Genius Burn Review – Is It An Effective Fat Burning Supplement?

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Genius Burn Review

From passionate vision and industry realization come The Genius Brand, which is a name that’s rapidly becoming synonymous with high-quality, all-natural nootropic supplements that get the job. 

They have produced quite a wide variety of popular supplements, from Genius Mushrooms to Genius Joy to Genius Sleep Aid. It doesn’t stop there, though, at The Genius Brand brings us Genius Burn, which is a caffeine-free weight loss supplement that supports both fat burn and brain health. 

Will it help you to become the slender genius you always knew you could be? 

Let’s find out in this thorough Genius Burn review!

About Genius Burn

Genius Burn combines amino acids, plant compounds, vitamins, and some patented blends in a formula meant to help you lose weight and think clearly via balanced hormones. This is largely accomplished using herbal compounds that adapt to your body’s energy needs by helping regulated and balance stress hormones, and there are other compounds beneficial to the purpose included as well. 

It’s also nicely free of the typical stimulants in “caffeine-free” weight loss products, which usually only have things like coffee and green tea extract, or perhaps some yerba mate’ in them—no caffeine in there, folks!

But Genius Burn is indeed free of even compounds like theobromine or bitter orange extract, leaving any stimulant action up to nice, clean, and easy compounds that allow you to get the sleep you need. 

The Genius Brand Genius Burn

Genius Burn Benefits

Enhances Fat Burning

Along with a healthy, whole foods diet, exercise, adequate hydration, and enough sleep and recovery, Genius Burn can help you burn fat. It works by optimizing hormones that benefit that very function, and do it while helping you think more clearly, calmly, and quickly. 

Ready to become a lean, mean, thinkin’ machine? Genius will sell you the stuff to help. 

Genius Burn For Fat Burning

Safe and All Natural

There’s a reason we gravitate toward natural products, which is that we’re health-conscious and aware of what goes in us. What we can’t figure out, though, is, why do some companies insist on muddying the waters with artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, and other crap in their otherwise “healthy” supplement? It’s as though they think, “Oh, it’s only a little, and it saves us a few pennies—who’s going to care?”

To start, we do, and so do many others seeking “all-natural” companies that don’t take the credibility hit of coloring their capsules with a petroleum product.

With The Genius Brand, you know what you’re getting and that what you’re getting doesn’t cut corners on quality, efficacy, or transparency—nor will they ever include Frankengredients in their formulas. 

Clinically Backed Ingredients

Of course, a product can be as clean and all-natural as it gets, but if someone somewhere only “thinks” it will work, why spend your money on it?

With Genius Burn, you get ingredients that go beyond just your hippy Uncle Bob’s recommendation, and have real science backing them. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of clinical evidence below under “Studies,” just in case you don’t believe us. 

Genius Burn Ingredients

Genius Burn’s ingredients include Ashwagandha extract, Cognizin, Theacrine, Genius Trulean System-1, Capsicum fruit extract, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf, L-theanine, Panax ginseng & Astragalus, and Huperzia Serrata. We will take a more thorough look at each of these ingredients below.

Genius Burn Supplement Facts

Ashwagandha extract 300 mg

Adaptogens are wonderful herbs, and ashwagandha is one of our favorites. It helps balance your hormones, gives you energy, lowers your blood sugar, and helps give you an overall rosy outlook. 

Since it works at balancing stress hormones, in particular, it also helps reduce cortisol—AKA, your midsections’ arch enemy. That’s because cortisol makes your midsection arch outward, which isn’t the desired direction any of us want ours to go. It does this by helping your blood stay loaded with excess sugar, which not only means whatever isn’t burned gets stored as fat, but also leads to cravings for things like that entire cake in the pantry (just one bite…well, maybe two…oh well, I was going to eat it all anyway…). 

Cognizin (Citicholine) 200 mg

Cognizin is a proprietary form of citicoline, which breaks down into choline, which is known for its positive effects on brain health. 

Something else it has positive effects on is the metabolism of fats, which makes it an ingredient with benefits that include clearer thinking, better memory and focus, lower blood sugar, and less fat around the middle. 

As The Genius Brand tells you, this can all be yours with the help of this product, a healthy diet, enough exercise, and you know all the rest. 

Theacrine (TeaCrine) 100 mg

TeaCrine is a chemical that’s similar to caffeine and is also found in tea and coffee, but doesn’t affect blood pressure the way caffeine does. It also allows The Genius Brand to sell a ‘caffeine-free’ product that still has some pep in it, though reportedly with fewer of caffeine’s nasty side effects such as that crappy, jittery, irritable feeling too much jet-juice gives you. 

It’s also been shown to reduce LDL, which is the bad kind of cholesterol, and it can keep you chipper and happy with the elevated dopamine levels it provides. 

