EarlyBird Night Cap Review – Is It Worth The Purchase?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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EarlyBird Night Cap Review

Welcome to this EarlyBird Night Cap review. And sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn’t a review of some new alcoholic drink. 

Rather, it’s all about a more natural alternative for enhancing sleep and wellness; and these types of products are becoming quite popular today since many people are having a hard time sleeping and staying calm.

Make sure to read this entire EarlyBird Night Cap review to learn all about this supplement’s ingredients, possible health benefits, pricing, how to take it, and more. 

EarlyBird Night Cap

About EarlyBird Night Cap

EarlyBird Night Cap sort of sounds like a paradoxical name. 

But Night Cap is one of the newer products made by Club EarlyBird, who initially launched their Morning Cocktail product to enhance energy, focus, and alertness. 

EarlyBird Supplements

They’ve now added their Night Cap product, which is designed to reduce stress and help you get deeper, more restful sleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

EarlyBird Night Cap contains a variety of minerals, amino acids, and other compounds which they say will help promote deep sleep in a natural manner, thus helping you wake up ready to attack the day. 

Plus, EarlyBird Night Cap comes with a shaker bottle and an easy-pour design, so you can enjoy it right from the shaker. 

EarlyBird Night Cap Benefits

EarlyBird Night Cap is advertised to give users the following benefits

  • Enhanced Calmness
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Fewer Awakenings
earlybird night cap supplement

Enhanced Calmness

Stress and anxiety can definitely make getting to sleep (and staying asleep) a challenge. If you’re too stressed, you may have a fast heart rate and racing thoughts as you approach bedtime, which makes it a lot harder to get quality rest.

EarlyBird Night Cap is designed to calm your racing thoughts and promote overall relaxation through calming ingredients, such as theanine, PharmaGaba, and magnesium. 

Deeper Sleep

Have you ever felt unrested even after getting a lot of sleep? Well, you might not be getting enough quality, restorative sleep. And this can cause feelings of daytime grogginess and other concerns.

With EarlyBird Night Cap, users are supposed to get an increase in REM sleep and total sleep quality. They claim this is due to certain ingredients such as glycine and PharmaGABA®. 

Fewer Awakenings

Imagine this: you fall sound asleep within a few minutes, only to be awakened a couple of hours later.

And then it happens again. 

And again.

This can be very annoying, as well as disruptive to overall sleep quality and health. 

But EarlyBird Night Cap claims to reduce nighttime awakenings by promoting relaxation and sleep quality, with zinc, theanine, and other ingredients. 

EarlyBird Night Cap certainly claims to deliver some important benefits for sleep. But does it actually deliver? Read on to find out. 

EarlyBird Night Cap Ingredients

The EarlyBird Night Cap formula includes six main ingredients:

  • PharmaGABA
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Theanine
  • Glycine
  • Rutaecarpine
EarlyBird Night Cap Supplement Facts


PharmaGABA is a trademarked form of GABA, which is an amino acid and neurotransmitter found naturally in the body. 

GABA is inhibitory, meaning it helps to slow down activity in the brain. PharmaGABA specifically may also increase alpha waves in the brain, which promote calmness.

And even though GABA may not be able to cross the blood-brain barrier very well, there is some evidence that GABA can reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep. 

It is included in many other sleep supplements too, such as Relaxium Sleep


Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in many bodily functions and systems.

It may be helpful for sleep since it can reduce stress while also promoting the production of GABA. 

Magnesium also seems to be important for improving overall sleep quality and for reducing muscle tension and anxiety. And a deficiency is significantly related to insomnia and other sleep problems.


Zinc is another mineral with many functions in the body.

It is now known that zinc is involved in neurotransmitter production in the brain. And it also seems to be a general regulator of sleep. 

Basically, adequate zinc intake is important for relaxing the body and getting deeper sleep.


Theanine is an amino acid that comes from tea. It can increase alpha waves in the brain, which promotes a calm state of mind. 

It may also increase GABA and other mood-regulating neurotransmitters. 

The best evidence for theanine supplementation is for stress and anxiety reduction, although it can also improve sleep too. 

Its calming effects make it a popular ingredient in many other sleep supps, such as Momentous Elite Sleep.


Glycine is an amino acid with inhibitory effects in the brain. Plus, glycine seems to decrease core body temperature, which is needed to fall asleep.

Overall, glycine supplementation seems to improve sleep quality, including REM sleep and slow-wave sleep, while also decreasing the time it takes to fall asleep. 


Rutaecarpine is by far the most unique ingredient in EarlyBird Night Cap, as it usually isn’t found in other sleep supplements.

