Flat Tummy Tea Review – How Does it Compare?

Flat Tummy Tea Activate and Cleanse aims to increase energy levels, boost metabolism, reduce bloating and support a healthy immune system. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the product

 About Flat Tummy Tea

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Flat Tummy Co provides tea for increasing energy and metabolism. Its goal is to help women look and feel like the best possible version of themselves. Activate and Cleanse are two different teas that work together to achieve increased energy, faster metabolism, reduce bloating and help with a healthy immune system. 

Ingredients of Flat Tummy Tea Activate and Cleanse

The ingredients in Activate and Cleanse are primarily herbal supplements. Here is a complete list of the ingredients in the supplement along with a picture of the ingredients

  • Peppermint (leaf)
  • Lemon Balm (leaf)
  • Liquorice (root)
  • Dandelion (root and leaf)
  • Cleavors (leaf)
  • Fennel (seed)
  • Green Tea (leaf)
  • Caraway (seed)
  • Cardamom (pods)
  • Senna (leaf)
  • Cassia Chamaecrista (pods)
  • Rhubarb (root)

Green Tea

As far as the metabolism boosting and weight loss component of this supplement, green tea is the most effective weight loss agent in this tea. Green tea provides a healthy boost to your immune system. Green tea reduces risk of cancer throughout the body, provides a natural cleansing action and dials in your focus.  With a natural, low caffeine content, green tea supports focus and energy levels without the high concentrations of a cup of coffee. 


Rhubarb can have a beneficial effect on lowering cholesterol levels. As a good source of fiber, it provides digestive benefits. It also has a significant amount of antioxidants. Some would say rhubarb is a potential superfood due to its antioxidant properties.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is thought to relieve irritable bowel syndrome. It may play a role in managing stress and anxiety.


Liquorice has the potential to ease stomach problems, specifically heartburn, nausea and stomach pain. The mechanism of action occurs from the flavonoids glabridin and glabrene. There is some evidence that it plays a role in aiding in the removal of H. Pylori infections. 


Dandelion is a natural diuretic. Due to this diuretic action, it will help aid in passing liquid from your body. Interestingly enough, evidence demonstrates that it may help cleanse the liver and allow it to naturally regenerate. 


Cleavors is an herb that is thought to reduce inflammation of the lymph nodes and help remove fluid from the body. There is not a sufficient amount of scientific evidence to substantiate these claims or inconclusive evidence.


Fennel, due to its B-6 content, helps process carbohydrates and proteins into glucose. This may boost the metabolism. Selenium content of Fennel assists in producing killer T-cells, reinforcing the immune system. Fennel also has a high fiber content. 


Caraway may relieve gastrointestinal symptoms when combined with other herbs, such as peppermint. It also stimulates the appetite. 


Cardamom is a good source of antioxidants, layering more antioxidants into Flat Tummy Tea. There is a possible link between Cardamom and reducing the number of ulcers. 

Senna Leaf

Senna leaf naturally cleanses the bowels and removes waste. It’s most commonly used as a “detox” tea. 

Cassia Chamaecrista

Cassia Chamaecrista pods may help with constipation and weight loss. There is currently not enough evidence to support its benefits.

Does Flat Tummy Tea Activate and Cleanse Work? 

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On the label, it says there is under 1.6 grams of active ingredients in either Activate or Cleanse. Your average cup of green tea, with a standard teabag, takes about 2 grams of green tea to produce adequate tea. Most studies on green tea have been studied with this amount. However, including all the extra herbal supplements, there is not enough active ingredients to produce an effect for all of these herbal supplements. Sure, there may be a residual effect, or at the very least, an increased amount of antioxidants. 

If you are looking to lose weight, boost energy and cleanse, green tea is more than likely sufficient on its own. There is no way there is a high enough concentration of the other herbal supplements for Flat Tummy Tea to produce effects from all ingredients

Hype vs Reality

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On the Flat Tummy Co website, there are pictures of women losing weight from this tea. It doesn’t claim to have a percentage or amount lost by any participant in the photos. If you’re looking at the photos, you’re going to assume the weight loss is going to be dramatic. With a proprietary blend of ingredients, it’s more likely that you’re going to be drinking green tea with a herbal zest and a dose of peppermint. 

There are also photos of women exercising and living active lifestyles. If the cleansing and energy boosting effects are that dramatic, then why is it not marketed as an energy drink? I doubt many people would buy an energy drink for the effects of green tea. 

Flat Tummy Tea Activate and Cleanse Safety and Side Effects

Liquorice and peppermint may help some people with indigestion and stomach problems. These herbal supplements may cause stomach aches. The amount in the tea is probably not enough to provide a dramatic effect. However, there may be some people sensitive to these herbal supplements. Herbal supplements vary between individuals.

Where to Buy Flat Tummy Tea

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For the cost of a a few dollars, you can have a months supply or at least a few weeks if you enjoy tea. Flat Tummy Tea Activate and Cleanse is 39$ for a month supply. Flat Tummy Tea is mainly sold on their website as the primary source of distribution. It is also available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Who Should Use Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy Tea is aiming their products at women, such as moms, athletes and anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Flat Tummy Tea is aiming to empower and support women’s body image. If you’re interested in living a healthier lifestyle, and you are female, you’re the target audience for Flat Tummy Tea. 


If you’re looking for a cleansing product that boosts your energy, there are cheaper alternatives to Flat Tummy Tea Activate and Cleanse. It’s a good herbal tea. However, the ingredients are mainly green tea. You can find a better value in grocery store herbal teas.

Flat Tummy Tea Review
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Flat Tummy Co provides tea for increasing energy and metabolism. Its goal is to help women look and feel like the best possible version of themselves. Activate and Cleanse are two different teas that work together to achieve increased energy, faster metabolism, reduce bloating and help with a healthy immune system. Are they worth the money? Read our review to learn more.