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By Leslie Waterson

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Ulltra Fast Keto Boost is one of the latest supplements to be marketed during the keto diet craze.

The keto diet is an increasingly popular weight-loss method. The idea is that following a diet that is low in carbs and high in fat will allow you to push your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural state in which your body is more readily burning fat instead of carbs for energy. Keto dieters say that the weight loss becomes effortless, their appetites are under control, and they have much more energy.

Getting into a state of ketosis can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. During that time, you often feel terrible; people call it the “keto flu.” Supplements for low-carb diets are designed to get you into ketosis faster and avoid the keto flu. This is where Ultra Fast Keto Boost comes in.

This supplement is designed to speed up the process of entering ketosis, alleviate some of the symptoms of the keto flu, and promote weight loss. Does it actually work? Keep reading our Ultra Fast Keto Boost review to find out.

Ultra Fast Keto boost

What is Ultra Fast Keto Boost?


Ultra Fast Keto Boost is a daily supplement that’s designed to get your body into ketosis much more quickly than following a low-carb diet alone. It’s made with an all-natural formula that will trigger ketosis while also suppressing your appetite, so that, even as your body switches to burning fat instead of carbs you’ll be eating fewer calories overall.

These “ketosis pills” are made with beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is a naturally occurring ketone. Your body will make BHB on its own, but the high doses of BHB from the capsules will kickstart ketosis and provide you with more energy as you start the keto diet.

You do still need to follow the keto diet for this supplement to work. Ketogenic pills are not a replacement for the ketogenic diet itself. This keto supplement is meant to get you into ketosis faster, but you’ll have to eat a low-carb diet to get into ketosis. You will also have to keep following the keto diet to make sure your body remains in ketosis. 

Advantages and Benefits of Ultra Fast Keto Boost


There are quite a few benefits to these keto boost pills. Here are some of the things we liked about Ultra Fast Keto Boost:

  • All natural formula
  • BHB is a ketone your body uses and produces on it’s own
  • High dosage of ketones
  • No need to keep taking it after 30 days if you follow the proper diet
  • Could be a powerful weight loss supplement
  • Might boost immunity
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Might improve energy levels
  • Might increase mental energy
  • Easy to use

Here are a few of the things we didn’t like:

  • Not clear if the weight loss results will hold if you stop taking the supplement
  • Some of the information on the website is unclear
  • Research has shown that supplemental ketones are not as effective as the ones your body natural produces
  • No FDA approval means you don’t really know what’s in each capsule or if it’s safe 
  • Claims about these “weight loss pills” seem a bit overstated

Who Makes Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

It is unclear who makes these keto pills. There’s a lot of false information on the internet about this supplement being on Shark Tank, but that isn’t true. The two sisters who supposedly created it don’t appear to exist, and definitely never demonstrated this product on Shark Tank. Information on the manufacturer is not available on their website, and attempts to find that information elsewhere have lead to very confusing answers.

It seems fairly clear that it isn’t made by one of the many reputable nutritional supplement companies out there, nor is it made by medical professionals. It is likely that this product was launched to ride the wave of the ketogenic diet. 

While the lack of information on the company and the false claims about being on Shark Tank are red flags, we decided to dive deeper into the review.

Ultra Fast Keto Boost Ingredients


Ultra Fast Keto Boost uses a very simple formula that includes a few keto-friendly ingredients. These ingredients are all very common in keto supplements.

There are three different forms of BHB in each capsule, along with magnesium stearate and gelatin. 

The product also contains MCT oil which is a favorite amongst low-carb dieters. MCT oil is quickly converted into ketones and can increase your energy and focus.

Apple cider vinegar and green tea leaf extract are also added to promote weight loss. These ingredients are very common in weight loss supplements because they can improve gut health and promote overall weight loss.

We were actually impressed by the ingredients in Ultra Fast Keto Boost. Many gimmicky products only include the bare minimum (i.e. only BHB) but these keto pills actually have a few beneficial ingredients.

How Does Ultra Fast Keto Boost Work?


In theory, keto supplements work by introducing large amounts of ketones into your bloodstream, to essentially put your body into instant ketosis. That way your body begins to burn fat for energy right away, instead of taking weeks to make the switch from burning carbs to burning fats.

In reality, research has shown that exogenous ketones (ketones that your body did not produce) are almost completely ineffective. In fact, they can cause digestive problems because your body isn’t used to them. 

While you may feel a slight boost in energy and/or enter ketosis faster, the effects will be marginal.

What are the Side Effects of Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

Most of the side effects of Ultra Fast Keto Boost will relate to stomach issues. Ingredients like BHB and MCT oil can be tough on the stomach (especially when taken without food). You may feel slight stomach pain or experience digestive issues.

Ultimately, these ingredients are considered to be somewhat safe by reputable sources such as WebMD. That said, there isn’t enough research to say that these supplements are entirely safe.

A quick check of actual customer reviews (not the ones on their own website, which we can’t verify) shows that no one who’s taken it has suffered any negative side effects, so if you’ve already been taking it you don’t need to worry. 

Keto supplements have always been a bit controversial. Most of them are gimmicks designed to appeal to new keto dieters. While these supplements have some benefits, they rarely justify the cost.

Where to Buy Ultra Fast Keto Boost Pills

You can buy Ultra Fast Keto Boost directly from the company’s website or from Amazon. It usually costs around $40 for a bottle of 60 capsules (30 servings). This is actually on the expensive end for keto pills (which are expensive to begin with). 

You can find lower-cost alternatives from more trustworthy brands like Zhou Nutrition and Ancient Nutrition

Common Questions About Ultra Fast Keto Boost

We will conclude the review with answers to some of the most common questions people have been asking about Ultra Fast Keto Boost.

Does Ultra Fast Keto Boost Work?

We can’t definitively claim that this supplement does or doesn’t work. It is unlikely to lead to the weight loss most users expect, but it may be moderately effective in helping you get into ketosis faster.

Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost Safe?

Overall, the ingredients are very common and generally regarded as safe. The side effects are moderate and mostly consist of stomach irritation and other digestive issues. That said, there is very little transparency into the supplement and the company that creates it. There are much safer alternatives from reputable brands.

How Do You Take Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

You take two pills daily with food.

Did Shark Tank Invest in Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

Absolutely not. The Shark Tank rumors are based on a sketchy marketing campaign run by either the company or its affiliates. Shark Tank even went out of their way to run a warning on the show so people don’t fall for these false claims.

Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost a Scam?

It’s hard to say Ultra Fast Keto Boost is a flat-out scam. It is a sketchy product to say the least. There is very little information about the company behind the product, and the product has been at the center of unethical marketing campaigns. There are dozens of keto supplements on the market, so you’re better off choosing a product from a reputable, trustworthy brand.

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