But there is evidence that Rutaecarpine can increase the metabolization of caffeine, which helps to get it out of your body quicker.

And basically, this may reduce caffeine’s anti-sleep effects, especially if caffeine is taken later in the day. Although, there isn’t any direct research on this possible benefit yet.

EarlyBird Night Cap Powder

Does EarlyBird Night Cap Work?

Now to the main question you’ve been waiting for.

And it seems likely that EarlyBird Night Cap will work for stress and sleep.

All of the ingredients in it are well-researched and proven to reduce stress and improve overall sleep quality. 

The doses of magnesium and glycine are lower than what I’d like to see, but it still is a quality formulation altogether. 

Claims vs. Reality

EarlyBird does a nice job of only making reasonable claims. And all of their claims are generally supported by evidence.

Basically, EarlyBird Night Cap definitely has the right ingredients in it that support reductions in stress and anxiety. Plus, they have been shown to increase sleep quality, such as improving REM and slow-wave sleep, while also reducing the time it takes to fall asleep.

So, I’d expect mild to moderate improvements in sleep quality, fewer nighttime awakenings, and a decent decrease in stress and anxiety.

Now, people with severe anxiety or insomnia likely need something more powerful than this supplement. But it does seem to be a quality, natural sleep aid for people with mild stress and sleep problems. 

Who is EarlyBird Night Cap Best For?

EarlyBird Night Cap is best for anyone dealing with occasional or moderate stress and sleep problems. 

And it may be a useful alternative for people who frequently turn to alcohol or other drugs to help them wind down at night (just remember to talk with your doctor, especially if your problems are severely affecting life quality). 

EarlyBird Night Cap Bottle And Shaker

Is EarlyBird Night Cap Safe?

All ingredients in EarlyBird Night Cap are generally recognized as safe. And none of the dosages are concerning.

Possible side effects of EarlyBird Night Cap include drowsiness, headache, impaired motor skills, and nausea or other digestive symptoms. 

EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is free from added sugars and artificial colors. And it is made in a GMP-certified facility in the USA. 

Of note, EarlyBird Night Cap is made in a facility that may also process milk, soy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, and shellfish. 

How to Take EarlyBird Night Cap

EarlyBird Night Cap is best taken around 30 minutes before bed.

Just add water to the cocktail shaker, mix in one scoop of EarlyBird Night Cap, shake, and drink. 

Some people may wish to use more than one serving, but it is recommended to start with just one serving (one scoop). 

Where to Buy EarlyBird Night Cap

You can buy EarlyBird Night Cap on the official Club EarlyBird website here.

ealybird night cap

Each tub of EarlyBird Night Cap has 45 servings (45 scoops). And you can choose to buy one, two, or four tubs at a time. 

EarlyBird Night Cap Pricing:

These are definitely some reasonable prices, especially considering the well-researched ingredients. And you can also save a lot of money by buying in bulk (so I recommend choosing one of those options if this product works for you).

Additionally, all orders come with a free cocktail shaker cup as well as a free e-book that gives you tips and tricks to improve sleep quality, plus a journal to write down any racing thoughts you may have at night.

earlybird night cap

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EarlyBird Night Cap

  • Formula includes PharmaGABA, Magnesium, Zinc, and more
  • Free from added sugars and artificial colors
  • Benefits calmness and sleep

Shipping & Returns

Club EarlyBird offers free shipping on all orders. But they only ship in the US. 

They also have a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. They’ll give you a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied, and you can keep the shaker. 

How Does EarlyBird Night Cap Compare?

I also wanted to touch on how Earlybird Night Cap compares to sleep supplements in general.

Overall, EarlyBird Night Cap contains many quality ingredients that are found in other sleep supplements.

One thing that could be better is their dosage of magnesium and glycine, but this isn’t a dealbreaker.

Also, some other sleep supplements (such as Dream EZ) include a variety of relaxing herbal compounds, such as valerian or lemon balm. These may offer some additional benefits, although they aren’t necessary, especially in products like EarlyBird Night Cap which already have other relaxation ingredients.

In sum, EarlyBird Night Cap is a quality sleep supplement that seems competitive with the many similar supplements out there.

Final Verdict: EarlyBird Night Cap Review

That’s the end of this EarlyBird Night Cap review. And it seems to be a high-quality sleep supplement that may be just what you need at night.

EarlyBird Night Cap contains a mixture of evidence-based ingredients that support sleep quality and stress reduction. Plus, it is affordably priced and you get a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

With all things considered, I recommend trying out EarlyBird Night Cap if you are looking for a natural supplement for mild to moderate anxiety/stress and sleep troubles.

Overall Rating:
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Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.