Best Personalized Vitamins

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Best Personalized Vitamins

Personalized vitamins are the new way to meet your nutrient and vitamin requirements each day. There are quite a few companies now that offer subscriptions for individualized and unique everyday vitamin packs. This entails taking a quiz or using your own DNA to determine the vitamins you need based on your diet, exercise, and unique genetic makeup.

These companies are usually slightly more expensive, but when you think about how many vitamins you’re getting in each pack/subscription, it may actually prove more cost-effective. These packs are also super convenient for people on the go and make taking your vitamins to sort of fun.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of these companies and the different vitamins so you can find the best personalized vitamins for you!

Benefits of Personalized Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements can greatly impact our health; however, we may be spending unnecessary amounts of money on supplements we don’t even need. A lot of individuals get supplement and vitamin recommendations from health and wellness influencers. These people are often not accredited in the health and wellness field, and although the vitamin/supplement may prove beneficial for them, that may not be the same case for you.

We are all very unique in terms of our genetics and makeup, so we require different vitamins and nutrients in varying amounts. For instance, we must take into account gender, age, diet, exercise routine, and pre-existing health conditions to determine what vitamins and supplements should be used.

Also, these individualized supplement packs make getting everyday supplements super easy and convenient. By providing individual packets, these companies make vitamins more portable and easy to incorporate on-the-go, especially for travel purposes. It also helps you save some space in your medicine cabinet!

One last great benefit of personalized vitamins comes in terms of price. Many would argue that these subscriptions are much more affordable. This is because these packets keep you from buying many different supplements, especially ones you may not really even need for your specific needs/goals. These supplement packs may end up costing more in the end as they are definitely more expensive than your typical drug store supplements, so that’s something to consider as well.

How to Choose the Right Personalized Vitamins

Personalized vitamins are becoming more and more popular each day, leading to a wide variety of options on the market. But, as with any supplement, some will be promising while others will fall short.

Because personalized vitamins are, just that, personalized, they can contain a wide variety of different ingredients. So when deciding what you want in a personalized vitamin pack, be sure to pay close attention to the company, their manufacturing, and their trustworthiness. What kind of studies and questions are they asking to help decide on your vitamins? Do they have clinically-backed research and science for their chosen vitamins? A respected company with solid science-backing can make a world of difference in getting the proper vitamin pack.

What To Look For

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Science-backed and researched vitamins
  • The RIGHT dosages and ingredients
  • Healthy, energizing formulas
  • Trustworthy companies and manufacturers
  • Third-party quality testing

What To Avoid

  • Low-quality ingredients
  • No research to support vitamin choices
  • Ineffective Formulations
  • Fillers
  • Sketchy companies or manufacturers
  • Lack of research or quality oversight

Top Rated Personalized Vitamins

At Fitness Clone our goal is to consistently provide you with recommendations, supplements, and vitamins you can trust. We thoroughly research each of our picks for ingredient quality, correct dosages, efficacy, and trustworthiness. Below are our top rated personalized vitamins that we believe are worth adding to your daily routine.

Most Convenient

Rootine Vitamins

by Rootine

Rootine is a personalized vitamin company that has gained popularity for their use of innovative technology and research to better optimize health using micronutrients.

Rootine personalized vitamins are science-backed vitamin packs that are designed to provide the correct vitamins, ingredients, and dosages for your individual health needs. In addition to the usual health questionnaire most personalized vitamin companies require, Rootine also utilizes information gathered from DNA tests, blood work, and other genetic data to better formulate each vitamin pack to deliver the micronutrients your body specifically requires. 

Rootine also uses an advanced microbead delivery system which allows for better absorption of nutrients within the body.

Rootine Vitamins


  • Includes a transparent formula of five specifically chosen ingredients
  • Uses a microbead delivery system for better nutrient absorption
  • Provides targeted supplement formulas based on genetic and metabolic profile
  • Utilizes information from surveys, genetic data, and blood work
  • Customer dashboard allows for goal tracking, formula changes, and adjustments
  • Use of the latest science and technology to test each supplement


  • Initial DNA and blood tests are expensive

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Most Customizable

Care Of

by Care Of

One of our top rated personalized vitamins options comes from a popular wellness company of the same name, Care Of. Care Of believes that through the power of science, technology, and human empathy they can help you better your life through vitamins and supplements personally picked for your needs.

To determine the proper vitamins, supplements, and dosages your body needs Care Of first has you complete a personalized quiz with questions concerning lifestyle, exercise habits, product interests, and more. From there, you will receive a list of recommendations and can begin making your own Care Of Vitamins pack. In addition to personalized vitamin packs, Care Of also provides an app where you can track your supplement usage, receive information, and make adjustments.

