellness but still contain some caffeine. 

Hydroxycut Advanced: The Final Verdict 

While Hydroxycut Advantage might not have any ingredients that make us do a double take, it can be dangerous to use this product excessively. 

Essentially, you are just giving a high caffeine boost to your body. For best results, you will also want to change your diet and lifestyle, adding more intense workouts. Most Hydroxycut products rely on caffeine as their main ingredient, and this one is no different. 

We recommend that you start by trying one bottle for 30-60 days. If you experience any side effects, stop immediately and contact your healthcare provider. If you have doubts before you start or have any medical condition, contact your doctor early. 

The product can be found easily online and returned within 60 days. Most reviews on the Hydroxycut website are favorable, but we recommend you look around before you buy it. Remember to follow instructions carefully, and not skip meals or snacks without medical advice. 

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