OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Review – Do You NEED This Hydration Mix?

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By Scot Mills

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OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Review

If you’re an athlete seeking the best in performance hydration and nutrition, OSMO is here to help. With the help of triathlete and PhD nutritionist Dr. Stacy Sims, they’ve created a better way to fuel athletes of all kinds to optimize performance and have been doing so since 2012. 

So, what supplement are we referring to? We’re talking about OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration. Is it really the fastest way for you to hydrate during exercise? Can it truly provide peak performance? Let’s find out with this review of OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration.

OSMO Active hydration Supplements

About OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration

OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Container

Active Hydration combines vitamins, minerals, and a boatload of sugar in one convenient formula that can be added to any water bottle or hydration pack. It provides what OSMO has determined to be the ideal combination of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to delay cramping and fatigue while boosting oxygen levels in muscles, performance, and power.

OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Benefits

The Fastest Way To Hydrate During Exercise

If you’ve ever experienced the reduced performance, spinning head, and danger of underhydration during a race or training event, you understand the importance of proper hydration. 

But even if you’re caught up in the midst of an important race where your focus on the line has you forgetting to sip, Active Hydration can quickly help you “catch up” on your hydration without missing a beat. 

That’s because it’s specially formulated to get sugars, electrolytes, and fluids into your system as fast as possible so that you can stay locked on hitting your PB.

Improves Circulation And Muscle Respiration

Not only do your muscles need fluids to function their best, but they also need oxygen—and the more of it, the better. Fortunately, when you keep your muscles hydrated, you’re also improving the uptake of oxygen in your bloodstream along with nutrient circulation. 

This keeps your lactic threshold as sky-high as it needs to be so that you finish with your best time possible, and without the gastric upset of many sugary formulas.

Reduces Cramps, Delays Fatigue, And Boosts Endurance

Keeping your muscles hydrated and aerated allows you to go along with more power, less fatigue, and less risk of cramping. Ready to move to the front of the pack? Active Hydration can help put you there. 

Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration Bottle

OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Ingredients

Active Hydration includes quite a few ingredients within its formula. Below we will take a closer look at these ingredients and their uses.

OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Supplement Facts

Cane Sugar and Dextrose 17 g

Though sugar is typically a nasty word in our vocabulary, it is a fuel that, used correctly, can help you towards PBs and race wins. So while you may find that many other hydration products, such as Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder and Celarity Electrolytes, use stevia, it is important to note that Active Hydration has its own reasoning for its choice of cane sugar and dextrose. No, running exclusively on it is NOT recommended, and OSMO states as much on their site. They do not recommend ingesting gels along with their product but instead, encourage you to use their “food in the pocket, hydration in the bottle” philosophy. 

In other words, complex carbs & fats to fuel your efforts, and OSMO in your bottle to ensure you have the hydration and healthy blood sugar levels to perform your best. 

By using dextrose along with natural cane sugar, OSMO also includes sugar that is chemically identical to blood sugar so that it absorbs and goes to work quickly in your system. 

This enables you to avoid the energy yo-yos and gastric upset of too much sugar while staying hydrated and energized for the long haul.

Trisodium Citrate (260 mg), Calcium Citrate (95 mg), Potassium Citrate (96 mg), and Magnesium Citrate (29 mg)

Along with fluids and carbs, your body needs electrolytes to keep you performing. That’s because they are the conduit needed for electrical signals to be sent between nerves so that everything fires and works correctly. Without them-or at least, without enough of them–you experience cramping, poor performance, injuries, and possibly DNFs. 

But including enough sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium in your hydration helps ensure that you’re getting what you need to keep you going strong. This is important not only in the prevention of cramping, but calcium helps your muscles contract while magnesium helps them release, which is a necessary balance for optimum exercise performance. Magnesium may also reduce perceived exertion by delaying lactic buildup in muscles. 

It should also be noted that OSMO chooses to include these minerals in their citrate form, which is arguably its most bioavailable form. This allows your mid-workout nutrition to go to work as fast as possible, even if you fall behind on your fluid intake and have some catching up to do. 

Vitamin C (20 mg), Vitamin B1 (0.1 mg), Vitamin B2 (0.2 mg), Vitamin B3 (5 mg), Vitamin B5 (1 mg), Vitamin B6 (0.8 mg), Vitamin B9 (18 mcg), & Vitamin B12 (0.9 mcg).

Most water-soluble vitamins are involved in the mitochondrial metabolism of energy, though just as with minerals, you lose them through sweat. So, just to keep you revved up and running, OSMO adds 7-of-8 B-complex vitamins (omitting only biotin, or B7), along with vitamin C. 

Since vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can reduce the oxidative stress caused by exercise, keeping enough of it in your system helps speed muscle recovery while reducing wear; and B-complex vitamins play a major role in energy production in the body, including the synthesis of cells. These include red blood cells, which are what deliver oxygen to your muscles to help you go longer, harder, and faster with increased muscle recovery that starts during your workout. 

Does OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Work?

If you’re an athlete or anyone who enjoys intense workouts—especially during hot or dry conditions—OSMO may be able to boost your performance. It delivers nutrients that are critical not only to help reduce hydration lost during exercise but help keep your muscle strength up while reducing your perceived exertion so that you can go long and drop the pack like they’re standing still. 

OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration For Biker

Who Is Active Hydration Best For?

Along with endurance, strength, and recreational athletes, Active Hydration is great for anyone needing hydration and fuel to keep their muscles working. This includes hikers, those with physical jobs, and those just living in extreme heat environments. 

OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration For Athletes

But, while OSMO does make a product that’s pleasantly sweet and available in 3-natural fruit flavors, sitting around drinking it like soda pop is NOT recommended. Though it may not have quite the sugar content of, say, a can of Coke, it’s still a load of sugar that doesn’t go well with a sedentary lifestyle. 

Instead, this product needs to be used as directed, which means only when performing physical activities, and only to your nutritional needs. This keeps the insulin spikes and resulting weight gain and risk for chronic disease at bay.

Remember—just because it’s an all-natural product with good, clean ingredients don’t mean excessive sugar consumption won’t hurt you!

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Claims vs. Reality

As with most companies that enjoy staying in business, OSMO doesn’t tell you their product will do things it can’t.

Instead, they let you know just what their product may be able to do for you, which is to prevent cramping, increase endurance, and deliver you to the line with the power to spare.

But you need to do your part and stick with their recommendations, which include avoiding gels or other simple carbs along with their product. Though the product is for hydration, you need to avoid using too much in your water bottle—or consuming too much of it in general—which will work against you by decreasing fluid absorption rates. 

Where To Buy OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration

Though not horribly expensive, at $35 for 24-packets, Active Hydration is a little on the steep side. But it does contain high-quality, all-natural ingredients and none of the antifreeze or other crap found in some sports drinks, so the extra cost may be worth it. It also works effectively and can help get you over the line cramp-free and with power to spare, and possibly even with the rest of the pack panting at your heels. 

OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Website

Along with their own site, OSMO’s Active Hydration can be purchased through MANY retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, bike shops, running stores, and other retailers specializing in high-quality endurance products. 

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