Whole Body Collagen Review – A Look At This Professional-Grade Supplement

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WholeBodyCollagen Review

About Whole Body Collagen

Whole Body Collagen is a supplement powder manufactured by Designs For Health. Unlike most supplement companies, Designs For Health only sells directly to physicians. They are a professional-grade supplement manufacturer. To purchase their products, you must have a referral from a qualified health professional. Additionally, Whole Body Collagen is made up of three ingredients with substantial published research behind them. The collagen market is booming. This makes it hard to distinguish a great product from great marketing.

Whole Body Collagen Dietary Supplement Bottle

Whole Body Collagen Benefits

Support Joint Tissue & Function

Collagen is a major component in joint cartilage. It is also a building block for other connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. Supplementing with collagen could, therefore, support joint health.

Support Bone Density

Collagen also makes up a significant amount of our bone tissue. Our bones are not only built up of calcium and other minerals but collagen proteins as well.

Promote Skin Health

The elasticity associated with youthful skin is thanks to collagen. As we age, the collagen in our skin breaks down and doesn’t have its usual “snap.” 

Whole Body Collagen Features

Whole Body Collagen Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the ingredients included in Whole Body Collagen.

Whole Body Collagen Supplement Facts

Collagen Peptides


Fortigel is a unique patented ingredient made by the company Gelita. What makes this ingredient unique from other collagen peptides is its size. Rather than being larger, bulkier, particles that form gelatin when mixed in liquids, Fortigel is considered a bioactive peptide. These peptides are much smaller than what you would traditionally find in collagen products at most health food stores. The smaller size provides two benefits:

1.) Highly Mixable

This ingredient readily dissolves in drinks, has little to no taste, and does not thicken.

2.) Easily Absorbed

Fortigel bioactive peptides are easily absorbed in our GI tract. As a result, we get a better bang for our buck. Studies have shown, once Fortigel is absorbed it gets concentrated in damaged joint cartilage.

A study out of Penn State showed tremendous benefits. Ninety-seven athletes with joint pain related to their extreme activity level were given 10g of Fortigel each day. For the next six months, researches monitored the athletes’ recovery. In the end, supplementing with Fortigel significantly reduced pain. Imaging also showed regeneration in joint cartilage.

Collagen Effects


Another registered and patented ingredient from Gelita, Verisol, was included in Whole Body Collagen. Verisol is another bioactive collagen peptide. Its specific structure allows it to support the collagen found in our skin. Like Fortigel, Verisol also mixes well and is easily absorbed because of its small structure.

A study involving women looked to compare Verisol’s effects on skin elasticity. Women were given either 2.5g or 5g of Verisol or a placebo. The researchers concluded that 2.5g was enough to increase skin elasticity by 15%. 

Skin Elasticity Chart


The third ingredient included in Whole Body Collagen, Fortibone, is another well-designed and researched bioactive collagen peptide from Gelita. As the name implies, it has been uniquely designed to support bone health. One study on Fortibone looked at postmenopausal women. Researches gave everyone 500mg of calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D. Half of the women also received 5g of Fortibone.

Over the next three months, samples were collected to evaluate the effects of Fortibone. In the end, Fortibone significantly increased the activity of specific enzymes associated with bone metabolism. They concluded that Fortibone could be a viable preventative and treatment option for those with osteopenia/osteoporosis. 

Bone Density Chart

You can also get bovine-based collagen like those in NeoCell Collagen.

Does Whole Body Collagen Work?

Unlike most supplements, there is a significant body of research backing the ingredients in Whole Body Collagen. Above are only a few of the studies that have shown the efficacy these ingredients have on their own. It is very likely that over the course of a few weeks or months that users will experience improvements in joint pain, skin health, and bone density. 

Whole Body Collagen Tablets

Whole Body Collagen Claims Vs. Reality

Just because the individual ingredients have a body of research behind them does not necessarily mean Whole Body Collagen will work. Those studies were done without a combination of other bioactive collagen peptides. Also, they were at specific doses. Whole Body Collagen is a proprietary blend of Fortigel, Verisol, and Fortibone at 12.5g per serving. Based on the literature reviewed, there should be 10g of Fortigel, 2.5g of Verisol, and 5g of Fortibone. This means that Whole Body Collagen is slightly underdosed.

 A key addition to this product may even enhance its efficacy further. Vitamin C, in combination with collagen peptides, has been shown to improve several outcomes. Vitamin C is needed to build collagen and cartilage. Some studies have shown that including vitamin c with collagen supplementation makes collagen work better. 

Who Is Whole Body Collagen Best For?

Whole Body Collagen contains specific collagen peptides that can benefit nearly everyone. The joint support benefits of Fortigel can be great for athletes as well as older individuals with osteoarthritis. Verisol would be a great addition for people loose or sagging skin. It may even help with wound healing. Fortibone clearly has a role for those with osteoporosis/osteopenia. It may also be beneficial for people healing after a broken bone.

Is Whole Body Collagen Safe?

Collagen supplementation has been shown to increase the risk of kidney stones by increasing oxalic acid.


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Where To Buy Whole Body Collagen And Cost

Amazon $61.50

Designs For Health traditionally only sells through licensed healthcare providers, so be sure to make sure you are purchasing Whole Body Collagen from a reputable seller.


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