Nutrim Review – Can This FutureCeuticals Supplement Actually Block Cholesterol?

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By Thomas Youngerman

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated

Nutrim - Review

About Nutrim

Before the low carb craze and diets such as Atkins, the Keto diet, Paleo, the slow carb diet, and the Mediterranean, oats or oatmeal were a staple in most athlete’s breakfast meal. Even though oats are a grain and are high in carbs, they consist primarily of healthy carbs, oats are low to medium on the glycemic index, and are a great source of sustained energy. 

Want to find a way to make oats even better for you? This article will detail a supplement, Nutrim, from FutureCeuticals, that allows you to add the cholesterol-lowering, heart-healthy benefits of oats to any meal. We’ll provide background information on the manufacturer, FutureCeuticals, and relate how this product Nutrim Oat B-Glucans, was developed by the USDA.

Nutrim Oat Beta Glucan

 FutureCeuticals – An Industry Leader

The company’s roots are in farming in the Midwest, starting over 150 years ago by the VanDrunen family. Today FutureCeuticals is an industry leader in researching, developing, and manufacturing fruit, vegetables, and grain-based products for the functional food and dietary supplement markets. Their research has generated over 100 published scientific studies. The company has over 1,300 conventional and 300 certified-organic acres of farmland. They also have over 1 million square feet of manufacturing and research facilities, making them vertically integrated from field to the finished product. 

FutureCeuticals is primarily an ingredient manufacturer. Ask them who they serve, and it’s all about collaborating with brands in the sports nutrition, health and wellness, functional food, dietary supplement, personal care, and pet wellness spaces. Their products are natural ingredients, backed by peer-reviewed science. 

The company’s practices and philosophies, and its ingredients, are in keeping with our favorite go to market strategies. Nutrim products are natural, organic, certified non-GMO, certified cGMP, gluten-free, sustainable, and supported by published, peer-reviewed clinical studies to validate structure-function claims. Perfect.

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An Ingredient Developed By The USDA

Those familiar with product reviews in the dietary supplement space are attuned to the fact that supplements are not reviewed by or certified by the FDA. Any product claiming otherwise raises a red flag. So, imagine our surprise when we read that Nutrim was developed by the USDA. We researched it, and it is a fact. Dr. George Inglett, a USDA scientist, developed Nutrim in 1998, through a mechanical process that concentrated Oat Beta Glucans into a powder for use in various foods. Nutrim allows the heart-healthy benefits of oat beta-glucans to be part of a diet more frequently.

Nutrim Supplement Facts

In this review, we’ll describe the process Dr. Inglett perfected, explain precisely what Nutrim and Oat Beta Glucans are, and review the product’s structure-function claims. We’ll inform you where you can find the product, give you our impressions of the cost-value relationship, and as always provide a rating in terms of effectiveness and value. 

What is Nutrim?

Nutrim is a dietary supplement in a convenient, unflavored powdered form of Oat Beta Glucans. The product may be used in any type of drink, water, juice, smoothie, and in almost any food, adding a creamy texture but no taste. Nutrim is 100% natural, certified non-GMO, and contains no added fillers, binders, or sweeteners. The product qualifies for the FDA Heart Health claim.

Nutrim Oat Beta Glucan oats

The Supplement Fact panel on Nutrim tells us there are only thirty calories per 7.5 gram serving, delivering 1 gram of Protein, .5 grams of Fat, and 5 grams of Carbs. Two of the grams of Carbs come from Fiber, 1 gram each of Dietary, and Soluble Fiber. 

The one and only ingredient in the product is the patented Nutrim® Oat Bran. 

Nutrim Ingredients

Since there is only one ingredient in Nutrim, let’s better understand the process, what Beta-glucans are and what they do, and the claims made by FutureCeuticals.

The Process

In the 1990s, the USDA set out to improve the characteristics of oats, to make it easier for people to get their heart-healthy benefits. Dr. Inglett, who is an ARS Hall of Fame scientist (USDA Agricultural Research Service – Science Hall of Fame), developed the process to convert oats into an easy to mix powder. The process involves separating soluble fiber from the insoluble fiber found in oats. The soluble fiber is then dried and ground into a powder.

