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JNX Sports The Ripper Review – Does This Fat Burner Work?

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Looking to shed some weight? Fat burner supplements have become increasingly popular over the last several years and, while many of these supplements are filled with not-so-great ingredients, some options do have a lot of punch behind them. 

Many fat burning supplements include ingredients to help increase thermogenesis, appetite control, and energy. But, with so many choices out there, it can be difficult to know which fat burner will really do what it promises. That’s why we are going to take a thorough look at one of these supplements, JNX Sports The Ripper. Does this fat burner do everything it claims? There’s one way to find out, let’s jump into this review of JNX Sports The Ripper!

JNX Sports The Ripper Blood Orange

About JNX Sports The Ripper

The Ripper is a product of JNX Sports, a supplement company that focuses on producing high-performance workout supplements. So far, they have three products in their store – The Curse, The Shadow, and The Ripper.

The Ripper is a fat-burning supplement that uses a blend of ingredients that they claim is designed to help you burn fat as well as control your appetite and food cravings.

Aside from helping you burn fat, JNX Sports The Ripper claims that it can provide you with enhanced mental focus and intense energy throughout the day – which, as they say, is not without any jitters, unlike typical fat burning or weight loss supplements.

In a nutshell, The Ripper claims to provide these key benefits:

  • Super thermogenesis (which essentially meant fat-burning)
  • Appetite control
  • Extreme energy

To further understand how JNX Sports The Ripper works and what it can do, let’s take a look at its ingredients to see what’s inside of it and if the ingredients used can bring out the benefits it promises.

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JNX Sports The Ripper Ingredients

The ingredients of The Ripper are mainly grouped into two proprietary blends: Extreme Muscle Fuel (2051mg) and Ripper Shred Matrix (1106mg). Before diving into its ingredients, I need to point out that the amount of each ingredient used in their proprietary blends are not disclosed – and I would say it’s a negative side of the supplement. Since the amount of each of these ingredients is not disclosed, we will not know how much of a certain ingredient is put into the supplement.

Now that we’ve put that aside let’s go and check out its ingredients. So far, the ingredients are promising, so let’s go take a closer look at them!

JNX Sports The Ripper Supplement Facts

Extreme Muscle Fuel (2015mg)

1) Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine is shown to help in reducing fatigue levels and increasing your muscle. Hence, this ingredient can be found in some pre-workout supplements or weight loss supplements.

However, generally, you’ll need a relatively high dosage of beta-alanine to make this effective, and it’s something we cannot know because the amount of ingredients is not disclosed in The Ripper’s proprietary blend.

2) Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana is a stimulant that, like coffee, contains a lot of caffeine. Some even claim that guarana contains as much as six times more caffeine than regular coffee beans.

That being said, if you are caffeine-sensitive and you want to try out The Ripper, you may want to proceed with caution not only because of its caffeine content but because of its added caffeine aside from this.

On the positive side, caffeine is a good stimulant for burning fat and energy boost, but you should only consume the amount of caffeine that is relative to your tolerance and sensitivity to make it work for you.

3) Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are believed by researchers to have the same structure as capsaicin. Because of that, raspberry ketones are theorized as a potential thermogenic booster because capsaicin is a well-known thermogenic booster, although there’s not yet enough evidence to make this conclusion.

4) Caffeine Anhydrous

Let’s go to the interesting and “controversial” of all ingredients – caffeine!

Caffeine can be a good stimulant. It boasts a variety of health benefits that go beyond an energy boost.

Caffeine can also help you burn fat by stimulating thermogenesis or thermogenic metabolism in your body, provide you with added energy for your workouts, and it can even aid you in your post-workout recovery. This explains why caffeine can be found in varying workout supplements.

However, if you have low tolerance and sensitivity for caffeine, you may want to consider an option with less or no caffeine, such as Burn Lab Pro. If you do have a caffeine sensitivity, it is generally not advisable not to take it because you can experience more of its side effects such as jittering, anxiety, and palpitations compared to those who have higher tolerance and sensitivity to it.

JNX Sports The Ripper Fat Burner

Ripper Shred Matrix (1106mg)

1) Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that is linked to enhanced physical activity performance. Hence, we can find it in energy drinks. Aside from that, taurine is also linked to cholesterol and fat processing, which essentially means that you burn fat and utilize them for your body.

2) Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI

L-carnitine is shown to provide our body with cellular-level energy. This explains why we can find it in pre-workout supplements, energy drinks, and “fitness drinks” (drinks that promise fat burning and weight loss).

Aside from providing you with cellular-level energy, L-carnitine can also enhance your ability to stay focused and boost your exercise stamina and endurance. However, you’ll need the right amount of L-carnitine to achieve this benefit – and again, that’s something we cannot know because it is not disclosed in the proprietary blends.

3) Green Coffee Bean Extract

The green coffee bean is the unroasted version of the coffee bean. Some studies suggest that green coffee beans may help in reducing new fat stores in your body.

4) Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a good source of caffeine (less compared to regular coffee), L-theanine (which can have a relaxing effect on the body and mind), and antioxidants (which help fight off unwanted inflammation). All of this is what makes it a popular ingredient amongst fat burners; you can also find it in Skald and Vintage Burn.

Green tea is also shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and it can benefit your overall heart health.

5) Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon is known to also help in regulating blood sugar levels – which is important for weight loss and to help you avoid certain major diseases such as diabetes. Also, cinnamon can curb food cravings, which is also apparently helpful for weight loss.

6) Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf is shown to help in weight management, but that was based on an animal study. However, olive leaf is linked to a variety of health benefits, but we are not sure how it will exactly play a role in either weight loss, appetite suppression, or energy boost.

JNX Sports The Ripper Benefits

Below are some of the benefits that we can find with JNX Sports The Ripper.

JNX Sports The Ripper Box

1) Can Be Effective, Especially Due To Its Solid Caffeine Content

If you take a look at its ingredients, you can only imagine how much caffeine JNX Sports The Ripper possibly contains – guarana, green coffee bean, green tea, and caffeine itself are some of its sources.

While we cannot determine exactly how much caffeine The Ripper has, it still possesses a solid amount of stimulant, which can bring about the benefits it promises – fat burning, energy boost, etc. Aside from caffeine, the rest of its ingredients also contribute to fat burning, energy boost, and appetite suppression, as shown in the ingredients section above.

2) It Is Relatively Affordable

JNX Sports The Ripper is currently priced at $26.99 on Amazon. This is quite affordable for such a supplement compared to other similar supplements in the market. Also, The Ripper comes with 30 servings, so you can get a lot from the supplement for only such a price.

Is JNX Sports The Ripper Safe?

The side effects associated with The Ripper mainly comes from its caffeine content. If you are sensitive and have a low tolerance to caffeine, then The Ripper may cause you more or serious side effects – such as jittering and palpitations – compared to those that can tolerate caffeine well. In this regard, we would advise you to take caution in consuming The Ripper if you are caffeine-sensitive or, better yet, just find a proper alternative.

Other than its side effects, the most striking negative side of The Ripper is its lack of disclosure of its proprietary blend.

Simply put, when you don’t know how many of each ingredient is placed in your supplement since it is packaged as a proprietary blend, then you’ll never know how effective those ingredients could be. Also, you’ll never know if you’re consuming too much or too little of a certain ingredient such as caffeine.

JNX Sports The Ripper Supplement For Fat Burning

Should You Buy JNX Sports The Ripper?

Generally, Ripper is a good product to try out. If you are not sensitive to caffeine (and other stimulants, for that matter), then The Ripper is worth checking out. Otherwise, it’s better to just find an alternative to it.

JNX Sports The Ripper For Men And Women

Where To Buy JNX Sports The Ripper

You can buy JNX Sports The Ripper from Amazon or choose from one of these stores as recommended by JNX Sports. You can purchase a 30 serving option for $26. 

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JNX Sports The Ripper Review
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JNX Sports The Ripper is a fat burner supplement manufactured and sold by JNX Sports. This supplement aims to be a powerful weight management formula and an effective fat burner. It contains ingredients that are 100% safe and claims benefits such as improved energy levels, physical strength boosts, fat burning, and a boost in metabolism. It also claims to improve mental focus and alertness. Does this fat burner really work? Find out before you buy with our review of JNX Sports The Ripper!

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