KaraMD Revive Reds Review – Can It Help Improve Your Energy Levels?

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KaraMD Revive Reds Review

If you are looking to improve your energy, adding fruits and vegetables to your diet can truly help benefit your levels. But, while consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables can help, it can be hard to eat that much on a daily basis, especially if you are busy. That’s where a supplement can come in to fill your needs!

If you are experiencing energy depletion, then adding an energy supplement to your day-to-day routine can be an easy and healthy way to improve your energy levels. There are tons of energy supplements out on the market, though, meaning finding the right option can be a challenge.

So, let’s take a look at a popular energy-promoting option – KaraMD Revive Reds. This supplement is designed to provide polyphenol energy and antioxidants, but is it really all it claims to be?

We will dive into the following in the rest of this KaraMD Revive Reds review: 

  • Details about KaraMD Revive Reds
  • Review the pros and cons of its ingredients 
  • Discuss consumer’s reviews
  • Share where you can purchase the product
  • Provide pricing details of KaraMD Revive Reds
  • Give our review out of 5 stars

So, how does Revive Reds rank among other energy supplements? Keep reading our KaraMD Revive Reds review to find out!

KaraMD Revive Reds

About KaraMD Revive Reds

Revive Reds is a product of KaraMD, a supplements company that was founded by Dr. M. Kara. Dr. Kara had experience working with patients for more than 30 years before he decided to work on what is called “functional medicine.” This is to help more people live healthier lives. Eventually, Dr. Ka would find KaraMD, a supplements company that focused on selling supplements aimed at heart health, digestive support, and reducing inflammation. This, they believe, is the gateway to overall health.

KaraMD Revive Reds is a supplement that is “designed to increase energy levels and support healthy digestion.” Through the polyphenols, one of the main ingredients of Revive Reds, the supplement may improve your energy levels while fighting off free radicals, thanks to its antioxidants. Later on, we are going to discuss in brief detail the ingredients that are used in Revive Reds.


Here are some of the benefits and features of KaraMD Revive Reds:

  • Improves energy levels
  • Has antioxidants
  • Provides nutritional value
  • It is loaded with polyphenols

KaraMD Revive Reds is doctor-formulated and does not contain any added sugar or fillers. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, made in the USA, and formulated in an FDA Registered Facility. Revive Reds also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee in case the supplement doesn’t work well for you.

KaraMD Revive Reds Ingredients

The ingredients of KaraMD Revive Reds come in proprietary blends. Revive Reds have three proprietary blends, being each of them designed to provide a particular function of benefit. That being said, here are the three proprietary blends of KaraMD Revive Reds:

  • Polyphenol Blend
  • Prebiotic Digestive Support Blend
  • Metabolic Support Blend
Revive Reds Supplement Facts

Polyphenol Blend (2,667 mg)

The main ingredient of KaraMD Revive Reds is polyphenols, and therefore, it is the most abundant ingredient used in the supplement. To appreciate the role of polyphenols, we must first know and understand what polyphenols are and what they do to our bodies.

What are Polyphenols?

Polyphenols are micronutrients that can be found in a variety of plants. That being said, you can get them on your diet through fruits, vegetables, spices, teas, and even coffee and cacao. You can also get polyphenols in many dietary supplements, especially if they are mainly made from fruits and/or vegetables such as Revive Reds.

Unlike other nutrients, you don’t need polyphenols to live. There is no such thing as polyphenol deficiency, and there are no known negative side effects associated with low levels or lack of polyphenols in one’s body. However, polyphenols can bring a lot of benefits to our health.

Polyphenols are primarily known for their antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are very important and beneficial for our health because they fight off free radicals and oxidative stress, both of which are linked to chronic inflammation. While inflammation is a normal immune response, chronic or long-term inflammation, if left unmanaged, can cause subtle but long-term damage to our body.

Because of its antioxidant properties and other health-beneficial properties, polyphenols can help us lower our risk of diseases, including major ones such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It also increases our body’s immunity which, in turn, increases our body’s capability to fight off diseases and bad bacteria.

