Max Gains Bulking Stack Review – Can It Help You Build More Muscles?

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By Scot Mills

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Max Gains Bulking Stack Review

Max Gains wants to help you gain max muscles, but also knows that you’re smart enough not to go the route of illegal steroids. Instead, they offer “clean” versions of the real thing—just without the dangerous side effects. 

For instance, they offer cutting, bulking, and women’s formulas, most of which can be stacked per their recommendations. This includes their Max Gains Bulking Stack. 

So, what is the Max Gains Bulking Stack? And, can it get the job done when it comes to making you focused, energized, and BIG? Let’s find out in this thorough Max Gains Bulking Stack review!

Max Gains Bulking Stack

About Max Gains Bulking Stack 

Max Gains Bulking Stack includes Clenbulen, Anadroxin, and Venabol, which, despite sounding like the stuff that grew hair on Homer Simpson’s head in that one episode, are allegedly as potent as it gets when it comes to pumping you UP!

Max Gains Bulking Stack

But rather than relying on dangerous synthetic hormones and other nasty stuff that does work–just at a cost steeper than what most of us are willing to pay–Max Gains only uses ingredients that support your body’s natural chemistry. Though the names of each formula mimic the names of the illegal substance they replace, everything is natural and free of precursors or other sketchy ingredients. 

Instead, it’s all about amino acids, vitamins, and plant compounds formulated to get you wired, increase your stamina, and maximize your body’s androgen output. 

Max Gains Bulking Stack Benefits

Made with Natural Ingredients

What’s a “natural” supplement without natural ingredients? Nothing synthesized or grown in a Frankenlab, just natural compounds that help your body perform its best.

This includes androgen-boosting amino acids and plant compounds along with energizing plant compounds and boatloads of caffeine to get you pumped, vascular, and raging with energy. 

Max Gains Bulking Stack Natural Ingredients

No Prescription Needed

Why spend money to have a doctor say it’s okay to abuse your body with synthetic steroids? Not only can hormones and other pharmaceutical helpers produce dangerous health consequences, seeing Doctor Feelgood and his prescription costs money…and an appointment. 

Why not save Miss Moneypenny the hassle of trying to fit you in, and you the expense (monetary and health-wise) of the whole thing, and go with something that costs you less in every way—especially your health. 

No Needles or Injections

Want to know what’s less natural than synthetic hormones and pharmaceutical aids? Injecting them in your veins, that’s what!

Seriously, do we really need to explain the benefits of this selling point to you?

We didn’t think so.

Max Gains Bulking Stack Ingredients

Bulking Stack consists of 3-stacked formulas for energy, fat burn, and muscle growth:

Max Gains Bulking Stack For Gaining Muscle


Energy & Focus Blend 450 mg

Phenethylamine, glucomannan, fursultiamine, L-tyrosine, and of course, a goodly dose of caffeine all adds up to you having the energy of a hummingbird—good luck sleeping!

In all seriousness, phenethylamine is an organic compound that stimulates the central nervous system in much the same way as amphetamines when taken in high amounts; and we all know of caffeine’s twitchy nature when we down too much of it. For these reasons, we would like to know what percentage of those 450 mg these compounds make up? 

True, it does include a sharp dose of L-tyrosine just to keep you focused, happy, and rewarded with plenty of dopamine; and fursultiamine provides the benefits thiamin brings to the table, which is stimulant-free focus and mental acuity. 

Still, how about breaking it down to amounts of individual compounds so we can plan our other caffeine consumption? Chances are you’ll want to cancel your morning Joe altogether (or at least switch to decaf) since this formula is indeed geared toward turning up to 11 for you. 

Thermogenesis Blend 40 mg

With its blend of green tea extract, raspberry ketones, and yohimbe bark, the thermogenesis blend in Clenbulen is there to induce ketosis and light up fat stores. 

Plus, green tea adds L-theanine to help calm your Energy & Focus Blend-enhanced-nerves, and yohimbe is known for helping us get boners via boosted nitric oxide levels (guys anyway…), though it doesn’t show promise for much else.

And of course, there’s one of Dr. Oz’s favorite marketing stirs back in the 2010s, which is that raspberry ketones actually induce ketosis. 

Well, they might, but only in amounts too whopping to fit in a little capsule—or be reasonably ingested. That, and it’s nearly impossible to harvest enough ketones from real raspberries for the purpose, meaning most raspberry ketones available to you are synthesized in a lab. 

Lipogenic Blend 7 mg

And along with the fat-burning thermogenesis blend, there’s the lipogenic blend to help burn fat. To do this, it uses 2-simple ingredients: kola nut & L-carnitine. 

The kola nut works by sneaking yet more caffeine into the mix to REALLY get you zipping, and L-carnitine is the amino acid that gives fats a lift to the incinerators that are your mitochondria—AKA where cellular energy is produced. 

FD&C Yellow #40

Curiously, this is the only formula that Max Gains wraps in a capsule made of synthetic frankengredients. 

