Metabolic Reds+ Review – Is This Supplement Right For You?

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By Alexis Massie, MS

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Metabolic Reds+ Review

About Metabolic Reds+

Let’s face it, most of the time individuals don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day. Even if we think we are getting enough, the reality is we are still not going to meet the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. This is where one supplement, called Metabolic Reds+, claims to help with its “mind-boggling” formula and variety of benefits.

Metabolic Reds+ is a unique blend of 4 adaptogens, 23 antioxidant-rich red fruits, 4 probiotics, 5 essential vitamins and minerals, and 6 digestive enzymes. The combination of this formula supports the vital building blocks of our everyday health.

So, the question is, does this supplement live up to all the claims? We’ll answer that question and more in this Metabolic Reds+ review. Let’s get started!

Metabolic Reds+

Metabolic Reds+ Benefits

Metabolic Reds+ provides numerous benefits, no seriously, they include 31 benefits on the website. They use words like “enhance”, “support”, “fight”, and “improve”, repeatedly. Now we could sit here and go through all the 31 benefits, or we can simply categorize them into three different areas that put this supplement on the map: increases energy, boosts fat-burning, and helps manage weight. 

Through the B vitamins, digestive enzymes, and adaptogens included in this supplement, one is likely to see an increase in their energy levels. The breakdown of nutrients into glucose, energy for the body and enzymes that help to control mood and feel-good hormones are also ways this supplement provides energy for the body. 

Metabolic Reds+ Supplement

Minerals, vitamins, and probiotics help to aid in fat-burning, which in turn can help with weight management. The probiotics in this supplement help to keep the digestive system running at full capacity and keep the gut healthy. The digestive enzymes help to break down fats in the body so that they are not able to be readily absorbed and stored to aid in fat-burning. 

Now those are just a few of the blends that are included in this supplement, next we will look at each blend and what it has to offer along with some of the main vitamins and minerals they show on the website. 

Metabolic Reds+ Ingredients

Metabolic Reds+ contains a punch of vitamins and minerals along with fruit, a probiotic blend, and a digestive blend. 

Metabolic Reds+ Ingredients

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to fight oxidative stress. It also helps to make collagen that keeps skin more elastic, aids in skeletal strength, and helps with wound healing. Keeping our immune systems on par is another important function of vitamin C. It can help fight symptoms and severity of the common cold.  It can also help with energy production through beta-oxidation. 

B Vitamins

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin that assists the body with carbohydrates, fat, and protein metabolism. It also helps to strengthen hair and reduce hair loss. This vitamin also helps to regulate emotions through serotonin and dopamine. Studies have shown that depression symptoms are associated with low levels of vitamin B6. However, it has not been shown that it is an effective treatment for depression. Vitamin B12 is essential for energy. Red blood cells are produced with the help of vitamin B12 and stop the body from becoming anemic. When a person is anemic, symptoms can be fatigue and weakness. Like vitamin B6, vitamin B12 also plays a role in affecting mood by creating and processing serotonin. Vitamin B12 has been shown through several studies that it can improve one’s mood in those that already have an existing deficiency. 


When we think of calcium, we think of bone health and while that is one of the main roles of calcium, this supplement focuses on something different. This supplement mentions that calcium helps to burn fat.  When calcium levels are low in our bodies, it can inhibit, or stop the breakdown of fat cells and instead, enhance the growth of fat cells and cause weight gain. Research has shown that calcium along with vitamin D has been shown to be effective in decreasing body fat, but only in those individuals who were already deficient in calcium and restricting their daily food intake. 


This mineral is important in helping the body to regulate muscle and heart contractions. When there are adequate amounts of potassium in the body it enables our hearts to beat regularly and our muscles to move without pain. Potassium also plays a role in insulin production. Low potassium levels can have a negative effect on the secretion of insulin and may lead to glucose intolerance. In a 2017 literature review, it was found that low blood levels of potassium increased the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Probiotic Blend

Who doesn’t love a good probiotic blend to kickstart their gut health? This blend is made up of 4 probiotics: bacillus coagulans, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis, and lactobacillus reuteri. Well, that was a mouth-full. Our guts are full of bacteria, good and bad. This blend helps to promote the growth of good bacteria that line the gut by increasing the levels of short-chain fatty acids like butyrate. When the gut is healthy, the body is healthy, and this blend intends to keep the gut healthy. It helps to relieve symptoms of stomach upsets like gas, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea, especially through the help of the bacillus coagulans. Probiotics also help to increase nutrient absorption in the gut and help with the digestion of nutrients such as carbohydrates. The combination of these probiotics may have an impact on immune function by activating anti-inflammatory cytokines and providing anti-viral functions. 

Digestive Enzyme Blend

This digestive blend consists of protease, amyloglucosidase, cellulase, fungal amylase, fungal protease, and lipase. Protease is a proteolytic enzyme that has recently become popular due to its potential health benefits. Its main role is the digestion of proteins. This digestive enzyme has also been shown to reduce symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel syndrome. Amyloglucosidase aids the digestion of nutrients, specifically starch. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome when combined with other digestive enzymes and can support the immune system by promoting an autoimmune response. 

