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IdealLean BCAAs Review – Worth The Hype Or Not?

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Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the newest thing among workout supplements. Unlike other amino acids, your body cannot synthesize BCAAs so you have to get them from external sources. BCAAs can help you gain muscle mass and are believed to help with weight loss and lessened fatigue after exercise. 

More and more workout supplements are adding BCAAs to their formulas, and for good reason. BCAAs have become much cheaper to make and make a great addition to traditional workout supplement ingredients like whey protein.  

IdealLean’s BCAA supplement is one such mixture. IdealLean is a 0 calorie workout powder designed to be mixed in a cup of water. IdealLean has a high ratio of BCAAs and a unique fat-loss blend that helps curb appetite and burn fat during workouts. 

Today we are going to talk a bit about IdealLean BCAAs and answer some important questions. We will cover its pros, cons, ingredients, where to buy and how much, and whether you should even bother yourself with the purchase in the first place. 

IdealLean BCAAs Product

What Is IdealLean BCAAs?

IdealLean BCAAs 3 flavor

IdealLean BCAAs are an intra-workout product that claims to be specifically designed for women and their exercise needs. As the name implies, the main ingredients are branch-chain amino acids with a high 2:1:1 ratio (we’ll talk more about what that means later). Each serving of IdealLean has 5 g of BCAAs. Each serving also has 0 calories; good for calorie-strict diets as it won’t throw off your calculations.  

IdealLean also does not contain any added sugars, carbs, or fats. We would expect this to be the case in a BCAA supplement designed for weight loss and muscle growth. If you want, you can mix in some other protein powder to maximize both effects.

IdealLean BCAAs Bottle

In addition to the BCAAs, IdealLean has the IdealLean Fat Loss Blend, a proprietary mixture meant to suppress the appetite which contains green tea extract, Tonalin, and EGCG. Again, all pretty common ingredients in fat-burning supplements, especially that green tea extract.

IdealLean claims that its blend is designed specifically for women in a market that is dominated by men’s workout supplements. While we agree with the latter part, the fact of the matter seems to be that the ideal BCAA ratio and protein intake is the same for men and women. So that means it works just fine for men too.


  • BCAAs have great potential and good applications
  • 0-calorie blend
  • No sugars
  • 2:1:1 BCAA ratio
  • Very affordable
  • Good shipping practices


  • Some say the taste is questionable
  • Has artificial sweeteners (sucralose)
  • A lot of complaints about new formula/flavor

Who Makes IdealLean?

IdealLean is created by IdealFit, a women’s workout nutrition, and clothing brand. IdealFit was first created in 2002 under the name IdealBrand and later changed the name to IdealFit in 2015. