Klean Multivitamin Review – Is This The Right Supplement For You?

Klean Athlete was founded in 2012 by athletes, for athletes, and with the intent of creating supplements that provide peak performance through optimum health. Though this may counter the old-school “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’!” mindset, it’s a much saner approach to staying competitive than, say, shooting up bull testosterone, which doesn’t do you much good if you want to live very long or maintain friendships. 

Instead, their “eat smart and fuel to perform” approach puts natural products that are backed by science at the forefront to help you perform and feel your best. This includes their products such as Klean Collagen, Klean Probiotic, and the one we’ll look at today – Klean Multivitamin. This supplement is designed to be a multivitamin for athletes, and Klean says it is specially formulated to give competitors what they need.

So, does this multivitamin really work? Let’s find out in this complete review of Klean Multivitamin!

Klean Athlete Klean Multivitamin Tablets

About Klean Multivitamin

No matter what type of athlete you are, you’re probably interested in any edge you can find over your competition. Be it more strength to hold the line and protect your quarterback or a VO2 max that’s higher than the rest of the runners, cyclists, or swimmers; it’s all about seeking improvements in your performance. 

But for those who are as aware of their health as they are their power, strength, lungs, and speed, we need clean products that get our bodies working at their optimum without the side effects and health dangers of stimulants, steroids, or precursors. That’s why Klean Athlete puts the word “Athlete” on a regular ol’ bottle of multivitamins and calls them unique for your needs. 

That said, Klean Multivitamin is well formulated and makes a decent multivitamin whether you’re an athlete or traveling salesman, and it does have a unique blend of antioxidants and plant compounds that can help boost energy, focus, and strength. 

Klean Athlete Klean Multivitamins

Klean Multivitamin Benefits

Formulated For The Unique Needs Of Athletes

There is no lack of multivitamin supplements on the market, from Ritual Vitamins to Smarter Multivitamin, but Klean Multivitamin aims to stand out with their formulation specially designed for athletes. Though most of what’s in Klean Athlete’s formula reads like virtually any other multivitamin—save for not listing any RDAs, that is—it does contain a blend of antioxidants and plant compounds they feel are unique to the needs of athletes. Sure, this may be true, though it doesn’t mean the product will work for athletes only since any of us can benefit from antioxidants and healthy plant compounds. 

Klean Multivitamin Formulated For Athletes

But for athletes, this means faster recovery from intense workouts and relief from the buildup of oxidative stress. This, along with a blend of essential vitamins, helps boost the energy production, heart health, focus, and overall physiology of athletes to their highest levels for peak performance. 

Essential For Proper Metabolism Of Fats, Proteins, And Carbs

Without proper micronutrients, the uptake of macronutrients is inhibited. That’s because you need certain vitamins and minerals to break down and prepare fats, carbs, and proteins to be utilized by your body, which Klean’s blend of antioxidants and plant compounds helps do. Remember, a body flush with oxidative stress tends to store fat rather than burn it, which it does by converting the energy from macros to fat and storing it (except for fats, of course, which it simply stores). 

But when inflammation is reduced and vitamins and minerals essential in the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbs are introduced, the results are less energy stored as fat and more going to work to power your training. 

For instance, pantothenic acid, AKA vitamin B5, is necessary for the formation of coenzyme A, which in turn is involved in the synthesis of lipids. Iron is also necessary for the formation of red blood cells (also a huge asset to athletes), which we need for nearly every function of the body, including the distribution and metabolism of energy. 

Altogether, this helps you burn fat, utilize proteins for stronger muscles, and light up carbs to help push you over the line ahead of the rest. 

Unique Fruit, Vegetable, And Antioxidant Blend

Athletes burn energy and lots of it. This means they also need to remove a lot of metabolic waste from their systems in much the same way your car engine needs to remove the waste it generates (exhaust) to run well. 

In fact, much like a car engine that stalls and pings from waste buildup in its combustion chambers, air filter, and exhaust system, you become overweight, wheezy, and listless if you allow oxidative stress to run its course. This is in addition to the increase in blood pressure, risk of heart disease, and other danger dangerous conditions free radical damage can lead to. 

But much like adding a fuel treatment to your car’s gas to remove exhaust buildup, you can increase your performance—and overall health—with an antioxidant-rich diet. This includes plenty of fruits and vegetables added to the formula, such as wild blueberry and spinach extract, as well as phytonutrients and pigments that act as potent antioxidants for a multi-pronged approach at reducing the free radical buildup that can happen to athletes.  

Klean Multivitamin Ingredients

Most of what’s in Klean Multivitamin reads like any other multi, and perhaps even a bit light in some areas, such as its lack of vitamin K. Other than that, it features a rather standard lineup of oil and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. 

This is good since minerals such as magnesium and calcium are essential for muscle function, and vitamin D has many benefits to athletes, such as helping the body manufacture androgens and maintaining immune strength during heavy training periods. Other vitamins such as B-complex are also critical in energy production and other essential functions in the body.

Something we don’t like, though, is the lack of sourcing information or RDAs listed. Since there is no indication of the product being food-based or otherwise naturally sourced, we can only assume it’s full of such compounds as ascorbic acid synthesized from GMO corn and imported from China. We don’t know this for sure, though it would be nice if Klean Athlete gave us a little more info. 

