Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix Review – Can This Drink Mix Support Your Health?

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By Alexa DaFonte

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Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix Review

About Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix

Root’d is a multivitamin company that has created drinkable vitamin mixes that can be added to liquids for a portable, more fun supplement option. Their formulas cater specifically to men, women, and mom + baby. Depending on the specific group, each formula contains unique ingredients that would be beneficial to their health.

This company is very ethical and transparent when it comes to its products, and they contribute to the greater environmental good. They donate money to plant trees and participate in ocean cleanup programs. Let’s take a closer look at some of their multivitamin drink mixes, though, and see if they really are all that great in this review of Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix.

Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix Benefits

Supports Overall Health

These multivitamin drinks provide a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals necessary for overall health. The vitamins and minerals are formulated to suit women, men, children, and mothers based on nutritional needs. The formulas also contain super greens, probiotics, electrolytes, and full immune support. Some of the specific vitamins and their functions include the following:

  • Biotin (supports hair and nail growth and overall health)
  • Probiotics (support a healthy digestive system)
  • Vitamins C, D, Zinc, and Selenium (provide immune support)
  • Choline (brain cell and memory support)
  • B complex (provides a source of clean energy)

Easy To Use

These multivitamin drinks allow you to get your multivitamins in a unique and fun way. The mixes are accessible and easy to use as you just mix them with water. They are also formulated to meet all of your nutritional needs, which helps limit supplement spending and definitely makes more room in your supplement cabinets. The mixes come in portable packets that allow you to get your vitamins in an easy way.

Readily Absorbed

The formulas created by Root’d are designed to work with the natural chemistry of your body. The company claims that its products provide a 95% faster delivery and absorption rate of nutrients into your body. However, there is not a lot of support or research that backs up these claims.

Root'd Women's Multivitamin Drink Mix

Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix Ingredients

Each Root’d multivitamin drink mix is designed to meet a specific group like men, women, and children, so the formulas differ in ingredients. All of the formulas contain a nutrient panel, including a wide array of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. These include the following: Vitamins A, D, C, E, and K, B vitamins, choline, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and calcium. These different vitamins and minerals help boost the immune system and contribute to overall health and daily nutrient requirements. Additionally, many of these ingredients, such as choline and calcium, can be found in other multivitamin supplements, like Feel Multivitamins.

Root'd Women's Multivitamin Drink Mix Supplement Facts

The formulas also all contain biotin, which helps support healthy hair and nails, as well as folate, which provides energy and is specifically important for women and mothers. Choline is another ingredient found in all of the mixes, which greatly supports brain cell health and overall cognition. The staple formula also includes a greens blend containing nutrient-dense greens like kale, chlorella, and barley grass. The formula also contains a probiotic and digestion blend that consists of papaya, turmeric, and 60 million CFU of probiotics.

Men's Supplement Fatcs

The unique formulas are classified by men, women, and mom + child. The men’s vitamin mix comes in a pomegranate flavor, the women’s mix comes in an acai flavor, and the mom + baby mix comes in a ginger flavor. These flavors come from natural flavors, and each of the mixes is slightly sweetened with stevia as opposed to other common supplement sweeteners like sucralose and high fructose corn syrup. Added sugar in supplements can actually be quite counterproductive as sugar often diminishes immune system function and causes digestive distress.

Is Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix Really Healthy?

These drinks are actually very healthy. When you look at other supplements that come in mix form or even in gummy form, the first ingredient is always sugar. Sugar can be very harmful to our health when consumed in highly processed forms (like high fructose corn syrup, for instance). This is counterintuitive to the supplement’s goal in the first place.

These multivitamin mixes also include a full range of vitamins and minerals designed for your specific demographic’s health, which sets this company apart from other companies. Also, Root’d includes a digestive blend and a greens blend that boosts your health even more. The digestive blend is especially important in promoting digestive health. In fact, better digestive health results in more consistently increased rates of nutrient absorption.

Claims Vs. Reality

Many of this company’s claims are warranted. Root’d claims that these multivitamin products are healthier than other gummy vitamins and supplement mixes on the market today. This is true because Root’d does not add any artificial colors or sugars to their products, so that makes them a much healthier alternative to other products on the market.

They also claim that their products are extremely absorbable in the body and that they are also delivered at a faster speed. This is slightly misconstrued as there is not a lot of information or evidence that supports this claim. They also claim that their mixes will specifically enhance your immune system, support hair/nail health, support your digestive system, and provide support to your brain cells. Although there are other factors that contribute to these aspects of our health (overall diet, exercise, lifestyle, and genetic predisposition), their mixes are formulated to significantly support these components of our health, so the claims are warranted.

Who Should Take Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix?

These multivitamin drinks can be consumed by anyone. They are simply multivitamin formulas that are designed to meet the needs of men, women, and moms/children. They also contain no additives, no added sugar, no artificial colors, and are vegetarian and gluten-free.

Root'd Multivitamin Drink Mix For Everyone

Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix also contains other important ingredients that help promote digestion, which can be even more beneficial for individuals suffering from digestive issues.

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Is Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix Safe?

These multivitamin drinks by Root’d are safe for consumption. They are free from the top allergens and contain no added sugars. Most mixes contain extremely processed forms of sugar in their formulas, which proves counterproductive. One thing to note, though, is that because of the digestive blend in the formula, those who have digestive disorders may experience symptoms from the mixes. This may involve constipation, diarrhea, or bloating. If you have a digestive disorder, consult with your doctor to see if probiotic use is right for you.

Stevia is also included, which may cause digestive discomfort if consumed in large quantities.

Where To Buy Root’d Multivitamin Drink Mix

Root’d multivitamin mixes are available directly from the Root’d website for a price of $30.95 for the men, women, and prenatal (mom + baby) formulas.

Root'd Website

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