Vitamin Patch Club Review – Are These Patches Effective?

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Vitamin Patch Club Review

Having a daily vitamin supplement handy is always a good idea when it comes to your health. There are so many multi-vitamins out on the market, from NutraBurst to Feel, and one multi-vitamin a day can give you most of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health. Yet, there are days when we tend to skip a dose. And if that’s you, you’re not alone. As we live in the 21st century, there’s got to be an easy way to get the vitamins you need daily. What if you can get it in a way that doesn’t require chewing or even swallowing it with a glass of water? Now that’s a pretty good idea if there ever was one. Thankfully, you can actually do that now. You can get a daily dose of vitamins in a patch.

Only Vitamin Patch Club will deliver these patches to you on a regular basis. You get plenty of patches that are tailor-made to focus on certain areas of your health. You can put on a patch to help strengthen your bones or give you a burst of energy. This may sound crazy and unheard of, but in today’s world anything can happen in the most unconventional way, like getting a daily dose of vitamins in a patch.

Vitamin Patch Club 30 patches set

What Is Vitamin Patch Club?

Vitamin Patch Club is a subscription-based program where you can get vitamin-packed patches that are focused on an area of health that you want to improve. This can include general wellness to even restoring your natural beauty while you are doing your best to reverse the aging process. How this works is you sign up for a subscription and choose the patches of your choice. Each pack comes with 30 patches, which is basically a month-long supply. You can choose a supply that will best fit your needs, or you can mix it up with your own custom package. That’s the beauty of having a custom-made subscription box right at your door for a reasonable price. 

Vitamin Patch Club b12


  • You can build your own vitamin box 
  • Plenty of patches available for any kind of health benefit
  • Made from 100% organic ingredients
  • No additives or chemicals
  • Reasonable prices for subscription
  • Easy to put on
Vitamin Patch Club label


  • Non-subscribers will pay more for patches
  • Shipping times are somewhat slow

Who Makes Vitamin Patch Club?

Vitamin Patch Club is its own parent company. Currently, the company is based in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in 2017 by Shane Griffin. Vitamin Patch Club was created in a time when physical item subscription businesses like Dollar Shave Club had started and taken off fairly quickly. They intend to send vitamin patches right to their customer’s door every single month for as long as they are a subscriber. Griffin believed that the best way to deliver the body its much-needed vitamins and minerals was by way of a transdermal patch as opposed to the standard multi-vitamins. Because of this, vitamins are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream rather than waiting for the vitamin itself to digest. 

Vitamin patch club

Vitamin Patch Club Patches Ingredients

All Vitamin Patch Club patches include three active ingredients: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and polyacrylate adhesive.

the science behind vitamin patch

How Does Vitamin Patch Club Work?

At first, you sign up for a subscription through the Vitamin Patch Club website. Depending on where you live, shipping will take about 4 to 9 business days in the US (and 7 to 11 business days in Canada). After you receive your patches, you can start your monthly program by sticking the patch almost anywhere on your body. It can be applied to your hand, arm, leg, or near your stomach. As a pro tip, you should consider applying the patch where there is little to no body hair for the best results. 

As you apply your transdermal patch, the vitamins included in the patch itself will go straight to your bloodstream. You get the vitamins you need to be delivered to your body fairly quickly as opposed to taking multi-vitamins that will take longer to absorb. Other than that, the patches only come in three ingredients. Compare that to multi-vitamins that are taken orally, which have a ton of ingredients. Not to mention, some of those ingredients might contain common allergens like soy, wheat, rice, and more. This means if you have a possible food allergy, then you won’t be able to take the multi-vitamin itself. The patches give those people an option on how they can take their daily vitamins. 

vitamin patch features

Vitamin Patch Club has five different patches to choose from: Energize, Beauty, Wellness, Strength, and Restore. Each of these patches has its own focus on providing your not just vitamins, but also the essential minerals that will aid you in achieving your health goals. For example, the Restore Patches contain zinc. Zinc is essential when it comes to boosting your immunity so you can ward off colds or the flu fairly quickly. 

Is Vitamin Patch Club Safe?

Because Vitamin Patch Club has ingredients that are naturally made, there are no side effects. If you are currently taking a multi-vitamin that needs to be consumed orally, it’s important to know the potential side effects. These may include: Constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, and stomach pain. Please note that these are the side effects of multi-vitamins that contain iron. 

Where To Buy And Cost

You can purchase Vitamin Patch Club patches directly through their website. You have the option to purchase a month-long subscription that will be priced at $29.70. There is also the option of a three-month starter pack that is available to you for the price of $29.95. At this time, there are no other online vendors that sell these patches.

vitamin patch website
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Vitamin Patch Club: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a new, alternative way to take your vitamins every day, then Vitamin Patch Club is definitely worth the monthly subscription. You’ll be delighted with what these patches can do for you compared to standard multi-vitamins. If you are looking to change your approach to taking care of yourself on a daily basis and reap long-term benefits, try these patches on for yourself.

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