NF Sports Natural Burn Review – Does It Really Help Burn Fats Faster?

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By Scot Mills

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If you’re an active person who feels that boundaries are made to be broken, NF Sports has supplements for you. They specialize in all-natural formulations backed by science that can fuel your performance and take you beyond your limitations. 

This includes their WODPAK multivitamin, their NF Sports Hydrate electrolyte supplement, and—of course—their fat burner, NF Sports Natural Burn. NFS claims this fat burner is much more than a mere diet pill and can help you burn fats faster. The question is, does it live up to all the claims? Let’s take a closer look in this NF Sports Natural Burn review to see if this herbal fat burner has what it takes. 

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About NF Sports Natural Burn

NF Sports Natural Burn combines adaptogens, plant compounds, and of course, the eternal go-to of every fat-burner on the market, caffeine, in a formula they say will light up the fat stores or your money back. 


Though it’s similar to other fat burners on the market, it does uniquely contain apple cider vinegar to not only reduce your appetite but help balance your pH. This goes along with the other ingredients in the product, which work by energizing you to burn more calories while promoting a healthy stress response so that your time in the gym and at the dinner table are healthy and productive. 

NF Sports Natural Burn Benefits

Supports Calorie Burn

By increasing your energy, helping balance your hormones, and reducing inflammation, Natural Burn helps your body burn more calories. 

By including ashwagandha and its natural ability to reduce your stress response, you get more fat-burning androgens circulating in your system. This goes along with caffeine’s activity as a stimulant to increase your metabolism so that you become less like a fuel-efficient economy car and more like a gas-guzzling muscle car, with the “gas” being fat. 


Increases Energy

Ashwagandha is an herb that adapts to your body’s energy needs, and caffeine also has the well-deserved reputation of being a stimulant, since that’s exactly what it is. 

This goes along with the naturally higher energy levels you’ll experience with increased fat burn and balanced hormones that will make the gym just seem like the place to be!

And for those looking to lose fat, it is. 

Promotes a Healthy Stress Response

Stress is the enemy of your midsection since it produces an imbalance of hormones that promote blood sugar and body fat. 

But ashwagandha is stress’ biggest foe, since it helps control the adrenal response to stress in a healthy way so that you get a balanced supply of fat-burning hormones and less buildup of “fight-or-flight” hormones. Since part of the job of fight-or-flight hormones such as cortisol is to flood your bloodstream with the short-term energy effects of glucose, cortisol buildup also leads to high blood sugar, cravings, and a squishy midsection. 

Controls Your Appetite

Not only does controlling your stress response lead to fewer cravings for foods you simply should not be eating, caffeine and apple cider vinegar also help make that entire chocolate cake seem less appealing. 

This makes it easier to stop giving in to your cravings, since they’ll be virtually gone! Instead, you’ll experience an appetite that is controlled by you rather than the other way around.

NF Sports Natural Burn Ingredients

NF Sports Natural Burn’s formula contains Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Powder Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Coleus Forskohlii Extract, Green Tea Extract, Paradoxine Grains Of Paradise Extract, and Bioperine Black Pepper Extract. Below, we will take a closer look at each ingredient.

Natural Burn Ingredients

Green Coffee Extract (150 mg), Green Tea Powder Extract (100 mg), & Green Tea Extract (50 mg)

Is there such a thing as a fat burner without caffeine? It increases energy, boosts your metabolism, and gets you fired up for fat-burning sessions in the gym, so why not?

True, it does have some unpleasant side effects such as irritability, insomnia, and jitters, which is why we’re happy that NF Sports keeps it down to about a cup of coffee’s worth. This goes along with green tea’s natural L-theanine content, which is an amino acid known to smooooth out the jitters, leaving you feeling relaxed, focused, and energetic all at the same time. 

