TruFix Review – Can This Truvy Supplement Fix Your Metabolism?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Truvy produces health and wellness products that are based on real science rather than fads or trends. This includes their flagship weight loss products, which use all-natural plant extracts to support your blood chemistry, rev up your metabolism, and give you energy.

Here’s a look at TruFIX, which Truvy claims will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks, in just one convenient supplement…or two if take their recommendation and add their special caffeine pills, TruControl to the mix. Can TruFIX really make you feel your best? Let’s find out in this ultimate TruFIX review.

Truvy TruFIX Box

About TruFIX

TruFIX combines natural minerals and plant compounds in either a sugar-free beverage or convenient capsules. They avoid toxicity by keeping their ingredients to a minimum while still claiming to use only the most powerful natural ingredients for the purpose.  

This results in a formula they claim can boost your metabolism, balance your blood chemistry, and most of all, help you look and feel your best by burning away body fat. 

Truvy TruFUX Capsules

TruFIX Benefits

Greatest Weight Loss Formula

Just as every other company trying to sell you a product similar to this one will tell you, Truvy’s is the best and the most unique. And while yes, nearly all the ingredients in TruFIX are present in most diet pills, they do put the product together in their own unique way, though it’s still the standard compounds found in most all-natural diet pills on the planet. 

Truvy TruFIX For Weight Loss

Helps You Maintain Optimal Blood Chemistry

When you have control of your health, it’s easier to take control of your weight. This includes managing the components in your blood, since that’s what carries fuel to your cells. Unfortunately, when that fuel is sugar, that’s what your cells burn while ignoring bodyfat.

But when you lower your blood sugar and replace it with compounds that tell your cells to nosh-down on whatever fat they can find, that’s what they do—seek and devour fat. 

Helps You Manage Your Weight And Feel Your Best

Just as Tony Lamas told us so many years ago, it’s better to look good than it is to feel good. But while his pearl of wisdom rings true amongst models and sideshow geeks, when you slim down to your ideal weight, you can look and feel good about yourself.

And you can slim down with the help of a careful eating plan, exercise, and TruFIX. 

Truvy also recommends that you pair TruFIX up with TruControl, which adds a sharp dose of stimulants to the mix to better control your urges to eat and sleep. 

TruFIX Ingredients

As with any supplement, especially in the case of weight loss supplements, it is important to take a look at the ingredients used. Among other ingredients, TruFIX includes a proprietary blood chemistry blend that uses magnesium, alpha-lipoic acid, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract, and cinnamon bark extract. Below we will take a thorough look at each ingredient in TruFIX and what they can do for your body.

Truvy TruFIX Ingredients

Magnesium (65 mg), Zinc (2.5 mg), Selenium (9 mcg), Copper (0.35 mg), & Chromium (120mcg)

Though we poke fun at most all-natural diet pills containing nearly the same ingredients, TruFIX relies more heavily on minerals than many others. This includes magnesium, which helps regulate insulin and blood sugar levels, as well as chromium (no, it’s NOT the dangerous kind there, Erin Brockovich…), which can reduce hunger and cravings, along with many other benefits.   

Zinc, selenium, and copper also play various roles in helping with weight control, including zinc’s antioxidant properties to lower inflammation, and copper’s role in helping metabolize body fat. 

Vanadium Chelate (8 mcg)

Appropriately named after Vanadis, the Norse God of Beauty, vanadium is another mineral that can help with weight loss. It mimics the metabolic activities of insulin, which also helps reduce your appetite and blood sugar levels. 

While vanadium chelate is not a common weight loss supplement ingredient (you won’t find it in Skald or Zotrim), it is often used to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease, as well as a few other health conditions, so it’s hardly a one-trick pony! 

Proprietary Blood Chemistry Blend (410 mg): Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Cinnamon Bark Extract, & Alpha Lipoic Acid

And of course, what’s any decent natural diet product without every Dr. Oz “miracle fat-burning compound” in it? As you can expect, this is green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone, cinnamon, and alpha lipoic acid, all of which have been done to death in so many diet formulas (yawn!). 

But there is evidence they work, such as ketones ability to make cells more susceptible to the fat-burning properties of adrenaline, and what’s any natural diet formula without the obligatory dose of caffeine from green coffee beans? Other than its reputation though, there’s little evidence that unroasted coffee beans are any better at burning fat than any other form of caffeine; and even though Dr. Oz squawked on about the fat-burning properties of raspberry ketones, like so many of his other recommendations, it isn’t quite on the up-and-up. That’s because the kind that works are exogenous ketones, like those developed with a ketogenic diet, which is at least partially synthetic. 

So, unless Truvy is slipping you some synthetic ketones and calling them “plant-derived,” these aren’t the kind of ketones that help slim you down. 

Even so, ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid and its ability to help enzymes convert nutrients to energy, and cinnamon with its potent antioxidant properties do work. Since inflammation and obesity typically go hand-in-hand, cinnamon and other antioxidants in TruFIX can help fight obesity at its source. 

Erythrosine (aka Red Dye #3) & FD&C Blue #1

While not main ingredients, these types of synthetic ingredients in a “natural” product speaks poorly for the company’s integrity. Sure, these are only tiny percentages that make up the capsule only, though, in a clean product, everything counts—especially when we’re talking about red dye #3, which is associated with thyroid cancer in rats. In fact, until 1990, it was partially banned by the FDA, though some careful lobbying by its makers…whoops, we mean reconsideration by the FDA…it was determined to be safe…sort of. 

Does TruFIX Work?

As do all diet products containing similar ingredients, yes, TruFIX can help you more easily manage your weight when it’s combined with the right eating and exercise program. Don’t forget getting enough sleep and drinking enough water, all of which are necessary for helping you lose those pesky pounds. 

Truvy TruFIX Supplement Package

However, TruFIX does have the added benefit of being one of the few diet pills NOT loaded with stimulants, though Truvy’s recommended pairing of TruFIX with their TruControl supplement will rectify that. 

Who Is TruFIX Best For?

Anyone with a few tenacious pounds to get rid of who isn’t allergic or sensitive to any of TruFIX’s ingredients may want to add it to their healthy diet and exercise program. It isn’t bursting at the seams with caffeine like many diet pills are, though it does have just enough to enhance your focus and speed up your metabolism while making the gym seem like a great place to be. 

But if you’re pregnant or nursing, or on any medications, talk to your doctor before using this product. 

Claims vs. Reality

Though TruFIX, along with every other diet pill with nearly the same ingredients, will do the whole increase fat burn and boost the metabolism thing, we’re curious about their claim of “Naturally derived Plant Extracts,” unless we missed the part about erythrosine & FD&C Blue #1 being plant-derived? 

That, and the whole “raspberry” ketone thing…

Is TruFIX Safe?

TruFIX does have a little caffeine in it, so you should watch your other stimulant sources when using it. These include coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and sodas, the latter two of which you should be avoiding anyway. 

Other than that, it’s mostly essential minerals and plant compounds that you likely already consume in your diet, so unless you’re allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients and you stay within the recommended dose, you shouldn’t see any negative side effects. 

Where To Buy TruFIX

At $42.95 for a month’s worth, TruFIX falls into the “sorta expensive, but not terribly” category. But subscribing to regular deliveries of it will lower your cost to $33.94, which isn’t too bad, and they also have package deals so you can add their other recommended products without breaking the bank too badly. 

Truvy TruFIX Website

Along with Truvy’s website, you can purchase TruFIX on Amazon and other online retailers, as well as traditional retailers such as Walmart. 


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