All that, and no tolerance buildup, so you get the same metabolism-boosting energy every time you use it. 

Genius Trulean System-1 (Paradoxine Aframomum melegueta seed) 50 mg

This extract of grains of paradise has properties that can help increase energy expenditure and, therefore, weight loss, as well as other digestive benefits. It does this by converting white fat to brown fat, which is the kind your body metabolizes rather than saves. This also increases the energy you produce without stimulating your central nervous system (it ain’t a stimulant, in other words). 

Capsicum fruit extract (Capsimax) 25 mg

It gives spicy foods the heat that keeps us coming back, and it also revs up your metabolism to burn more fat. But there’s good news for those who can’t take the heat, which is that you get the benefits of the thermogenic compounds in Capsimax without the 5-alarm heat.  

Gymnema Sylvestre leaf 100 mg

Want to kill that sweet tooth quickly? Take away sugar’s appeal, that’s how. This tropical bush contains a compound called gymnemic acid that has the magic ability to suppress sweetness on the tongue. 

Well, there may be more science than magic behind its efficacy, though the bottom line is that it can help you put down the bonbons and snack on something a little healthier by simply blocking the taste of sugar—it works!

L-theanine 100 mg

This amino acid is what gives green tea its soothing effects, and pairs well with teacrine’s energizing effects to help you feel a calm, cool, focused sense of wellbeing. Though teacrine starts out being more jitter-free than caffeine, this nonetheless helps Genius Burn keep you remain cool and calm, yet focused and active. 

Panax ginseng & Astragalus (AstraGin) 25 mg

Adding to ashwagandha’s amazing ability to adapt to your body’s energy needs is this combination of two-adaptogens-in-one propriety formula. 

It’s also been shown to improve the absorption and synthesis of amino acids and other nutrients and helps regulate your appetite and improve gut health while you’re at it. 

Huperzia Serrata 5 mg

This extract of a type of Chinese moss helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, which is a compound that’s essential for learning and memory. While this makes it useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, it also works against age-related cognitive decline, and it also has benefits in warding off depression, boosting energy, and increasing alertness. 

Does Genius Burn Work?

Need to find your way out of the fog and towards a slimmer, trimmer you? A combination of Genius Burn and good health habits can get you there. It contains ingredients that not only boost your body’s ability to burn fat and absorb nutrients, but it lives up to the company name so far as what it can do for you mentally.

And just in case you need a reminder of what it can do for you mentally (did you already forget? Perhaps you need this formula!), it can boost your memory, focus, and alertness while reducing your risk for age-related cognitive decline. 

But again, and as with any fat loss supplement, you need to do your part by exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep and hydration. Do all that, and this product can enhance your efforts for the better while helping you enjoy a rosy outlook. 

Genius Burn-Fat Burner

Who is Genius Burn Best For?

Genius Burn contains naturally occurring amino acids and plant compounds that have few—if any—negative side effects, so barring any personal allergies or sensitivities, nearly everyone can use this product. This includes students and others needing increased energy and alertness, as well as anyone wanting, hoping, wishing to get rid of that nagging belly fat and slim down. 

Unlike many other fat burners such as Skald and Vintage Burn, Genius Burn contains no caffeine. But though it’s jitter-free, it still has energizing compounds that, overused, can keep you awake at night and may affect those sensitive to stimulants. If this is you, there is also the assurance of The Genius Brand’s generous 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee.

In other words, you have nothing to lose other than brain fog, stress symptoms, and fat!

Claims vs. Reality

The Genius Brand, in their infinite wisdom, are smarter than to tell you that their product will do things it can’t. Instead, they use scientifically backed ingredients that are also safe and all-natural to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. 

Plus, their products are clean and nicely free of any crappy synthetic compounds that other companies’ may try to sneak into their formulas. 

No, Genius Burn isn’t cheap, though you do get what you pay for. 

Is Genius Burn Safe?

Though there is little chance of negative side effects, anyone pregnant, nursing, or on medication should consult their doctor before using this product. It does contain stimulating compounds that may affect some more than others, though, on a good note, the compounds used are non-habit forming. 

Mostly though, the only “side effects” you’ll notice are clearer thinking, a happier outlook, more energy, and the ability to ignore that slice of cake while the pounds melt away. 

Where to Buy Genius Burn

At $49 for around a month’s worth, this product is priced on the “premium” end of the scale, and it appears that there are no other discounts available. It does contain quality ingredients that are effective, though, and as with all Genius Brand products, it comes with a generous return policy. 

Genius Burn Website

Along with The Genius Brand’s website, Genius Burn is widely available both online and in stores that include Walmart, The Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, and many independent retailers hustling to make a buck.


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