Cellulose breaks down the cells’ walls of fruits and vegetables into fiber and turns that into glucose, which our bodies use as energy. Lipase helps to digest fats that may help with weight gain and may decrease feelings of fullness.  Fungal amylase is an amylase that is secreted by bacteria and fungi to aid in the breakdown of sugars, starches, and proteins. Fungal protease is also produced by bacteria and fungi and breaks down carbohydrates in amino acids. 

Adaptogenic Blend

This adaptogenic blend consists of American Ginseng, Korean Red Ginseng, jiaogulan (gynostemma), and ashwagandha. American and Korean red ginseng are the most popular types, and both have different effects on the body. American ginseng is thought to work more as a relaxing agent and Korean red ginseng has more of a refreshing effect. They both contain antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. They have also been shown to improve memory and decrease stress. A study showed that 200 milligrams of American ginseng had significantly improved working memory after three hours compared to the placebo group. Korean red ginseng has also been shown to increase levels of immune cells. When it comes to energy levels, ginseng has the potential to fight fatigue by increasing energy production in cells. 

Jiaogulan is a Chinese herb that is used for tea that contains no caffeine. It may have the ability to increase an individual’s energy through its antioxidant effect, but more research is needed to understand the process. One thing that jioagulan is known for is encouraging healthy cholesterol due to the saponins it contains. It also reduces inflammation to promote respiratory health. Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used as a form of alternative medicine. It may help to reduce stress and anxiety by controlling mediators of stress and regulating the stress response. Another benefit to ashwagandha is that it has been shown to improve sleep quality, especially in those individuals who have insomnia. 

Organic Reds Fruit Blend

This is a blend that consists of numerous red/orange fruits, extracts, and some vegetables. A complete list can be found here. The main takeaway from all these ingredients is that they provide a cornucopia of vitamins and minerals that aid the body in all its processes and provide numerous health benefits from eye health to antioxidant effects. 

Does Metabolic Reds+ Work?

Most of the ingredients in Metabolic Reds+ are very common and are known for their mechanisms of action and the health benefits they have on the body. Metabolic Reds+ does provide the body with a boost of vitamins and minerals, a blend of probiotics, and adaptogens that are beneficial. 

Claim vs. Reality

Going back to the three main reasons of increasing energy, boosting fat-burning, and managing weight, it feels like this supplement stops a little short of that. It has great potential to provide the body with the boost of energy it needs to get through the day, but that seems to be about it. There are only a few ingredients in this supplement that aid in fat burning and the amounts of those ingredients don’t seem to be sufficient to work or the research has shown the ingredients need to be taken along with a healthy diet and exercise routine. This almost seems like a multivitamin on steroids. 

On the website, it does list each ingredient and what benefit it could have on the body, which is a lot of information, and it could get overwhelming for some. PureHealth Research seems like it would be a reputable company when it comes to doing the research for the ingredients they put in their product. One thing that I noticed was that they used a lot of words to persuade individuals that this is the supplement for them, no matter what they are looking for. It does not stress the three main benefits they state at the beginning but a plethora of potential benefits that aren’t necessarily backed by research. It just felt like there were not three main benefits and jumped around a lot to overall health. 

Who is Metabolic Reds+ Best For?

Metabolic Reds+ was made for men and women over 40. The website also has pictures of younger individuals as well. This product is not recommended for children and young adults. Some of the ingredients like ashwagandha and jiaogulan, are not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is important to consult with your doctor before beginning any supplement.

Metabolic Reds+ Drink

Is Metabolic Reds+ Safe?

PureHealth states that there are no known side effects of using Metabolic Reds+. However, after looking into the ingredients more, one should throw caution to a possibility of some side effects. Side effects from some of the ingredients could include allergic reactions, nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea. This product could also interact with medications, such as lipid and diabetes medications. 

Where to Buy Metabolic Reds+

Metabolic Reds+ can be purchased from the PureHealth website for $62.10 per bottle, 3 bottles for $53.10 per bottle, or six bottles for $47.70 per bottle.

Metabolic Reds+ Website

Each bottle contains 30 servings. They also offer free shipping and tracking in the USA, which gives it a thumbs up in my book. 

This product can also be found on Amazon for $49.00 for one bottle or three bottles for $139.00. 

FAQ: Metabolic Reds+ Review

Are the ingredients natural? 

Yes, all the ingredients are all-natural. 

Where is the product made? 

This product is made in the USA and the ingredients are globally sourced and manufactured with ethics. 

Can I return this product if it does not work for me?

PureHealth Research offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. You can try this product for a full year and if it doesn’t work, you let PureHealth know, and they will refund your money. 

How do I take this supplement? 

Mix one scoop into 8 fluid ounces of water or juice once a day. It is a therapeutic blend and is not recommended to be consumed more than what is recommended. 

Is this product flavored? 

Yes, this product has a berry flavor. 

Is this product vegan?

Yes, this product is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. 

Is Metabolic Reds worth it?

Even though this supplement contains a lot of words on the website, the information can be beneficial for some who know what they are looking for in a supplement. It does seem a little pushy to get individuals to buy their products but with good customer reviews on Amazon and PureHealth website, there may be some truth to this supplement. When it comes to increasing energy and giving the body an extra dose of vitamins and minerals, Metabolic Reds+ can deliver. What also makes this supplement stand out is the addition of the probiotic blend. This is a supplement that is worth a shot, after all they do offer that money-back guarantee.

Overall Rating:
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