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best bone broth powder

Unlike other protein powders, bone broth contains a wide range of amino acids that we generally lack on a typical western diet. Of course, these are essential amino acids, but they’re also both stimulants and mood enhancers. In addition to the abundant amino acids provided in the broth, the high mineral content is also very beneficial for your body.

Powdered bone broth has similar healing powers as bone broth. It helps with inflammation, skin health, gut health, joint health, hydration, and immune-boosting. Whether it’s grass-fed bone broth or chicken bone broth, the benefits range from product to product.

So, are you thinking of adding some powdered bone broth to your diet? The health benefits are a no-brainer, the only issue is choosing which powder to use. That’s why we did the research and gathered up a guide to the best bone broth powder! We’ll give you a rundown of what bone broth powder is, its benefits, and what to look for in a solid powder.

Let’s start by looking at our top picks.

Best Bone Broth Powders 

There is a multitude of bone broth powders on the market to choose from, but as always, it is important to do research first! Fortunately, we did the research for you. Our team has reviewed over 1,000 supplements. Here are our top rated bone broth protein powders.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein

Ancient Nutrition is a popular health and wellness supplement company.

Ancient Nutrition’s bone broth powder is made with real superfoods that deliver the benefits of homemade bone broth in a convenient, easy-to-mix form. Described as a rich source of nutrients your body needs to thrive and stay healthy. These include collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, chondroitin, and key minerals often missing in the diet. Regular consumption of this may help keep your gut healthy and your skin looking great. It also supports brain health and healthy aging.

Suitable for almost any diet or lifestyle. It is Paleo-friendly and free of dairy, soy, grains, and gluten. It is also loaded with 20 grams of highly absorbable protein, contains 0 carbs, and only less than 100 calories per serving.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder provide fast results. Mix it easily and smoothly in protein shakes, smoothies, juices, and many more. You can enjoy a glass of protein-supplying, gut-nourishing, joint-supporting bone broth in less than a minute (in a blender or smoothie).

ancient nutrition bone broth protein

Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth Powder

Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth recipes use grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen powder aiding your body to absorb more nutrients and reap the bone-broth benefits.

This brand’s bone broth powders don’t contain gluten, dairy, wheat, and sugar. Great for keto, paleo, and weight-loss diets. It has 0g Fat, 2g Carbs, 15g Protein, and 0g Sugar.

The ingredients list includes bone broth protein powder, hydrolyzed collagen, cauliflower powder, sea salt, black pepper, reishi mushroom powder, minced green onion, parsley, and turmeric extract.

This contains grass-fed collagen protein that has power peptides & amino acids to improve metabolism and help lessen food cravings while the dehydrated bone broth fills you up to satisfy your hunger.

dr. kellyann bone broth bags

Organixx Organic Bone Broth Protein

In an easy powdered form, nourish your body with the same potent protein, collagen, minerals, and nutrients found in homemade bone broth. Their plain flavor is perfect for all your sweet and savory dishes so you can have pure, organic protein from breakfast to dinner.

It is made from organic chicken bone broth protein concentrate. This brand’s bone broth concentrate has high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains type II collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin that supports your skin, gut, and joint health. Its formula is made with all-organic chicken bones, which means it has absolutely no antibiotics and hormones.

Organixx’s Organic Bone Broth Protein contains an impressive 20 grams of protein per scoop. As a clean, pure bone broth source, it is easy for your digestive system to absorb and process.

Organixx Organic Bone Broth Protein

What is Bone Broth Powder?

Powdered bone broth is made with the same ingredients that are used in liquid bone broth, although it does usually have a lower fat content than the liquid variety. The powder is easy to use because it dissolves easily in water and can be mixed into food or drinks.

Powdered Bone Broth

Bone broth, itself, is a delicious liquid that has been around for ages. It’s made by simmering bones and connective tissue in water at low heat for a long time. You can make it from leftovers or buy it at the local grocery store. 

Technically, bone broth is simply hot stock, but the most nutritious bone broths are made with collagen-rich chicken bones and tend to be richer and thicker than those made with fish bones.

The great news is that this type of broth now comes in an easy-to-use powder form. With just a little bit of water, it can be easily added to soups, smoothies, or other dishes and enjoyed as a nutritional powerhouse. These bone broths also come with a considerable amount of grams of protein per serving, which is great if you are trying to get in more protein daily.

Benefits Of Bone Broth Powder

There are so many different benefits when it comes to bone broth, and bone broth protein powder. From its anti-inflammatory profile to its mineral and vitamin contents, it’s a great option for just about anyone. 

1. Contains Vital Vitamins and Minerals

Contrary to popular belief, bone broth is not only healthy food but also a very nutritious one. This means that the amount of nutrients (vitamins, minerals) it provides depends on the ingredients used, as each ingredient brings something different to the table.

Animal bones are rich in calcium and magnesium. They also contain phosphorus, potassium, and trace minerals. These nutrients are essential for building healthy bones, as well as for heart and muscle function. Fishbones contain iodine, which is a key component of thyroid hormones and metabolism.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are healthy compounds found in cartilage. Marrow provides nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin K2, zinc, iron, selenium, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids.

All of these animal parts, which contain the protein collagen, also contain amino acids and other essential nutrients. Many people do not get enough of these nutrients in their diet. Bone broth is a convenient and healthy way to improve your intake of these important nutrients.

2. Benefits the Digestive System

Scientists have determined that the healthy function of the intestines is important for overall wellness. The consumption of bone broths is an easy way to balance digestive systems and may help digestion of other foods as well.

Gelatin is an ingredient found naturally in this specific broth. It naturally attracts and holds liquid in the same way that other proteins do. Also, gelatin can bind to water in your digestive tract, which helps foods move through your gut more easily and leads to a healthier digestive system overall.

A specific amino acid found in gelatin is thought to help maintain the integrity of your intestinal wall, which keeps your digestive system working properly. Gelling agents, such as gelatin, are known to prevent and treat “leaky gut,” which is a condition that affects many chronic diseases.

Many people choose to drink bone broth because it is a nutritious and easily digestible protein source. It is also known to be very helpful for individuals with leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

3. Aids in Fighting Inflammation

Bone broth is full of amino acids, including glycine and arginine. These are some of the building blocks for the proteins in muscle tissue, and they are even used by the body to produce nitric oxide. 

This helps regulate blood pressure and blood flow throughout the body, which may explain why it can be so effective for the immune system. Arginine is especially beneficial for fighting chronic inflammation.

It is likely to experience too much inflammation, and thus cause several serious diseases. Research from Georgetown University showed that eating plenty of anti-inflammatory foods, such as adding bone broth protein powder to your diet, may help reduce inflammation and prevent many inflammatory diseases.

4. Its Nutrients Have Been Shown to Improve Joint Health

Collagen is a high-quality protein that provides nourishment to the bones, tendons, and ligaments. The process of making broth breaks down collagen into another protein called gelatin. Gelatin is an imperative source of amino acids that help to maintain joint health.

It contains collagen and glycine, which are needed for the repair of connective tissue. These growth factors contribute to the growth and repair of tendons, ligaments, tendons, and bones. It also has glucosamine and chondroitin, which are naturally occurring compounds found in cartilage.

Many studies have found that glucosamine and chondroitin can help lessen joint pain and decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

best collagen supplements for men dr. kellyann bone broth with collagen

Top Rated Pick

Dr. Kellyann Bone Broth

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Great source of collagen protein
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How To Pick The Right Bone Broth Powder

When choosing a bone broth powder, you should consider several factors. What powder best fits your lifestyle, what taste do you prefer, and how much protein is included?

1. Is Keto and Paleo suitable?

If you are keto or even keto-friendly, you want to ensure there are little to no carbohydrates in your broth powder. And specifically, there are no gluten or dairy proteins in it. Also, make sure that it is allergen-free if you are concerned with that.