Sources of Polyphenols in KaraMD Revive Reds

As mentioned earlier, polyphenols can be found in fruits, vegetables, and spices. In the case of Revive Reds, its polyphenols mostly come from fruit sources. The polyphenols of KaraMD Revive Reds come from the following:

  • Strawberry
  • Beetroot (Beetroot Powder)
  • Pineapple (Pineapple Juice Powder)
  • Lemon (Lemon Juice Powder)
  • Hibiscus (Hibiscus Flower Powder)
  • Cranberry (Cranberry Extract)
  • Grapes (Grape Seed Extract)
  • Tart Cherry (Tart Cherry Extract)
  • Papaya (Papaya Fruit Extract Powder)
  • Acai Berry (Acai Berry Extract)
  • Pomegranate (Pomegranate Juice Powder)
  • Apple (Apple Juice Powder)
  • Black Currant (Black Currant Powder)
  • Mulberry (Mulberry Fruit Powder)
  • Aronia Berry (Aroniaberry Extract)

Prebiotic Digestive Support Blend (467 mg)

Prebiotics are a specific type of fiber that is consumed by your gut’s good and healthy bacteria. Prebiotics are indigestible to our body, and hence, they become our gut bacteria’s food source instead.

That being said, prebiotics is important for our health because it nourishes our gut bacteria. Once nourished, our gut bacteria can work better within our gut which, in turn, delivers health benefits both for our gut health and even overall health.

While it may not be a dedicated prebiotic supplement like PrebioThrive or Dr. Tobias Prebiotics, KaraMD Revive Reds still does a good job of including prebiotics within its formula. The prebiotics that we get from Revive Reds comes from blue agave inulin (Organic Blue Agave Inulin Powder), banana (Organic Banana Powder), and cinnamon (Organic Cinnamon Powder).

Metabolic Support Blend (175 mg)

Finally, the last proprietary blend of Revive Reds is Metabolic Support Blend. As the name implies, Metabolic Support Blend is made to support your metabolism. Your body needs a healthy metabolism because this biochemical process is responsible for combining oxygen with your body’s nutrients. In turn, this releases the energy that our body would need to deal with life’s daily activities and demands.

KaraMD Revive Reds only has two ingredients for this proprietary blend: Shilajit Extract and Turmeric Root Powder (Curcuma longa).


KaraMD Revive Reds Benefits

Given its ingredients, we can say that KaraMD Revive Reds can bring in a few health benefits. There are a range of benefits that you can draw from the ingredients. 

  • Antioxidants – as mentioned earlier, antioxidants play a lot of role in our health because they protect our body from the long-term damage caused by chronic inflammation. Antioxidants can reduce our risk of many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and even anxiety and depression.
  • Digestive support – Thanks to its prebiotics, Revive Reds can also benefit our digestive and gut health by providing food sources and nutrition to our gut bacteria. This will not only benefit our gut health but our overall health as well.
  • Nutrients – since Revive Reds is mainly made up of varying fruits, it can offer a host of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in addition to their polyphenols.
  • Energy levels – by improving your metabolism, you can experience improved energy levels.
KaraMD Revive Reds Drink

Other Benefits

  • It is suitable for a variety of diets – while KaraMD Revive Reds is vegan-friendly, anyone can practically benefit from the supplement, regardless if you are following the vegan diet or not. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or not strictly following a plant-based diet, you can add Revive Reds to your diet.
  • It offers a 90-day money-back guarantee – Should the supplement didn’t work well for you (individual factor still plays a role in a supplement’s effectiveness), you can get your money back. Essentially, this means that you are taking a relatively low risk when trying out the supplement.

Is KaraMD Revive Reds Safe?

Regarding side effects, there are no known major side effects associated with KaraMD Revive Reds. Mostly, this is because Revive Reds is mainly made up of fruits that won’t mainly cause any side effects. However, given that the supplement has prebiotics, you may experience digestive-related side effects depending on how your body will react to it. As such, lower your intake or stop consumption if the side effects cause too much discomfort.

Other than the side effects, I do not see any negative side with KaraMD Revive Reds. If anything, especially if you are running under a budget, Revive Reds may come as expensive for you – it is currently priced at $34.95 per 120g jar. Considering that it’s only 120g, this is indeed pricey for such an amount.

Is KaraMD Revive Reds Worth Trying Out?

After learning and understanding the ingredients of KaraMD Revive Reds, I would say that the supplement is worth trying out because it is potentially effective and it can offer some health benefits such as antioxidants and nutrients.

That being said, the supplement may be a bit pricey, but you can still give it a try and see how it will work for you! 

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Where to Buy KaraMD Revive Reds

If you want to try out KaraMD Revive Reds, you can get it in their store here.

KaraMD Revive Reds Website

The price of one container starts at $35 but decreases the more you buy together. For instance, when you buy 3, you get 10% off, and when you buy 4 you get 20% off.

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