Care Of Vitamins Review – Are “Personalized” Vitamins Necessary?

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Care Of Vitamins Review


Everybody knows that you need vitamins for good health. It seems like a good idea to take a vitamin supplement, that is up until you walk down the vitamin aisle at a pharmacy or grocery store. Suddenly, the decision can become overwhelming with the number of dietary supplements available.

Still, if you are serious about boosting your nutrition, you need to do something to figure out why taking vitamins can make all the difference.

That’s where Care/of comes in. A different type of vitamin shop that does exactly what it is supposed to do. Keep reading our Care Of vitamins review to see if these are the right vitamins for you.

What Is Care/Of Personalized Vitamins

Care/of is an online vitamin seller, but also much more than that. For starters, the landing page of their website features a big red button that says, “Take the quiz.” Clicking the button takes you to a detailed online quiz regarding your health goals, lifestyle, and what other supplements you take. The promise of the test is a personalized vitamin pack just for you.

Care Of Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs

The vitamins are set up so that you have one personalized vitamins packet for each day of the month. Each of the daily Care/of vitamin packs contains the correct dosage for the day of each product you are taking. Some of these will boost your brain health, others our bone health, and some your gut health.

The Care/Of Quiz

For starters, Care/of uses an online quiz to help you achieve better health and treat other health issues.

The quiz starts by asking what kind of product you are interested in, whether that is vitamins, powder supplements, or quick-stick packs to take on the go.

Care of Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs Quiz

From there, it then asks about your age, lifestyle, goals, and exercise habits. The exam is not short, but it only takes about five minutes to get through. We respect the fact that the quiz is more than just some marketing gimmick. It actually intends to find out which personalized vitamins are best for you.

Once you complete the quiz, Care/of presents you with a list of products. All personalized recommendations come with a short summary. There is also a link for each item. You can click “learn more” to find out what the supplement is and what it can do. 

About Care/Of

Care/of Logo

Care/of is a small company that creates personalized vitamin plans for its customers aiming to make things super convenient for everyone. The quiz connects to an algorithm that matches your lifestyle the supplements that you might need. The Care/of team evaluates individual supplements for effectiveness before making any recommendation.

They are not just talking about multivitamins and minerals, they also cover a protein powder, a probiotic blend, collagen, and boosts for everything, including immunity, antioxidants, essential amino acids, and electrolytes.

Furthermore, the Care/of team has physicians and nutritional scientists that analyze independent studies. They also look at traditional uses of herbs and supplements. They compile all this information into the recommendation engine.

Care/Of Personalized Daily Vitamin Ingredients

Care/of Personalized Daily Vitamin Ingredients

Care/of has a product line that is somewhat limited for a supplement company, but that is because they only manufacture products that demonstrate scientific backing and real benefits. They also make sure to obtain high-quality ingredients and oversee the manufacturing process. It is clear that the company is dedicated to quality.

They work hard to ensure the freshness of ingredients, and they test relentlessly. Every product is tested three times. First, when they receive the components, then during manufacturing, and once the product is complete. All testing is performed at labs in the US.


In this category, Care/of offers a variety of vitamins, including B-complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vegan vitamin D.


You can also obtain a number of multivitamin products, such as multivitamin + iron, a foundational multivitamin, and a prenatal.


Care/of also offers a variety of essential minerals in supplement form. Some of these include calcium plus, iron, magnesium, and zinc.


Some of the personalized recommendations include therapeutic herbal blends that work for energy, stress relief, immunity, antioxidant properties, and improved digestion.

These herbs include American ginseng, ashwagandha, elderberry, garlic, milk thistle, Rhodiola, Shatavari, turmeric, and cranberry.

Probiotic Blends

You might also obtain a recommendation for prebiotic supplements that can improve your gut health, immune system, but also your overall health.

One of these blends is the “Harmonious Gut”, while the other one is a yeast probiotic.


Other supplements your quiz might recommend for you include things like adaptogenic mushrooms, astaxanthin, ceramides, fish oil, keratin, and omega fatty acids. You will also see vegan collagen to fit a plant-based diet in this category.


As mentioned before, you can also obtain a variety of powders from Care/of. Some of these include collagen, plant protein powder, whey protein powder, and boosts to carry on the go.