2.  Must have at least 8-12 grams of protein per serving

Always read the serving size carefully when ordering supplements online. It’s crucial to make sure that you are getting enough of the right substance for the right price, especially protein. 

A good rule to follow is limiting intake to 1-2 scoops per day, but don’t take more than 4 scoops total per day or you may suffer from negative side effects such as an upset stomach.

3. Check the list of ingredients

It says ‘beef bone broth’ or ‘chicken bone broth’ and not ‘bone broth.’ It is important to be clear that you are getting bone broth protein powder and not collagen powder, as these are two different things. It’s also important to know what kind of broth you are getting as there are many different types of bone broths ranging from grass-fed beef to organic grass-fed, to gluten-free, to flavored options.

Some websites only offer collagen powders and call it bone broth, but it is not necessarily the same thing.

Do not buy any products with extra ingredients as they may contain harmful or artificial ingredients.

FAQ: Bone Broth Powder 

Is Powdered Bone Broth As Good As Regular Bone Broth?

At first glance, bone broth that’s been processed to be sold as a powder may seem brilliant. You don’t have to go to the butcher anymore, less prep involved, and it could be easily traveled.

You have it on hand, ready-made, for whenever you feel like you’d benefit from the additional nutrients. This ready-to-mix powder can be mixed with a few ingredients in a glass of water for a nutritious quick energy boost.

Bone broth protein powders can be a budget-friendly option. Cheaper than pre-made liquid bone broth, it is less expensive to make and purchase compared to the ready-made broth. A powdered broth also has a much smaller shipping cost.

On the other hand, it has questionable processing methods. Many methods are used to manufacture powdered dietary supplements. Many of these processes involve heating these products to high temperatures. This can denature the protein source and other delicate nutrients.

As your typical powder-based food product, the ingredients in this powder-based food product could be classified as carcinogenic. They are added as preservatives to prevent a powder from clumping and hardening, as antimicrobials against harmful bacteria, and to extend shelf life.

You don’t know what you’re getting with powdered foods. These products are produced by different brands, and some may contain additives and preservatives while others may not. It’s essential to carefully read the labels for additives, certain synthetics, and GMO ingredients before purchasing these foods.


For starters, the regular or liquid bone broth contains bioavailable nutrients, you can have total control over the broth’s quality and nutritional value, you can only be as healthy as the nutrients you absorb.

Just like all broths, bone broth contains many nutrients. When made correctly, a traditional bone broth will make it easy for your body to absorb these nutrients, thanks to the long, slow simmer time process.

When you cook your bone broth at home, you can choose exactly what ingredients are used. You can source bones and connective tissue from animals and/or animals that have been given no growth hormones and antibiotics or raised on organic, non-GMO feed. You will also be able to control the simmer time (the longer you simmer your broth, the more nutritious it will be).

Of course, homemade bone broth will not contain any additives or preservatives. At its heart, it is a direct and wholesome beverage made from the bones of animals, water, and sometimes veggies. Even when made with all-natural ingredients, bone broth can also be added to foods to increase nutritional value and add flavor.

While having many benefits, it also has its cons. As mentioned above, it has a long cook time to extract the nutrients from the bones. This is not for people without patience. It also may be difficult for you to source grass-fed or organic bones. This will depend on where you are living.

Is There a Difference Between Organic Bone Broth Powder Versus Non-Organic?

Both regular bone broth and organic bone broth protein powders have essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. If you want to create your own, pure organic ingredients are essential because they contain no antibiotics or hormones and are free of pesticides, GMOs, and other synthetic ingredients.

Should You Add Bone Broth Powder to Your Daily Routine?

If you are wanting to increase the nutrients in your daily diet then adding bone broth to your day-to-day is a great option. It’s a relatively easy way to do so, especially when you just consume it in powder form. The health benefits of bone broth range, but there is no arguing against the fact that it’s great for connective tissues, many have great flavors, and it can carry a considerable amount of protein per serving.

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