Care/of Multivitamin


  • Vitamin and nutrient recommendations backed by science
  • Ability to adjust vitamins as needed
  • Personal quiz used to determine needs
  • Comes with an app to track supplements
  • Supply chain and manufacturing is transparent
  • All products tested 3 times before released


  • Must receive the full Care Of program, not just a single vitamin recommendation
  • Price is a bit steep

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Most Unique Blends

Persona Vitamins

by Persona

Persona Vitamins have become a well-known name within the personalized vitamin industry. They aim to take the guesswork out of vitamin picking with their personalized vitamin packs designed for your specific needs. 

Persona Vitamins first has you take a comprehensive and in-depth questionnaire regarding aspects related to lifestyle, medications, goals, and more to determine the right supplements in the proper dosages for your body. All of Persona’s 84 available supplement options are doctor-approved, science-backed, and well researched. Once you have created your vitamin pack based on Persona’s recommendations, vitamins are then shipped in their individual packs each month directly to your door. 

Additionally, Persona Vitamins also includes an app that allows you to monitor your vitamin program and adjust as needed.

Persona Multivitamin


  • High quality, extensively researched vitamins and ingredients
  • Online questionnaire is more comprehensive than others
  • Persona has 84 supplements available
  • Transparent ingredient label included on each pack
  • Comes in convenient, individually-packaged dosages
  • Nutritionists available for questions or guidance


  • On the high-end for price without discounts

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Personalized Vitamins FAQ

How do companies pick the right personalized vitamins?

These personalized vitamin companies ask a variety of questions before they determine what your supplement pack should consist of. Some of the typical screening questions they may ask include diet preferences (vegan, vegetarian), exercise routine, health conditions or what you are trying to work on, if you’ve ever taken vitamins before and how many you take a day, gender, age, and specific health goals (i.e., sleep, skin, hair, brain, bones, heart, nails, digestion).

The questions they ask differ by company, but to get the personalized pack right for you, they typically screen with these types of questions. You can also request to add a vitamin you want to include if it has not been included in your everyday pack. These companies also often have a general shopping page where you can create your own sample pack and explore some of the supplements/vitamins they offer (ranging from fish oil to adaptogenic mushrooms). This is also a great way to learn about different supplements and their role in the body.

Why should I take personalized vitamins?

Personalized vitamins and supplements can help you find out what you specifically should be taking every day. Many individuals cycle through a plethora of different supplements throughout their life because so many of them don’t work for them. This is because we are using others’ needs and supplements to determine our own. We really should be consulting our own health, and our own goals/needs to determine what vitamins and supplements would benefit us most.

Also remember, less is more. If you’re taking 10 supplements a day, try to re-evaluate. Determine what is actually needed in your supplement cabinet. If one of these individualized packets can help you cut down and determine what would benefit you specifically, then it might be worth considering one of these subscription services.

Are personalized vitamins really worth it?

Although personalized vitamins can provide a unique approach to everyday supplement use, they may not always be worth your money. Although these companies may ask you individualized questions about your life and health, this cannot replace actual blood work and micronutrient panels done by a medical practitioner. This kind of data is far more relevant when determining vitamin and nutrient needs, as it is based on your actual blood. Some companies have turned to blood work/DNA to help determine vitamin and supplement needs, but it can be a safer option to go through your doctor to find out what you may need for vitamins.

Either way, a good idea is to consult your doctor to decide if a supplement pack created for you would actually be beneficial for your health.

Are their lifestyle changes I can make instead of taking vitamins?

Although personalized vitamins can definitely make meeting your vitamin and supplement needs convenient and fun, these vitamins are not necessary. Diet and exercise play a much larger role in determining your health than a pack of vitamins does. Try to engage in moderate exercise and consume a wide variety of plant-based foods to support your overall health.

Whole grains and a wide array of fruits and vegetables ensures you are getting a variety of nutrients and vitamins that your body depends on. You can also consult with a physician to determine what nutrients and vitamins you are deficient in. For instance, many vegetarians may have low iron levels, so an iron supplement may be essential. Before you decide on one of these personalized vitamin companies, consult with your doctor first to see what your individual health needs require.

Do I really need personalized vitamins?

Personalized vitamins are definitely not necessary for good health. Although vitamins can prove beneficial for our health, genetics, diet, and exercise are more important factors. Before you dish out money for supplement packs and blood tests, consult with your doctor to determine what supplements and vitamins your unique body may require. Although these companies are user-friendly and sleek in design, always consult with a doctor before trying any new supplements (regardless of what a quiz tells you). These supplement packs are very convenient, though, and can help you clean out some space in your medicine cabinet. They can definitely provide a better supplement option but always consult with a doctor first.

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