Alpha-1 Max Review – A Thorough Look At This Blackstone Labs Supplement

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By Leslie Waterson

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Alpha-1 Max

Lots of us want to build muscle these days, especially when we’re strength training or bodybuilding. That’s what the bulk phase is all about. Diet and exercise are just part of the process, but what if you want to build muscle fast? There’s got to be a safer way to do it. Anabolic steroids are out of the question and for good reason. Thankfully, there’s a supplement that will help you gain as much as 15 pounds of muscle in about a 4 week period. After that time period, you’ll feel bigger, stronger, and better looking than ever. 

Alpha-1 Max is by far one of the best supplements that works to increase hormone levels, which are essential to muscle growth. If you are a strength trainer or a bodybuilder, you might want to consider including this in your supplement regimen for the next four weeks. Plus, you get all these benefits without the side effects that would destroy your gains. There are many hormone level increasing supplements on the market, such as ATP Alpha Prime, so what exactly sets Alpha-1 Max apart? We’ll dive further into that question and more in this review of Alpha-1 Max.

Alpha 1 Max

What Is Alpha-1 Max? 

Alpha-1 Max is a bulking prohormone that is designed to help build muscles during the bulk phase. This means your goal is to gain weight in muscle as opposed to fat. And you can gain as much as 15 pounds within a short amount of time. This will convert into M1T (methyl 1-testosterone), thus allowing you to gain muscle much faster than other methods like a placebo. And best of all, you can gain all this muscle without worrying about estrogen-related side effects.

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Alpha-1 Max Advantages And Benefits

  • No estrogen conversion
  • Allows you to gain up to 15 pounds of muscle within 4 weeks
  • Huge boost in strength
  • Gain in size
  • Great for strength trainers and bodybuilders


  • May contain ingredients that could trigger serious side effects

Who Makes Alpha-1 Max? 

Alpha-1 Max was made by Blackstone Labs. The company was founded in 2012 and is currently based in Boca Raton, Florida. Aside from creating Alpha-1 Max, they are known for creating various supplements that are designed for muscle growth including BCAAs and prohormones. They have also developed various consumable products like pre-workouts, post-workouts, protein powder, and more. Most of their products have received high praise and various four-star and five-star reviews. Up to this point, their supplements and products have been designed for those looking to build muscle and abide by a hardcore workout routine that is designed for strength training and bodybuilding. 

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Alpha-1 Max Ingredients

Alpha-1 Max contains the following ingredient: Methyl-1 Etiocholenol Epietiocholanolone. This is the only active ingredient. However, there are inactive ingredients including magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and titanium dioxide. 

How Does Alpha-Max 1 Work?

Twice daily, you take one capsule of Alpha-Max 1 along with a meal. You take this daily for 4 weeks. After the 4 week cycle, you’ll need to go on an “off-cycle” stage that should range anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. This can go on for as long as you need to. In order to achieve results, you’ll also need to take an additional supplement that is known as a cycle support. Blackstone Labs does create a cycle support supplement that can be taken along with Alpha-Max 1 known as Gear Support. Like Alpha-Max 1, Gear Support should be taken within a 30 to 60 day period. To keep and maintain the gains during this cycle, you’ll also need to take a post-cycle supplement like Blackstone Lab’s PCT IV. 

Each capsule contains 20 mg of Methyl-1 Etiocholenol Epietiocholanolone. The ingredient is designed to convert into M1T, a testosterone that is banned as a standalone substance due to its potency. M1T is used to help gain muscle rapidly. And what makes it even better is that there is no estrogen conversion that would destroy your gains and cause adverse side effects in men. 

As you gain muscle, you’ll also gain size and strength as well. This is perfect for when you are a hardcore trainer that is looking to not only look your best, but also be able to gain explosive strength in the process. There is no greater feeling in the world than easily shattering your personal bests at the gym. You’ll bench press more than normal and be able to easily up the weight whenever you are able to. If you are looking for a way to boost your strength training so that your intense workouts pay off big time, then you’ll want to check out Alpha-1 Max for yourself. 

Alpha 1 Max for muscle growth

Is Alpha-1 Max Safe?

As far as we know, there are no estrogen-related side effects that are typically found in other prohormones. However, because of the active ingredient of Methyl-1 Etiocholenol Epietiocholanolone there are some side effects that it might trigger. These include but are not limited to the following: increased blood pressure and stress on liver functions.

Where To Buy Alpha-1 Max and Cost

Alpha-1 Max can be purchased online through various supplement stores. A bottle of 60 capsules for various prices ranging from $50 to $60. It will depend on the vendor that is selling them at that time. Alternatively, you can purchase them through the Blackstone Labs website. 

Alpha-1 Max: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a supplement that will allow you to gain muscle fast in a short amount of time, then purchasing Alpha-1 Max is worth it. Especially if you are a strength trainer looking to gain strength and make intense workouts a lot easier. This is also a great supplement to have on hand if you are competing in amateur bodybuilding competitions. 

No matter what your goals are, it’s always a good idea to gain muscle even after you’ve lost fat in the cutting stages of your training. If you truly want that lean, mean look then you’d be hard-pressed to find something like Alpha-1 Max on the market. Especially when you want to gain some serious muscle quickly.

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