What do you say, Max, think you can natural-up the entire line? It would certainly help your credibility with us!

Thanks, hope you’re listening.  


Tribulus Powder 1950 mg

Anadroxin contains only one testosterone-boosting ingredient, and it’s one you may have pulled from your bike tire a time-or-two: goat heads, or those nasty little thorns that can make a barefoot stroll down the wrong summertime sidewalk a thing of misery. 

But despite the long history of Tribulus terrestris use as an aphrodisiac, there is little-to-no evidence of it being effective in increasing testosterone in humans—at least on its own. When combined with other supplements, however, the results improved, but who knows from what?

But what it does do is increase nitric oxide, which is a good thing for your vascularity, endurance, and libido, so it does have some useful purpose in this formula. 


Niacin 30 mg

This essential B-vitamin helps keep your LDL (the bad kind of cholesterol) levels in check for improved cardiovascular health and efficiency. 

L-Arginine (400 mg), L-Arginine AKG 2:1 Extract (400 mg), L-Citrulline (200 mg), L-Citrulline Malate Extract (200 mg)

Citrulline converts to arginine, and arginine converts to nitric oxide, which converts you to a heaping-hulk of a man…or woman, though look into Max Gains’ Women’s formulas for that. 

But no matter who you are, the benefits of high levels of nitric oxide in your blood are invaluable since they include increased exercise capacity, lower blood pressure, and produce vascularity.

Beta Alanine 80 mg

Beta alanine boosts carnitine levels in your muscles, which is a good thing since carnitine blocks fatigue-inducing acids from taking over. This, of course, gives you more stamina, a higher lactic threshold, and longer time to failure for optimum results. 

Does Max Gains Bulking Stack Work?

Though the simple answer to whether or not these formulas work well in unison with each other is “yes,” you still can’t expect the kind of dramatic results you would with illegal substances. 

But there’s a reason substances that produce dramatic results are illegal, and it’s a very good one: to keep you alive past the age of 50. Remember that tempting though they may be, dramatic results aren’t natural results, and unnatural results tax your body to the point of it failing you. 

Heart disease, problems with depression, and ‘roid-rage are just a few of the health problems you can expect from the synthetic steroid. Top that off with shrunken nuts, and we say, “Hay-ell no, not us!”

Plus, producing results the hard way is soooo much more satisfying in the long run, since NOTHING beats the great sense of accomplishment years of diligent—and hard—work will produce. 

Bulking Stack Supports high-powered workouts

Who is Max Gains Bulking Stack Best For?

Anyone wanting to improve their performance in the gym but is smart enough not to shoot up bull semen can benefit from this formula. This also extends to endurance and field athletes who will love the extra stamina and elevated lactic threshold a supplement like Venabol will net them. Getting wired to the teeth on Clenbulen probably won’t hurt anyone’s lap times either. 

But if you’re under 18-years old, you should avoid this and any supplement that affects your developing hormone-house. You’ve already got plenty of androgens oozing from your pores as it is, you little twerp, so the last thing you need is more. 

Nursing mothers and anyone on medication should also check with their doctor before using these supplements, and if you’ve got a heart condition or similar health concerns, avoiding the massive stimulants these products supply is in your best interest.  

Claims vs. Reality

Okay, so Max Gains shows some seriously big, ripped dudes on their website, though don’t get the idea that you’ll look like that anytime soon just by using these products. Do so for years along with the hard work, diet, and recovery habits you need for results, and yes, you too can become chiseled and ripped, just not immediately from taking Popeye pills. 

That said, this stack will help get you there with improved energy, stamina, and naturally produced androgens coursing through your veins. Max Gains does recommend cycling, which means it’s potent, so if you’ve got the drive (cash too-this stuff ain’t cheap), Bulking Stack can help do the rest–just not overnight. 

Additionally, it’s important to remember this is a stack – meaning you have to take multiple supplements. If that sounds a bit overwhelming, there are quite a few bulking supplements out there that don’t require multiple supplements, such as Transparent Labs Bulk and GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340.

Is Max Gains Bulking Stack Safe?

Believe it or not, a product containing tons of caffeine can cause irritability, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, and the activity level of a fly.

That, and have fun getting up to whiz constantly even when you can sleep, which is yet another joyful side effect of caffeine. 

Other than that, some may have sensitivities or allergies to some of the products’ ingredients, though if so, don’t expect any refunds since their policy is you can only return it unopened within 7-days of receiving it. 

In other words, if you let it sit unopened for a week, you can return it, though forget it if it say, causes string warts to grow from your armpits…. 

Where to Buy Max Gains Bulking Stack

Max Gains Bulking Stack is normally priced at $102.85, but right now you can get Max Gains Bulking Stack for $55.90 on their website.

Max Gains Bulking Stack Website

Each supplement is also available for individual purchase on the site as well, though you do save more purchasing the bundle.

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