Ashwagandha Extract (100 mg)

It should be on the menu of every stressed office worker, shift worker, or ANYONE experiencing an imbalance of stress hormones. It helps by balancing your stress response, which results in lower blood sugar, less inflammation, and an inferno of body fat, so yes, by all means, bring on the ashwagandha!

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (100 mg)

This is the ingredient that really sets Natural Burn apart from other fat burners. Apple cider vinegar is a unique ingredient with many benefits, but surprisingly, you’ll find it’s missing from many other fat burner options, including Sculptnation Burn and Genius Burn. So, what does apple cider vinegar provide?

Apple cider vinegar contains acetates, which are short-chain fatty acids that use brain signals to control your appetite. This helps keep you from adding the empty calories of all those snacks around the office, since your cravings for them will no longer be your guide. 

And as an added bonus, it also helps balance your pH for better overall body chemistry and bone health. 

Forskolin (50 mg) 

It’s related to mint, and it also stimulates the release of stored fats to be used as energy. 

And what better use is there for stored fat than to help power you through your day? It’s far smoother and easier on you than yet more caffeine (which also promotes stress hormones, by the way), and it also helps reduce brain fog and allows you to sleep like a bear in winter.

So yes, forskolin is your friend when it comes to keeping you slim, trim, energetic, and productive. 

Grains of Paradise (30 mg)

While commonly used as a culinary spice, this member of the ginger family has properties that can increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat. 

It’s also antimicrobial and can improve your digestion while acting as a potent antioxidant in your system so that along with more energy and fat burn, you get a happy gut, faster wound healing, and a healthy immune response. 


Does NF Sports Natural Burn Work?

As with most other fat burners on the market, Natural Burn works if you do. This means no popping pills and sitting on the couch under a plethora of snacks hoping for a Popeye effect to take hold.

Instead, adding this product along with a healthy diet and exercise program that doesn’t skimp on the water or sleep can help you burn more body fat than without it. It complements your efforts by energizing you and helping you avoid overeating while directing body fat to the incinerator rather than the storage yard (and we all know where THAT is…). 

So yes, Natural Burn works if you do!


Who is NF Sports Natural Burn Best For?

If you have fat to burn and the discipline to eat right, exercise, drink enough water, and get to bed on time, this product is for you. It can be that extra little boost you need to get you over the fat-loss hump, and it will also energize and focus you along the way. 

It contains all-natural compounds that few will be sensitive or allergic to, with the caffeine in it being the biggest concern. 

But unlike some other fat burners that have waaay too much caffeine in them, Natural Burn only contains about a cup of coffee’s worth. This way, there’s less chance of you getting to know the exact number of ceiling tiles above your bed from counting them over and over again as you await the dawn.

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Claims vs. Reality

NF Sports makes no outlandish claims about their product(s) and instead tells us only what science has proven. 

They also back their products with a 100%, 30-day money-back guarantee, so if by some chance they don’t work for you, there’s nothing to lose!


Is Natural Burn Safe?

The caffeine in this product acts as any caffeine does and can produce jitters, insomnia, and an impulse to deliver head-slaps to those who annoy you, which is everyone. For this reason, it’s recommended that you either reduce your other sources of caffeine (including chocolate and other “hidden” sources), switch to decaf, cut your dose of Natural Burn in half, or in the instance you’re simply too sensitive to caffeine, avoid it altogether. There are other weight loss supplements out there that contain no caffeine if that becomes the case, such as Gundry MD TriTrim and Burn Lab Pro.

You should also consult with your doctor before using this product if you’re pregnant, nursing, or on any medications, though other than that, there is little chance for complications using this product. 

In fact, most of the “side effects” you’re likely to feel will be more energy, better focus and mood, and fat stores that light up rather than just sitting there making you look fat. 

Where to Buy NF Sports Natural Burn

NF Sports Natural Burn can be purchased on the official NFS website. A 30-serving bottle will cost $41.99. NF Sports does offer a subscription option as well with a 30% discount, bringing the price per bottle down to $29.39.

NF Sports Natural Burn Website

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