Sommer Ray Workout and Diet

Fitness Influencer

Born: 1996

Sommer Ray grew up on a ranch in Colorado. Following in her parents’ footsteps, she got interested in bodybuilding as a teenager, and consistently ranked in the top 5 in every competition she entered. Ray won the 2015 Bikini Teen at the NPC Colorado Sate Championships. But she was not interested in getting into steroids, so she left the circuit and went online instead. She earned a certificate in fitness training and documented her fitness journey online starting in 2016, quickly garnering followers to become one of the highest-paid fitness influencers. She has also appeared on tv in the series Nuclear Family and King Bachelor’s Pad. Ray has a line of clothing, and is the face of beauty brand Imarais. Her fitness app is called Evolve. Her sisters Skylyn and Savana are also social media personalities. She has millions of followers on social media. Ray is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs about 125 lbs.

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Sommer Ray’s Diet

Sommer Ray Diet Summary

Ray grew up in a health-conscious household, but when she got serious about bodybuilding, she had to really pay attention to her diet. She eats 6 meals a day, with a focus on lean protein and limiting carbs. Even now that she’s off the bodybuilding circuit, she still eats a healthy diet. She starts off with a protein shake, and chicken, veggies, and rice are staples. But she still enjoys the occasional slice of pizza or burger. To combat bloating, she drinks lots of water every day.

Estimated Macros

Medium-High Protein

Medium Fat

Low-Medium Carb

Sommer Ray Diet Details

Clean Eating

Ray says she takes diet seriously and eats clean most of the time. Her staples are protein shakes, lean meat, veggies and rice.

Do It For You

Ray says you will never be successful with dieting unless you are doing it for the right reasons, which is for yourself.

Balancing Act

Ray says she isn’t into denial. If she’s in the mood for something like pizza, she’ll eat it. She is also a big fan of In-N-Out Burger, Jersey Mikes subs, and tequila shots.

Food to Eat

  • Protein shakes
  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Salad
  • Lean protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Clean carbs
  • Burgers (treat)
  • Subs (treat)
  • Pizza (treat)
  • Tequila (treat)
  • Water

Food to Avoid

  • Overeating
  • Being too strict
  • Fast food
  • Junk food
  • Chemical ingredients
  • Artificial additives

Ray on healthy eating

I’m passionate about nutrition and fitness.

Ray on dieting

It takes time and it takes commitment.

Ray on reasons to go on a diet

Don’t do it for anyone or anything. You need to do it for yourself or you’re not going to be successful with it.

Ray on her diet and figure

That’s why I’ve had the good results…because I put my mind, body and soul into it.

Ray on water intake

A lot of times when I feel bloated, to me, drinking water really gets rid of all that.

Ray on balanced eating

If I want a slice of pizza, I have a slice of pizza. I want to look good but I also want to enjoy.

Sommer Ray’s Workout Routine

Sommer Ray Workout Routine

A Family Affair

Ray’s parents were both bodybuilders. She worked out with her mom at home, and her father acted as her coach when she entered competitive bodybuilding.

Intuitive Training

Ray says that while she likes to have a routine, she listens to her body. If something is sore, she gives that part the day off.

Keep It Fun

Ray says her number one rule is to keep things fun because when fitness feels like a chore or work, you lose motivation.

Daily Dose

Ray hits the gym at least 5 days a week. When travel interferes, she does a 90-minute workout at least every other day.

How to Get a Great Butt

Ray does a glute-focused routine a minimum of twice a week. She uses all the standard gym equipment including the Smith machine, as well as ankle weights. She does a lot of squats.

Quick HIIT of Cardio

For her high-intensity routine, Ray uses a Stairmaster machine, doing 1 minute of regular climbing and 1 minute of skipping steps for a total of 6 minutes. Another option is jumping rope. After hitting the weights, she’ll do 6 minutes of jumping to get her heart rate way up.

Warm Up & Stretch

Ray begins each workout with a foam roller, then does full body stretching after.

Sommer Ray Exercise Style

A Sommer Ray Routine

  • Work out 5 days/week or at least every other day.
  • Foam roller to stretch muscles as a warm-up
  • Stairmaster: 1 min walk/1 min skipping steps for 6 min.
  • Glutes: minimum 2x/week. Do a variety of exercises.
  • Jump rope: 6 min.
  • Stretch after working out.
  • Change up your routine regularly.
  • Keep it fun.

Ray on her healthy lifestyle

I’ve been working out with my mother my whole life.

Ray on internet fitness

There’s so much fake fitness on the internet.

Ray on why her fitness approach became popular

I was just a breath of fresh air — all the way natural without fake boobs or a fake butt.

Ray on staying motivated

I switch it up every day and try to make it fun because as soon as it feels like a job, you don’t want to do it.

Ray on her workout routine

I just listen to my body.

Sommer Ray’s Supplements



Ray is big on protein and hits it first thing every morning. Protein builds and repairs muscle, is filling, and levels out blood sugar.



Ray endorses G Fuel, a hydration drink that also boosts focus, recovery, and immunity.

ingestible beauty

Ingestible Beauty

Ray is the face of edible beauty vitamins from Imarais Glow skincare line. Ingredients include algae, squalane, and vitamin C.

bone broth

Bone Broth

Ray regularly consumes bone broth for its many benefits, including protein, collagen, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Sommer Ray’s Lifestyle

Sleep: Essential for Beauty

Ray says one of the things she hates the most is not getting enough sleep.

Real Life Inspo

Ray says her bodybuilder parents are her role models. Ray was homeschooled until high school.

Not a Fashion Maven

Ray says that despite the endless photos of her wearing sexy clothes online, her go-to fashion when she’s at home is a baggy t-shirt and yoga pants.

100% Real

Ray credits her popularity to being 100% authentic. She doesn’t take steroids and hasn’t had any surgical enhancements. Regarding her photo retouches, she says she only does it to erase pimples.

Truth in Advertising

Ray admits that she posts pics of her butt online because it earns her money, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a decent person.

Ray on the importance of sleep

My biggest pet peeve is lookin0m, g puffy and tired.

Ray on her childhood

I grew up with animals and nature. I know real values.

Ray on professional bodybuilding

It’s a whole different world where many girls are on steroids,  and I didn’t want to do that to my body.

Ray on posting pics online

I don’t photoshop my body because it would feel like a false advertisement.

Ray on her online photos

Those booty shots, it’s what pays the bills.

Ray on herself

I’m a normal human. I wear normal clothes. Actually, I dress sort of like a hobo.

Ray on her biggest critic

I’m probably the hardest on myself.

Ray on motivation

I don’t want to motivate women to look like me — I want them to love themselves the way I do.

Ray on self-confidence

You’re your best when you are confident in yourself.

Ray on why she’s so popular

People like authenticity. They caught on to what I was doing and liked it.

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