This process does not involve any of the enzymatic or solvent-based treatments of highly processed whole oat products. It is not chemically processed or modified as an isolate. It is a strictly mechanical process that meets the FDA’s definition of a whole oat product. 

What B-Glucans Are And What they Do

Beta-glucan is a type of dietary fiber found in abundance in the inner periphery of the oat kernel. Through Dr. Inglett’s process, the extracted oat beta-glucans are capable of reducing serum levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Nutrim qualifies for the FDA’s heart health claim as it exceeds the required content of at least 0.75 grams of beta-glucans per serving.

Nutrim Health Claims

Nutrim delivers the same heart health benefits of oat B-glucans, which is lowering cholesterol. Nutrim’s process breaks oat cell walls and unleashes oat B-glucans, making them more available to the body. Nutrim is a safe, convenient way to get the oat soluble fiber recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Heart Association.

Dosages for Nutrim 

Our heading may be a bit of a misnomer. We wouldn’t qualify the recommendation below as a dosage; rather, it is more of a serving suggestion. Each package of Nutrim contains thirty servings:

The company recommends two servings daily as follows – stir one scoop of Nutrim into 8 oz. of your favorite beverage and just about any food.  It adds a creamy texture to orange juice and even makes smoothies smoother.

The company advises it is safe to use up to eight scoops daily, used in drinks, or cooking foods as a fat replacement. 

Nutrim Benefits

The primary health claim made related to the use of Nutrim is its ability to reduce the glycemic index of foods, help to maintain normal blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol, decrease the risk of diabetes, and promote satiety.

Studies show that 3 grams of soluble fiber daily from oat bran, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Nutrim provides .75g per serving. 

Nutrim Claims Versus Reality

Developed by the USDA, studied for decades, and supported by peer-reviewed scientific papers, all give us high confidence that Nutrim performs as claimed by FutureCeuticals. The real benefit is the convenience of being able to use the powder in drinks or cooking and delivering the all-important B-glucans in a more bioavailable manner.

Is Nutrim Safe?

Any potential side effects would be minimal. The only concern is for people who are not accustomed to having fiber in their diet, or for those who start using Nutrim in large doses. In those instances, some digestive tract issues could present, such as diarrhea. 

We always encourage you to discuss any new product with your medical professional before starting use. With Nutrim, we believe your doctor will be supportive of adding this to your regimen.

Nutrim Pricing

Nutrim is available on the company website at $25.00 for the thirty-serving size and $75.00 for a 120 serving package. On Amazon, a thirty serving tub retails for $30.00, and, at Walmart, a thirty serving package is $56.88.

Where To Buy Nutrim 

Nutrim is available on the company website, at Amazon, and in Walmart. Based on pricing alone, the company website is the best outlet as it is less expensive; however, you may prefer paying the additional $5.00 for the convenience of Amazon. 

A Nutrim® product, with the registered seal, is also available on; however, it is not the same package as pictured on the FutureCeutical site, and the site does not indicate the name of the manufacturer. Other B-glucan products are available on websites under different brand names and from different manufacturers.  

Final Thoughts: Does Nutrim Really Work?

We started this review by stating that we admire the companies go to market strategies, and we stand by that position. We found no red flags with the ingredients, claims, cost value relationship, or pricing strategy. In addition, the company offers a 90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We did observe some less than positive Nutrim reviews on the internet, however, attribute these to sites pitching their preferred substitute products. At least one review was critical of product claims. In all candor, we did not find those same claims contained in any of the FutureCeutical materials we reviewed.


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Thomas Youngerman is an entrepreneur and author in the health and wellness space with extensive experience in the supplement industry. He has owned multiple sports nutrition stores and served as the Category Manager and Director of Business Development for a regional chain of nutrition stores. Thomas created a successful line of men’s healthy aging supplements that was distributed in GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Kroger, and later sold to a West Coast corporation. Thomas was previously a certified nutrition coach. He has a strong understanding of nutrition, supplement formulations, DSHEA, cGMP, and FDA regulations.

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