Bowmar Collagen Review – Is It A Worthy Choice?

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bowmar collagen review

Collagen supplements have become more popular, and you’re probably seeing different products containing collagen popping up everywhere. Collagen seems like the fountain of youth with claims of improving skin, hair, nail, and joint health. Once you hit 30, you might feel like you need a boost in one (or all) of those areas!

Collagen support healthy-skin, hair, nail, and joint health

With so many options available as well as some bold claims being made, how do you know which supplements are legit and which you should avoid? That’s what we’re here to help with!

So, we’re going to take a closer look at one specific collagen peptide product called Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides (hereafter referred to as simply, Bowmar Collagen). Is this the collagen supplement you need? Does it have the right ingredients? What are the benefits? In this Bowmar Collagen review, we’ll answer all of those questions and more.

Ready to find out if this collagen supplement is worth the purchase? Let’s dive into this Bowmar Collagen review!

Bowmar Collagen Benefits

Bowmar Collagen is made by health and wellness company, Bowmar Nutrition; the same producers as popular supplements Bowmar Greens and Bowmar Nutrition Protein. Their Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides supplement is designed to provide your body with a plethora of benefits, which we will detail further below.

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides

Restore Youthful Skin, Hair, and Nails

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is found in hair, skin, and nails. Because collagen is a protein, it provides amino acids that help build other connective proteins.

Collagen production starts declining between age 18 and 29 years. After age 40, most people start to lose 1% of their collagen each year, which is one of the reasons collagen supplementation is becoming popular for adults.

Repair Joints, Tendons, and Cartilage

Joints have cartilage at their ends that helps the joints to move smoothly. This cartilage is comprised of collagen proteins. Tendons, which connect muscle to bone, also are made up of collagen proteins. Collagen production can decrease with age while the wear on joints increases, so supplementing with collagen is thought to improve joint health.

Bowmar Collagen Ingredients

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides Supplement Facts

Bovine Collagen Peptides

Bovine collagen typically comes from cow bones and other tissue that contains collagen that are then boiled in water. After boiling, the collagen is extracted, and it’s dried into a powder. Collagen powder is also called hydrolyzed collagen. “Bovine” can also refer to other animals like bison, water buffalo, yak, and antelope, yet most of the collagen peptides available come from cows.

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides contain 20 grams of bovine collagen per one-scoop serving, or one single-serving packet. There are no additional ingredients such as fillers, preservatives, or flavors.

Joint health – According to a study, collagen hydrolysate can improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis that can cause joint damage. Participants with osteoarthritis had less pain and improved joint function when taking collagen hydrolysate. 

Another study found that collagen hydrolysate reduced joint pain in athletes over a 24-week period compared to a placebo.

Skin health – There are studies on the effects of collagen peptides and skin health. Collagen hydrolysate can help improve skin elasticity and hydration, which can help improve its appearance. Skin that is more elastic and hydrated is less likely to wrinkle, which can reduce the impact of aging on skin.

Collagen hydrolysate has been shown to increase nail growth rate and reduce nail breakage. Collagen also improves the appearance of brittle nails.

Somewhat surprisingly, there aren’t many studies on the impacts of collagen and hair health. According to a study done on mice, collagen type VI (there are 16+ types of collagen!) helped re-grow hair that was lost due to wounds. However, bovine collagen usually boosts type I and type III collagen, so it’s unclear how beneficial collagen peptides could be on hair growth based on current studies.

Does Bowmar Collagen Peptides Work?

There is scientific evidence that hydrolyzed collagen can provide health benefits ranging from skin to joint health. 20 grams of collagen per scoop is an excellent source of protein, making it a versatile and convenient way to incorporate collagen into your diet. 

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides Powder with capsules

Ingesting collagen isn’t the same as your body making collagen, so outcomes will likely vary from person to person depending on factors like age, lifestyle habits, and health conditions. 

Claims vs. Reality

Restore youthful hair, skin, and nails: Based on the current scientific evidence, taking Bowmar Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides Protein may improve the texture, elasticity, and moisture of skin and promote nail growth. Collagen can help promote scalp skin health, but it’s unclear how collagen may impact hair growth and/or strength based on current studies.

Repair joints, tendons, and cartilage: There is promising evidence that collagen can support healthy joints, but outcomes will vary based on factors like age, activity level, previous injuries, and other health factors that impact joint pain and mobility. 

Taking Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides Protein likely won’t be enough to repair certain injuries to joints, tendons, and cartilage, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to use it as maintenance for joint health.

Who is Bowmar Collagen Best For?

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides is great for those wanting to support the health of their joints, skin, and nails. It may also provide benefits for hair health, yet those benefits are unclear based on current scientific research.

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides Powder - Best For

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides Protein is also a good choice for people wanting to boost their intake of protein and many of the essential amino acids. They aren’t compatible with a vegan diet, though. Otherwise, it’s great for people following special diets such as the ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, Whole30 diet, and those with common food allergies.

Is Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides Safe?

There are no known safety risks from taking collagen peptides. Like any supplement, it may cause digestive upset in some people, so it’s best to start with a single dose and assess how you feel before increasing the dosage.

Where to Buy Bowmar Nutrition Collagen

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides is available for purchase through their website. It comes in a 30-day supply tub or 25 single-serving packets for on-the-go use, priced at $41.99. 

Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides Website

FAQ: Bowmar Collagen Review

How do I use Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides?

Collagen hydrolysate dissolves easily into both warm and cold liquids. It can also be stirred into other high-liquid foods like smoothies, applesauce, soup, etc.

You can treat collagen peptides like regular protein powder and safely use one or several doses per day, but it’s best to use on a consistent basis if you’re wanting to assess its impact on your health.

How does Bowmar Collagen compare to other collagen powders?

There are many collagen and collagen peptide products available on the market, so how does Bowmar measure up? Bowmar Nutrition’s collagen powder offers a similar dose compared to similar products at 20 grams of collagen per serving. It doesn’t contain vitamin C or hyaluronic acid like some other popular brands. (Vitamin C helps stimulate natural collagen production, while hyaluronic acid can improve skin’s hydration.) It also doesn’t have an analysis of the amino acid profile like another top-selling collagen powder.

Its single-serving packets are convenient for on-the-go use, which isn’t available from other popular collagen brands.

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