Action Bronson Workout and DIET 

Pro Rapper
Born: 1983

Action Bronson is the stage name of Ariyan Arisanai. He grew up in Queens, New York. Bronson dropped out of high school, and enrolled in culinary school, then worked as a chef around the city. He started rapping as a hobby. After breaking his leg in the kitchen, he got serious about rap as a career. Bronson’s debut album, Dr. Lecter, was released in 2011. In 2012, he signed with Warner Bros. Bronson hosts The Untitled Action Bronson Show and has a travel program called F***, That’s Delicious. He has also written a few books including a cookbook. Bronson has been nominated for 2 BET Hip Hop Awards. He has 2 children. Bronson has millions of followers on social media. He is 5 feet,7 inches tall and weighs about 280 lbs.

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Action Bronson’s Diet


Bronson loves to eat and has always struggled with portion control. In 2020, he tipped the scales at over 400 lbs. A laundry list of health problems including pre-diabetes, asthma and eczema, combined with the happy event of the birth of his son prompted him to clean up his act. He started eating healthier and exercising. As a former chef and extreme foodie, giving up rich food was tough, but he says it was worth it. He has lost a whopping 130 lbs. in one year. One of his go-tos in his new diet is green juice, made from kale, green apple, ginger and lemon which he totes around all day in a gallon jug. He also emphasizes foods that are filling but not high-calorie, like lean protein and complex carbs. He does not eat carbs at night.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • Medium Carb 30% 30%
  • Medium Protein 40% 40%

Diet Details


Family First

Part of Bronson’s reason for embarking on a healthier eating plan was to make quality meals for his family.


Make a Plan

Bronson followed a strict routine of rising at 4 am to work out. He starts the day with a protein shake, and breakfast is 2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, 1 slice of sprouted rye bread and an avocado.


Green Juice

Bronson drinks green juice by the gallon. He doesn’t care for the flavor, but he downs it anyway because it is doing good things for him.


Pleasure Principle

Bronson plans to celebrate hitting his weight loss goal by eating out at Don Pepe’s in Queens with stuffed peppers, linguine and clams, and chicken parmigiana.

What to Eat


Protein Shakes


Egg Whites


Sprouted Rye Bread




Green Juices


Lean Meat




Fresh Fruit


Complex Carbs




Green Apples







What to Avoid




High-calorie Foods


Empty-calorie Foods


Processed Food


Junk Food


Artificial Additives




Bronson on His Old Eating Habits

‘If I made something that was a big, round dish, I would eat the big, round dish. I wouldn’t just have one piece.’


Bronson on Fresh Juices

‘Green juice is a beautiful thing…It’s one of the greatest things on earth. It’s lowered my cholesterol. It’s taken away chance of a diabetic situation.’


Bronson on Fresh Juice, Take II

‘I still don’t like it. I just pound it.’


Bronson on The Effect of His New Diet

‘I’ve lost, like 80…pounds, man. Eighty pounds is a lot of weight…and I’m still fat.’


Bronson on His Goal

‘Thirty more pounds to go, then I’m going to allow myself to have some fun.’

Action Bronson’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

MC Baklava

Bronson has a unique approach to fitness: he has been known to bring weights to a restaurant and work out while shouting out the names of some of his favorite foods.

Get Serious

Bronson rises at 4 am and drive a half-hour to his gym, Impact Zone Fitness.

Get Help

Bronson had trainer Dave Paladino help him get started on his new fitness plan.

Daily Dose

Bronson is up before the sun every day so he has no excuse not to work out. He boxes for 45 minutes with his trainer.


Bronson is a big fan of high-intensity routines, including medicine ball slams and sled pushes.

Burpee King

Bronson often finishes his daily routine with 100 burpees, or something equally challenging.

Exercise Style


An Action Bronson Routine

Box: 45 min/daily

Medicine ball throws: 50 yds down/back
Sled pushes
100 Burpees


Bronson on His Physique

‘I was born heavy. I was a heavy child. This transformation is long overdue.’


Bronson on the Reason He Wanted to Get Fit

‘You always want to be around for your family. It wasn’t going to happen unless I made that decision myself.’


Bronson on Getting in Shape

‘You’re playing quarterback with your own body. It’s all about decisions.’


Bronson on Early Exercise

‘I’ve already got my work in while everyone else is snoozing.’


Bronson on Fitness Multitasking

‘Focaccia!’ [squat] ‘Tiramisu!’ [squat]

Action Bronson’s Supplements

Protein Powder


Bronson has a protein shake first thing every day. It revs up his metabolism, provides energy for his workout, and satisfies.

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green supplement


Bronson pounds his green juice, which is chock-full of health-promoting micro-nutrients including vitamins A, K, and C. If you don’t get enough greens in your diet, consider adding in a green supplement.

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An important component of Bronson’s green juice is the antioxidant powerhouse ginger. Ginger stimulates digestion, lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and eases nausea.

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Action Bronson’s Lifestyle

Facing Fears

Bronson says his health issues including pre-diabetes, asthma and eczema had him worried he wouldn’t live to see his kids grow up.

The Right Message

Bronson’s health renaissance was also triggered in part by his desire to write a self-help book. He realized his weight was inconsistent with the ideas he wanted to convey.

Secret Sauce

Bronson’s secret to baby-soft skin is cocoa butter, but not just the regular stuff. He uses the one made for stretch marks. He says it doesn’t get rid of stretch marks, but it does amazing things for your skin.

Food Rapping

One of the hallmarks of Bronson’s raps is to sing about food. Tracks include ‘Jerk Chicken,’ ‘Brunch,’ and ‘Lamb Over Rice.’

Special Scent

Bronson is concerned about BO. He uses Secret deodorant and wears floral women’s perfumes because he says they are the only things that combat his smell.

Serious About Sun Protection

Bronson loves his Oakley sunglasses so much, he had an image of them tattooed on his arm. He also carries a spare pair of dressier sunglasses by Dior — but no tattoo of them, yet. 

Unique Travel Gear

Bronson travels with a stack of notebooks which he uses to jot down rhymes and doodles. He also brings along a baseball, just because he likes the way it feels in his hand. He says that, once upon a time, he could have gone pro.


Bronson on His Poor Health Due to Obesity

‘All you think about is, “Am I going to die at night when I go to sleep?”’


Bronson on His Obesity

‘It’s not right…It’s not a good message.’


Bronson on Acting in a Film

‘Being on a movie set was just unbelievable.’


Bronson on Cocoa Butter

‘You put it on, you’ll be good for days.’


Bronson on Oakley Sunglasses

‘Nobody wears these like me, baby.’

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