Quick Sticks

This next product line is meant to help you achieve your health goals, even if you are away from home. These include stress support, sleep improvement, energy boost, probiotics and digestion, and immunity.

How To Order Care/of Vitamins

Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs Website

Care/of is a stand-alone manufacturer and direct seller. Their products are only available through their website, If you want to order vitamins, you will need to go through the personality quiz. 

Once you figure out which vitamins you need, you will figure out the cost. For best results, you should get the vitamins every month. It is worth noting that, as of now, they are offering 50% off your first order with code “VITAMIN50” at this link.

Care/of stands by their products, which is why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the quality or anything else.

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Start With The Vitamin Personality Quiz

Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs

Ready to start? The first step is to take the personalized vitamin quiz.

The quiz is easy, and all you have to do is answer questions about who you are and what you want from supplements. Care/of recommends a set of vitamins and supplements that specifically fits your body and its needs. They even put a month’s supply into your cart for you.

The next step is that the cart sets up a subscription to deliver the supply every 30 days, so you can set it and forget it if you like. 

You can also pause your subscription if you are not happy or not sure you want to continue with your supplement packet.

Are Care/of Vitamins Safe?

Buying herbal supplements, vitamins, and other dietary supplements can always feel a little complicated. Care/of stands out by making a three-part commitment to their customers:

  • Honesty – they promise honest guidance, transparent labeling, and fair evaluation of benefits. When they make claims for a product, Care/of displays a symbol for the strength of the evidence behind it. That includes telling you when the research is very limited or brand-new. They also tell you if the evidence is mostly traditional use. 
  • Quality – as you might know already, Care/of performs rigorous testing of the products and thorough monitoring of their supply chain. The products are the best that the company can make them.
  • Sustainability – Care/of monitors their supply chain for sustainable production methods. They believe so much in sustainability that the daily vitamin packages are compostable!

Like any other vitamin or supplement company, Care/of is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but all products go through extensive testing and research.

For the most part, these vitamins and supplements are easy to adjust to, but you might want to consult your health care provider if you have questions or medical conditions.

Are Care/Of Vitamins Worth the Money?

Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs

If you already have a vitamins and supplements program that is working for you, Care/of may not be necessary.

However, if you feel lost and do not know where to start, you should definitely check them out. In the end, Care/of can narrow down the range of choices and help you make the right decisions. 

Not every company offers the opportunity to take care of your skin health, brain health, gut health, immune system, reduce your stress, boost your energy, and in most cases, fill out many nutritional gaps.

Advantages of the Care/of Vitamins

While the Care/Of quiz can seem tedious, there is a specific reason why it is so specific. Along with a healthy diet, their recommendations provide a number of benefits. Below are some of the advantages of the Care/of vitamins and supplements.

  • Provide answers relevant to your personal health goals and health issues
  • Reduce the amount of information you need to review, as experts break down many studies into personalized vitamins and supplements for you
  • Give you an “honest assessment” that shows the credibility of the research and other uses pertaining to traditional medicine
  • Offer details of where and how the product is manufactured
  • Have a variety of products that you can choose from, particularly as you decide what your health and nutrition focus is
  • Help you reach your goals by providing nutrients that your diet might be lacking without interacting with your medications

Disadvantages of Care/of Vitamins

  • The prices seem a little high
  • You get a full program, not just a single vitamin recommendation
  • Some individuals might have to take so many pills every day
  • For a few, the capsules can be too large to swallow

Care/Of Vitamins Review: Final Thoughts

Using Care/of is a great way to assemble a vitamin program, set up a subscription, and go on with your life. You only have to take an online quiz and the rest is taken care of.

Still, the price can be high for some individuals, and taking these many pills or supplements can be cumbersome. Not everyone can take advantage of the 30-day delivery window, especially if they are on a budget, but they can always pause or cancel their subscription when needed.

Many of the negative reviews have to do with the price and delivery timing of the products, but not so much with the quality.

Overall, we like what we see and we believe that Care/of is trying to break through in the supplement market, making a difference among other brands. You should at least give the online quiz a try and see what the company suggests.

All you have left to do is remember to take your vitamin packs every day. Try it now and see if this subscription-based supplement service works for you.

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