8Greens Review – How Effective is This Supplement?

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8 Greens Review

A healthy diet is becoming more of the focus of the general population in today’s world. Along with eating enough vegetables, a lot of people are turning to supplements that include different vitamin minerals, proteins, and more.

In this 8Greens review, we will tell you all about this product focused on providing those additional health benefits to people. 

8 Greens is a supplement that combines the best parts of eight different foods to greatly increase the nutritional value of your daily diet. 

8Greens Supplement

What Is 8Greens?

8 Greens is a supplement that consists of the best parts of eight different healthy greens. These are spinach, organic wheatgrass powder, kale, organic blue-green algae, spirulina, organic broken cell chlorella, organic barley grass, and organic aloe vera.

According to 8Greens founder Dawn Russel, she traveled the world until finding the best sources of all of these components to put into her supplement.

There are individual benefits to all of these greens and combined they make a very effective and healthy supplement. 

Who Is Behind 8Greens?

8 Greens is manufactured in the United States under the guidance of its founder Dawn Russel.

On the website, Dawn states that she personally travels to all the countries of origin from each ingredient. The ingredients are then dried in a process that does not add any foreign chemicals. Finally, these are then shipped to the US for local manufacturing.

The purpose of 8 Greens is more than just a dietary supplement, but it looks to provide you with natural flavors and ingredients that can fill in the gaps of your diet.

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8Greens Bundle

There are individual benefits to all of these greens and combined they make a very effective and healthy supplement. 

8Greens Ingredients

8Greens Vegetables

The following is a list and breakdown of the benefits of the ingredients of 8Greens:


These green vegetables almost always contain spinach, which is high in nutrients, including iron and vitamin A. This superfood also has calcium and iron which are good for healthy aging and skin health. Spinach can be found in a variety of real greens blends, such as Amazing Grass Green Superfood and Opti-Greens 50.


This ingredient is a great anti-inflammatory property that also improves blood flow and circulation


Kale is another ingredient found in many superfoods, such as Invigor8. It is a superfood that comes with more nutrients than most vegetables including beta-carotene, which is great for eyesight.

Blue-Green Algae

The blue-green algae have a lot of probiotic properties that improve brain function and give you more energy.

Organic Spirulina

Spirulina helps the body process sugars and also makes your body burn carbohydrates for energy more efficiently.


This ingredient contains many amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Chlorella can promote healthy growth in children and teens, and give adults more strength and lean muscle mass.

Aloe Vera

Many do not know that aloe Vera is a natural antacid, but without damaging the acid levels in your stomach. It is also a natural pain reliever.

Barley Grass

This super green has many essential nutrients, including vitamin A and as much vitamin C as some fruits. Barley grass is also good for blood glucose management, promoting weight loss, and helping your immune system.

Other Ingredients

Although the main ingredients are these eight real greens, there are other ingredients to improve the flavor and texture. Some of these include safflower oil, citric acid, corn starch, stevia leaf extract, and sorbitol.

Advantages Of 8Greens 

8Greens Features
  • This greens blend is an efficient way to receive all the greens that are lacking in the average diet without any prep time
  • 8 Greens has no artificial sweeteners or additives and does not contain any simple carbohydrates
  • The health effects of 8 Greens result in many positive testimonials and reviews
  • Dawn Russel, the founder, has worked closely with medical professionals
  • Many medical and health food organizations support this green juice
  • The founder selects the ingredients herself for quality assurance 
  • The product is produced locally in the United States
  • 8Greens effervescent is easy to take everywhere and comes in many flavors, including lemon-lime, blood orange, and melon
  • Not many products contain blue-green algae, aloe vera, and spirulina extract

Disadvantages of 8Greens

  • It does not replace any part of a balanced and healthy diet
  • You can incur more costs to obtain vegetables that you could eat daily
  • Many of the health claims are based on homeopathic remedies, which have mixed reviews from official medical sources
  • The effects of many supplements vary based on the individual and their lifestyle and dietary patterns
  • If you are taking these leafy green vegetables in effervescent tablets, you will not receive as much fiber
  • The weight-loss claims might not work for everyone, particularly if they are still eating junk food, and do not reduce their sugar intake

How Does 8Greens Work?


There are several variations of the delivery method for the supplement. First, 8 Greens comes in an effervescent tablet that you drop in eight ounces of water and drink as you go. This product also happens to be their most popular item.

8 Greens also comes in a limited edition of gummies and one tablet for skin health.

Taking one 8Greens tablet per day is said to drastically improve your health as you receive vital nutrients and minerals. Many consumers like this better because it is much easier than seeking out these ingredients individually and preparing them as a meal.

The amount of time and money that would take to cook these ingredients also greatly overshadows the cost of 8Greens. 


According to 8 Greens, the dosage for this product is one tablet per day. For the most part, with one dose you will obtain all the benefits of drinking green juice or eating 15 cups of broccoli, or eating spinach, wheatgrass, kale, and more all at once.

In fact, the point of the supplement is to save you time and money and taking a health supplement that fits your busy lifestyle.

In some cases, customers report obtaining a boost in energy, losing weight, and other health benefits.

Is 8Greens Safe?

8Greens Ingredients

There are no real side effects to the supplement as they contain no harmful chemicals, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors.

Everything that 8 Greens contains is entirely natural and healthy. However, this is a supplement for adults, and there is no data on how it can affect children.

Instead, children should be encouraged to eat their vegetables, and they should not need any additional supplements to obtain a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Users should also follow the recommended dosage of three 8 Greens tablets per day to avoid stomach pain, discomfort, bloating, and any other side effects that may occur.

Always consult your health care practitioner if you have questions, particularly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Where To Buy 8Greens

Buy 8Greens

You can find 8 Greens products on the website. The company offers a monthly package for $30, which comes out to $1 a day for their supplement.

While it might seem like a lot of money at first, this is not too expensive if you take into account that these effervescent tablets give you your daily dose of green vegetables. As a matter of fact, for a dietary supplement, 8 Greens is affordable.

If you still want to save more money, 8 Greens offers a VIP subscription service, which saves you 15% on every order. Still, you can always cancel the subscription if it does not fit your needs anymore.

You can also find 8 Greens in certain retail stores, like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, and online on Amazon.

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8Greens: Reviews and Satisfaction

8Greens Reviews

The number of positive reviews for this product greatly outweighs the negative ones. In essence, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone saying too many bad things about 8 Greens.

Although it may not live up to all the claims for everyone, the bottom line is that it is a healthy product, and its use improves your overall health.

8 Greens also has an overall high rating from most of its customers. Many health care providers and other professionals in health food production have complemented these products as well.

Overall, most consumers believe 8 Greens effervescent tablets to be a good product for everyone.

8Greens Review: Final Thoughts

We like a product that is easy to take, affordable, and without too many fillers. 8 Greens is just that, and it also happens to be tasty.

If you are worried about adding another dietary supplement, we think you should give these 8Greens effervescent tablets a try first. You will likely forget that you are choosing a green drink and instead find it an everyday treat.

We are pleased with the ingredient quality and think that this supplement can help your body function properly, provides you with anti-inflammatory properties, and a wide range of health benefits.

Try one packet of 8Greens effervescent tablets today and give it a month. You can always change products if you are not happy, but for the price and easiness, it is worth a try.

Overall Rating:

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