LiverMD Review – Will This 1MD Supplement Support Your Liver Health?

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LiverMD Review – Will This 1MD Supplement Support Your Liver Health?

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The liver plays a crucial role in cleansing your body from harmful and foreign particles. Therefore, taking care of your liver should be one of your main health priorities.

Aside from living a healthy lifestyle – that is, eating a proper diet, working out regularly, getting enough sleep, and managing your stress properly – taking dietary supplements will help keep your liver healthy and in shape. But what should you buy for your liver? Of course, there are many choices available out there, and one of the more popular options you may run into is LIverMD.

LiverMD is a liver supplement made by 1MD designed to support healthy liver function as well as promote detoxification. Let us get to know more about this supplement to see if it’s truly promising in this complete review of LiverMD!


About LiverMD

LiverMD is a liver supplement made by 1MD, a supplement company that is dedicated to “helping people live longer, healthier lives through the powerful integration of advanced science and nature.” 1MD is well-known in the health and wellness industry, having produced a large variety of popular supplements, including Complete Probiotics Platinum, CurcuminMD, and ImmunityMD, among many others.

As a liver supplement, LiverMD is made to support our liver health. Specifically, here’s what it will do for our liver:

  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Promotes liver detoxification
  • LiverMD contains Siliphos and EVNolMax
1MD LiverMD

Regarding allergens and artificial ingredients, LiverMD is free from gluten, soy, sugar, and any other preservatives. This supplement is also vegan.

Now, let us take a look at LiverMD’s ingredients to see what we are really getting inside and to figure out if the supplement is really promising or not.

LiverMD Ingredients

LiverMD contains 6 main ingredients. Namely, they are:

  • Siliphos
  • EVNolMax
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
  • N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

Let’s figure out the properties of each ingredient and how they might work on our bodies. Siliphos and EVNolMax are its two featured ingredients, so we’ll start with them.

LiverMD Supplement Facts


Siliphos is an enhanced form of a milk thistle extract. Milk thistle is a plant that’s known to support liver and gallbladder health. Specifically, its active ingredient, silybin, helps in stopping toxins from attaching to the liver and keeps them from causing damage to our healthy cells. It is also said that silybin can aid in varying liver-related diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Silybin also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for protecting your body against inflammation and oxidative stress.


1MD labeled EVNolMax as their “supercharged” form of vitamin E.

Vitamin E is one of the most potent antioxidants, together with other vitamins such as vitamin C. As an antioxidant, vitamin E can protect our body from the damages caused by chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. This is very important because if chronic inflammation is left untreated, it can cause subtle but major damage to our body. In fact, it is one of the major factors to major diseases known to humans, such as obesity, depression, heart disease, and diabetes.

That being said, vitamin E can naturally protect our liver from chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. This will help our liver last longer by keeping it away from oxidative stress damage.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is also another potent antioxidant. Hence, it will be very helpful in defending your body against chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Aside from being a potent antioxidant, ALA can also promote healthy nerve function, which is beneficial to your liver and overall health.

While we naturally produce ALA in our bodies, we only produce them in small amounts. Therefore, getting them from external sources such as dietary supplements is needed if we are to get its maximum benefits.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

NAC or N-acetyl cysteine is a supplement form of cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid. Generally, NAC aids in the production of glutathione, which is the most potent antioxidant produced by our body.

But aside from helping produce glutathione, some research shows that NAC has specific benefits to the liver. For instance, in one study, it is seen that NAC helps reduce the size of the spleen in patients with NAFLD. This meant that fats entering your liver is reduced.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral for our body. Among its other health benefits, it has a vital role in supporting our immune system as well as in supporting our thyroid function, which is very crucial because our thyroid plays a role in the majority of our hormones.

Aside from our immune system and hormonal health, zinc supports our liver health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress on our liver. It also reduces apoptotic hepatocyte death, which is a condition where our liver cells start to self-destruct due to damage or lack of health.


Selenium is another trace mineral that also plays an essential role in our body. This mineral increases the function of antioxidants in our body, making them more effective in protecting us against oxidative stress. Selenium also plays a role in supporting thyroid function.

Selenium is also helpful in promoting detoxification for our body, and it is beneficial both for our liver and kidney health.

LiverMD Pill Capsules

LiverMD Benefits

Now that we have discussed the ingredients of LiverMD let’s talk about its pros and cons. Let’s begin by talking about its benefits.

What I like in LiverMD is simply the fact that it is potentially effective. Based on its ingredients, LiverMD can indeed bring about the health benefits it promises for our liver. Aside from that, I also like the fact that it only contains few key ingredients – meaning less or no room for preservatives and/or harmful ingredients.

Also, as mentioned above, LiverMD is free from preservatives and certain allergens, namely: gluten, soy, and sugar. If you are following the vegan diet, LiverMD is also vegan.

Finally, LiverMD offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is a sign that the company really trusts its products. This also makes the product relatively risk-free as you can simply return and get your money back should the supplement not work well for you.

LiverMD Benefits

Is LiverMD Safe?

So far, there is no known major report that LiverMD causes side effects. However, it does not necessarily mean that the supplement will not cause any side effects anymore.

For starters, you should take the supplement in its proper dosage. Taking dosages more than what is recommended to you can cause mild or serious side effects.

Also, if you are pregnant or you’re currently taking any medications, you should consult your doctor first before taking any supplement to avoid any side effects that may harm your pregnancy or cause harmful interactions with your medications.

Aside from potential side effects, I do not see any negative side from LiverMD. If anything, I would point out the price – a whopping $44.99 for each bottle. However, if you order 3 or 6 bottles, they will be priced at $35.99 and $29.99 each, respectively. This is still expensive compared to your average liver supplement.

Is LiverMD Worth Trying Out?

With all of these being said, as far as liver supplements go, I would say that LiverMD is worth a try. The ingredients of the supplement seemed promising, and in the case that it did not work well for you, you can get your money back with their 90-day money-back guarantee. So, it’s essentially risk-free for you to try.

Where To Buy LiverMD

If you want to try out LiverMD, you can buy it here. While one bottle costs $50, they have many different plans that lead to discounts if you decide you love the product. For instance, if you buy 6 bottles, they will give you a 24% discount code of $38 each.

LiverMD Website

Additionally, if you sign up for automatic delivery, then the price for one goes to $45, and the price for 6 drops to $30 each, saving you over one hundred dollars.

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