This also goes for their rather curious omission of RDAs on the label. Sure, we understand that RDAs may be little more than government speculation, though they still come in handy in gauging what you’re consuming—unless you have the correct number of mg’s and mcg’s memorized for all these compounds. If you do, you probably don’t need vitamins…

Klean Multivitamin Supplement Facts

But the product’s uniqueness lies in its propriety blends of plant compounds and potent antioxidants, which include the following. 

300 mg Proprietary Blend of Wild Blueberry Extract (fruit, Vaccinium angustifolium , standardized to 4% polyphenols), Strawberry Extract (fruit, Fragaria X ananassa, standardized to 2% polyphenols), Spinach Extract (leaf, Spinacia oleracea , standardized to 1.5% polyphenols):

Though berries and leafy greens have many health benefits, what we’re focused on here is the polyphenols—AKA, the plant’s coloring, and flavonoids. In fact, you may have heard the health adage to “eat the rainbow,” or in other words, include as many different colored fruits and veggies in your diet as possible, which makes sense when you consider the host of benefits these potent antioxidants can deliver, including:

  • Promoting healthy digestion
  • Reducing your risk for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • Reducing and managing blood sugar
  • Helping boost memory, focus, and outlook

For athletes, this also includes suppressing the inflammation that may be slowing your recovery and inhibiting oxygen uptake. Though not necessarily a “night-and-day” difference-maker in your performance, antioxidants can nonetheless help keep you in top form. 

Antioxidants, including Inositol (25 mg), Pterostilbene (10 mg), Lutein (3 mg), Lycopene (3 mg), Zeaxanthin (1 mg), & Astaxanthin (1 mg):

Other antioxidants in Klean’s formula include plant compounds and carotenoids that expand on the antioxidant activity of the polyphenol blend, which in turn expand on the antioxidant activities of vitamins and minerals. Remember that vitamins such as C and E work to relieve inflammation too and do it as well—or in some cases better—than much of the two antioxidant blends in Klean Multivitamins. 

Does Klean Multivitamin Work?

The short answer to this question is simply “yes,” since any vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will ultimately help you. But as a product specific for athletes, no, it isn’t a massive difference-maker that will instantly send you to the next level. 

That said, it is a wise addition to the diets of both athletes and non-athletes alike. It is, after all, chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals that our modern diets may not be delivering as much as we need. By that, using a daily multi along with a healthy, whole food diet, adequate hydration, and sleep can help you hit your peak performance. 

Even so, there may be better, more wholesome, and clean products out there, such as Mega Foods’ offerings, which are made from genuine food rather than (possibly) synthetic vitamins or other nasties. For instance, they use organic orange rather than ascorbic acid from China as a source of vitamin C, and they’re even reasonably priced despite being a wholesome, organic product that’s REALLY loaded with antioxidants!

But that said, if you need a decent multi that will do the basics in balancing out your daily needs, Klean Athlete’s product will work for you.

Who Is Klean Multivitamin Best For?

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from good nutrition, which is something Klean Multivitamin can deliver. So long as there aren’t any medical conditions or medications that a multivitamin may react with (consult your doctor first, in other words), any adult needing a decent quality multivitamin to balance their nutritional intake can benefit from this product.  

Klean Multivitamin For Athletes

Claims vs. Reality

Though Klean Athlete claims their product is specially formulated for athletes, they at least don’t also claim it will boost performance. Sure, it may, and in the long run, likely will, but it certainly isn’t a game-changer that will take you from mule to thoroughbred in short order. 

But it is a product that will fill the bill as a multivitamin. No, you don’t need to be an athlete to take them, nor is there really anything in the product that’s necessarily “for athletes only,” though it can complement your rigorous training, eating, sleeping, and natural supplement program for altogether good results. 

Is Klean Multivitamin Safe?

They’re essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function, so mostly, no side effects. 

But there may be those who are allergic or sensitive to some of Klean Athlete Multivitamin’s ingredients, so beware if you are. 

Other than that, the product is gluten-free, GMO-free, and vegan, so it can be used by most, and so long as you stick with the prescribed dose, you shouldn’t have any problems.  

Where To Buy Klean Multivitamin

Klean Multivitamins Website

At $38.40 for about a month’s worth, the product falls into the “decent price, but could be cheaper” category. No, it won’t break the bank, though you can get as good or better deals on much higher quality vitamins (Mega Foods, Rainbow Lite, and New Chapter are three that come immediately to mind). 

Klean MultivitaminBest Deal on Klean MultivitaminWe scour the web for the best deals on supplements. Want the best price? Click the button below for the best savings!GET THE BEST PRICE

Along with Klean Athlete’s website, the product is widely available through retailers both online and traditional, which includes Walmart, Amazon, and independents such as Douglas Laboratories and Thefeed.com.


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Klean Multivitamin Review
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Klean Multivitamin is a dietary supplement manufactured by Klean Athlete. This multivitamin aims to provide essential health nutrients that athletes, in particular, need daily. It contains vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, to support training and muscle recovery. Klean Multivitamin also claims to provide benefits such as protection against free radicals, maintaining healthy digestion, boosting mental productivity, and protecting the body against diseases. Should you add this multivitamin to your routine? Check out our complete review of Klean Multivitamin to learn more before you spend!

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