MTN OPS Ox Review – How Does This Testosterone Booster Compare?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated

mtn ops ox review

Testosterone boosters are frequently used by men looking to enhance strength, muscle, libido, and overall vitality. 

After all, testosterone levels are decreasing in today’s world, so it makes sense that men want to get ahold of these t-boosters to reclaim their manhood!

However, their effectiveness varies widely. And unfortunately, many testosterone boosters simply don’t have the right ingredients or doses to back up their claims.

In this review, we’re going over a supplement called MTN OPS Ox to see if it really is a worthy testosterone booster.

Keep reading this MTN OPS Ox review to find out the ingredients and formulation, potential benefits, pricing, and how it compares to some of the top t-boosters out there.

About MTN OPS Ox

MTN OPS Ox is a testosterone booster designed and produced by MTN OPS. In addition to MTN OPS ox, this supplement company has produced a variety of other products, including MTN OPS Blaze, MTN OPS Renu, MTN OPS AMMO, MTN OPS Collagen, and MTN OPS Ignite.

MTN OPS Ox is designed as a natural way to help men maintain optimal testosterone levels, even as they get older.

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This formula contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extract to naturally elevate testosterone, control stress, and support overall virility. 

Some of the main ingredients in MTN OPS Ox are zinc, selenium, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, maca root, and d-aspartic acid (DAA). 

MTN OPS Ox also comes in convenient capsules so you can take them every day without hassle. 

MTN OPS Ox Benefits

The main claimed benefits of MTN OPS Ox are:

  • Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Enhanced Overall Vitality
  • Muscle & Strength Support
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Healthy Testosterone Levels

Maintaining optimal testosterone levels can be a challenge, especially as you get older. And this is compounded by the fact that so many modern factors can disrupt testosterone production, such as unhealthy foods, lack of sleep, and man-made chemicals.

MTN OPS Ox claims to help men maintain healthy testosterone levels, even as they get older. Their blend of natural ingredients, such as tongkat ali and zinc, are designed to boost the body’s own production of testosterone.

Enhanced Overall Vitality

Low testosterone can negatively impact overall vitality. You may experience symptoms such as brain fog, poor libido, depression, and lack of energy. 

MTN OPS Ox is designed to enhance overall vitality and wellness. This formula includes ginseng, maca root, Tribulus terrestris, and other compounds to fight against stress and improve total virility, so you can feel like your younger self again.

Muscle & Strength Support

One of the most noticeable effects of low testosterone is a decrease in strength and loss of muscle mass. This can be really frustrating and even embarrassing. 

MTN OPS Ox testosterone booster claims to naturally support your strength and muscle gains. They say that natural testosterone boosters such as zinc, DAA, and tongkat ali will also help with your performance in the gym, which also may improve your physique.

If you’re a man, I’m sure these benefits sound appealing. But keep reading below to see if MTN OPS Ox will actually work! 

MTN OPS Ox Ingredients

MTN OPS Ox contains a wide variety of ingredients, such as different vitamins, herbs, and other compounds. 

There are 17 total ingredients in MTN OPS Ox, several of which are included in blends:

  • Ox-Testo Blend, which contains:
    • Tribulus Terrestris
    • Hawthorne
    • Pine Bark
    • Horny Goat Weed
    • Tongkat Ali
    • DAA
  • Adrenal Support Blend, which has:
    • Maca Root
    • Panax Ginseng
    • Ganoderma
    • Phytonadione
  • Black Pepper Extract
  • Chromium
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
MTN OPS Ox Supplement Facts

Ox-Testo Blend (1,100mg)

The Ox-Testo Blend is one of the main components of this formula. It contains extracts from Tribulus terrestris, Hawthorne, pine bark, horny goat weed, tongkat ali, and DAA. 

Tongkat Ali

Out of these ingredients, tongkat is the most well-researched. The compounds in tongkat ali seem to stimulate testosterone production and can enhance total and free testosterone levels. Many testosterone boosters make use of this ingredient, such as Alpha King Immortal

DAA and Horny Goat Weed

DAA and horny goat weed both have some evidence in animals that they can boost testosterone and libido, but more research is needed to confirm it. 


Tribulus may also offer a boost in libido, but this may have more to do with enhancing blood flow than increasing testosterone per se. It’s often included in many other t-boosters such as Test Boost Max

Hawthorne and Pine Bark

As for Hawthorne and pine bark, these really don’t do much for testosterone. But they could improve nitric oxide and blood flow, which may increase exercise performance and sexual function.

Adrenal Support Blend (145mg)

The Adrenal Support Blend includes extracts from maca root, Panax ginseng, and Ganoderma, as well as phytonadione. 

Maca and Panax Ginseng

Maca and ginseng roots were used in traditional medicine for many years for their aphrodisiac and energizing effects. And these herbs may help to enhance testosterone, increase blood flow, and help the body more easily manage stress and stress hormones. 

There is research that supports maca and Panax ginseng’s ability to improve libido, boost energy, reduce fatigue, and enhance athletic performance. 


Ganoderma is a genus of medicinal mushrooms that may provide general immune support and adaptogenic effects, which means it helps the body handle stress.


Lastly, phytonadione is a form of vitamin K1. Among many actions, it helps protect against brain inflammation. And getting enough may help protect against depression in older age, but there really isn’t a relationship to testosterone. 

Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

Black pepper extract contains a compound called piperine, which enhances the bioavailability of various nutrients. Therefore, it may increase the other ingredients’ effectiveness.

Chromium (N/A)

Chromium is a trace mineral involved in sugar metabolism and other aspects of metabolism. There aren’t really major benefits for this mineral on testosterone, though.

Vitamin B3 (N/A) and Vitamin B6 (N/A)

Vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 are both B-complex vitamins that are generally important for normal testosterone regulation. With that said, there isn’t much evidence to say that supplementing will lead to an increase in T levels. 

Selenium (N/A)

Selenium is a trace mineral. It has antioxidant effects and can protect the cells that make testosterone from damage. Plus, selenium is involved in testosterone synthesis, and people who don’t get enough selenium may have a decrease in testosterone levels. 

Vitamin E (N/A)

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin. It offers a wide variety of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which may be generally supportive of testosterone production.

One animal study showed that vitamin E supplementation led to decreased cortisol (a stress hormone) and increased testosterone levels. 

Zinc (N/A)

Zinc is a trace mineral. And just like selenium, it seems to offer antioxidant effects on the cells that produce testosterone. Plus, it is generally involved in testosterone production and synthesis.

Men who don’t get enough zinc may have low T. And supplementing with zinc seems effective to help return testosterone levels back to normal levels. 

Does MTN OPS Ox Work?

MTN OPS Ox is a pretty good testosterone supplement overall, but we wanted to make sure you have the right expectations.

There are many high-quality ingredients in MTN OPS Ox, which are proven to increase free and total testosterone levels, reduce stress, improve energy, and reduce fatigue.

With that said, many of these ingredients are formulated in proprietary blends, so it’s impossible to see how much of each ingredient is included.

It’s likely that the ingredients are underdosed. For example, the Ox-Testo Blend weighs 1,100mg, yet DAA alone is best used with at least 2,000mg. And the Adrenal Support Blend weighs only 145mg, yet maca root by itself should generally be supplemented at around 2,000mg or more. 

Therefore, we can’t guarantee that you’ll see an increase in testosterone or the other benefits. But it should at least be supportive of testosterone levels and overall men’s health, which is pretty much what this supplement claims to be anyway. 

How Does MTN OPS Ox Compare?

MTN OPS Ox uses some pretty good ingredients. However, it uses proprietary blends, which makes it suboptimal compared to other supplements that have effective ingredients AND a fully transparent label.

One supplement that contains many of the same ingredients, such as tongkat ali, maca, and zinc, but has a fully transparent label, is Primal Total Male+. Now, some of the ingredients are dosed low in this formula, but it still contains several well-researched ingredients that are dosed properly, and you can see everything you’re getting. 

Also, as we mentioned, some of the ingredients in MTN OPS Ox are likely dosed too low, such as tongkat ali, DAA, maca, Panax ginseng, and Tribulus. 

Therefore, you may be interested in some higher-dose supplements, such as Testo Prime or EVLTest. 

Testo Prime contains massive doses of DAA and Panax ginseng, as well as good doses of zinc and a variety of herbal extracts. And EVLTest contains much higher doses of DAA, Tribulus, and zinc compared to MTN OPS Ox, so it’s another good choice. Plus, they both have fully transparent labels and are priced within reasonable ranges.

Who is MTN OPS Ox Best For?

MTN OPS Ox is likely best for men who simply want to support testosterone levels and overall vitality rather than seeing a massive increase in any of these.

mtn ops ox

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  • Formula includes vitamins, herbs, and more
  • Made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility
  • Benefits testosterone, vitality, and muscle strength

How to Take MTN OPS Ox

MTN OPS Ox comes in capsule form. Take one serving (three capsules) daily with a large glass of water. It can be taken at any time of day, but they recommend staying consistent with the time you take it.

Is MTN OPS Ox Safe?

All of the ingredients in MTN OPS Ox are generally safe and well-tolerated. Possible side effects include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating/hot flashes
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia, restlessness, anxiety
  • Upset stomach and other digestive symptoms

MTN OPS Ox is made in the USA in a GMP-certified, FDA-approved facility. It is gluten-free. 

Where to Buy MTN OPS Ox

You can buy MTN OPS Ox on the MTN OPS website.

MTN OPS Ox Website

One bottle of MTN OPS Ox gets you 30 servings (90 capsules). The one-time purchase price is $44.95 ($1.50/serving). Or you can choose the Subscribe & Save option, which cuts off 15% and lowers the price down to $38.21 ($1.27/serving). The subscription can be delivered every 30, 45, 60, or 90 days. 

This is a pretty reasonably-priced testosterone supplement. It’s not too high, but this makes sense because it’s not designed as a particularly powerful supplement either. 

Verdict: MTN OPS Ox Review

That’s the end of our MTN OPS Ox review. 

So, should you buy it?

We say it depends. MTN OPS Ox contains several well-researched ingredients that increase testosterone, boost energy, and improve vitality. But most of these are dosed too low and included in proprietary blends. 

Therefore, we recommend most people go with a higher-dose supplement IF they want significant and more powerful benefits. But if you’re just looking for natural T support, MTN OPS Ox is still a decent choice.

Overall Rating:
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