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Born: 1978

Shaun Thompson was born in New Jersey and spent his childhood in Philadelphia. For high school, T returned to New Jersey where he was cared for by his grandparents. He played a lot of sports as a teen, including football, baseball and track. T holds a degree in exercise science with a minor in dance and theater. He has been featured on shows like Dr. Oz and Oprah. T has over a million followers on social media. He is 6 feettall and weighs about 190 lbs.

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Shaun T’s Diet


T was an active teen, but when he went to college, he dropped all his training to focus on academics. Add in the double-whammy of the all-you-can-eat meal plan and T packed on a whopping 50 lbs. his freshman year. He understands that diet is an essential component of health and fitness, and eats only natural, nutrient-packed foods. Some of his faves are sweet potatoes, egg whites, and plenty of water. He also fasts for 16 hours a day, and only eats breakfast and dinner. His one treat: bacon.

Estimated Macros

  • Low Carb 20% 20%
  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • High Protein 60% 60%

Diet Details


Power Meals

T’s first meal of the day usually comes around 10 am. He’ll have up to 8 egg whites along with bacon and avocado, some berries and a cup of coffee. For dinner, he’ll have steak, spinach, quinoa and more bacon.


It’s Not Always Bacon

When T is looking to get extra-ripped, he’ll swap out the bacon for chicken. His go-to pre-workout snack is sweet potatoes.


Save Your Calories

T recommends not drinking your calories. After breakfast, he has little more than water until dinner. He says drinking water offers the added bonus of saving you money.


Flush Out Those Toxins

T believes in running a clean machine. To that end, he drinks lemon water on an empty stomach, does intermittent fasting, and occasionally does a 24-hour fast.


Enjoy Your Cheats

T understands that eating is also a pleasure, which is why he eats bacon. If he’s in the mood, he’ll whip up a gluten-free pancake along with dinner. Fridays, he treats himself to a donut.

What to Eat




Egg Whites
















Sweet Potatoes






Sushi (treat)

What to Avoid




Processed Foods


Refined Sugars


Junk Food


Fast Food


Chemical Ingredients


Artificial Additives


T on Gaining the Freshman Fifty

‘I looked in the mirror one day and I said, “This out of control and you need to pull it together quick.”’


T’s Approach to Eating

‘I try not to eat too much in the middle of the day, except for drinking lots of water.’


T’s Take on Dinner

‘I want to eat super-healthy later in the day, and I don’t want to fill my body up.’


T’s Advice on How to Get Healthy

‘Commit, people! Does life sometimes get in the way? Sure, but outside of some medical issue, you have to buckle down and commit! Stop making excuses!’


T on the Many Negative Effects of Junk Food

‘Did you know your gut can hold buildup from bad eating habits that make it harder to lose weight? Your colon can even hold up to 15 lbs of excess weight!’

Shaun T’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Small Changes Add Up

After packing on 50 lbs. as a college freshman, T started hitting the gym, just 10 minutes at a time at first. That small amount was enough to get him back on the road to health and fitness.

Mind-Body Connection

T loves playing tennis not only because it’s a great workout but for the mental challenges it provides.

Beach Body Insta-Hit

T was 25 years old teaching fitness at a gym when a team from Beach Body came to watch. They offered him a gig on the spot.

Mega Daily Dose

T makes a living from fitness, so exercise is always on the schedule. He plays tennis at 5:30 in the morning does his weight training or HIIT mid-morning, in addition to training his clientele.

Bring It On

T enjoys combining all different types of workouts: pumping iron, speed drills, bodyweight exercises, you name it, he digs it.

Enjoy the Insanity

The one thing that is common to all of T’s workouts is intensity. He does not believe in staying in your comfort zone.

Proper Recovery

T uses ice or compression therapy every single day to help his body recover. He’s also keen on massage.

Exercise Style


A Shaun T Routine

Tennis: 1 hr/daily

Weight training or HIIT: daily

Cryotherapy or compression therapy: daily


T on Motivation

‘You have to find a program that makes you feel motivated to do more.’


T on One-Size-Fits-All Plans

‘There is no fitness blueprint, no one right answer for when and how much.’


T on Sticking With a Program

‘Just find a fun way to move that will add to your energy rather than deplete it.’


T on His Dance Classes

‘I got really good, and had 90 people who showed up to my class regularly. That led me into dance.’


T on Making Career Out of Fitness

‘I got into kickboxing, step and boot camp classes…and I started to realize I could do this for a living.’


T on His Approach to Training

‘I want to push people and have them dig deep, to go a little bit harder.’

Shaun T’s Supplements

Shaun T hasn’t spilled on his supplement choices yet, so below are options that can benefit anyone following a similar diet plan.

Protein Powder

protein & greens shake

T eats a lot of protein and veggies, but if your diet isn’t as clean, try adding a protein & greens shake for a one-stop supplement. T is also big on gut health.

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Probiotics support a healthy gut biome and maximize nutrient absorption. T recommends removing toxins from your system to jumpstart or restart weight loss.

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toxin flush supplement

toxin flush supplement

A toxin flush supplement can help. T doesn’t look it, but he’s in his 40s.

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Vitamin D

vitamin D, MAgnesium, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Omega-3s

Some nutrients the over-40 set should pay extra attention to include vitamin D for strong bones and muscles, magnesium to prevent cramping and to help with sleep, vitamin B12 for a healthy heart and to prevent against certain cancers as well as Alzheimer’s, zinc for immunity, and omega-3s to combat inflammation.

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Shaun T’s Lifestyle

Rest Is Key

T works out like a beast, but he always makes the time to rest, which in turn revs him up to get moving again.

The Aha Moment

T started college with the plan of majoring in Communications, but after gaining 50 lbs. his first year, he started hitting the gym to get back into shape, which led him to his current career.

Nice Shot

T once got picked to work as a backup dancer for Mariah Carey based solely on his photograph.

Ace Role Model

T admires Serena Williams for her barrier-breaking achievements.

Dream Trainee

T doesn’t work with too many celebrity clients because he prefers regular, everyday interaction, but if he could pick someone famous to train, it’d be Janet Jackson.

No Faking It

T earned a minor in theater in college but says he’s actually a terrible actor.


T on Rest

‘Rest motivates me.’


T on His Professional Goals

‘I just want to lead by example and for everyone to be healthy and fit.’


T on How to Deal With Haters

‘When someone pisses me off, I focus on how I can rise above instead of stooping to their level.’


T on Making Changes

‘It ain’t easy! Change takes work and if you put in the work, you’ll feel better about your life…Don’t run from the work! Feel the work!’


T on Being Self-employed

‘I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. I never, ever feel like I’m working.’


T on the One Drawback to Being a Fitness Instructor

‘The only time I feel like I’m working is when random people ask to feel my stomach muscles.’


T on his Passion

‘Fitness is my life but dance is my passion.’

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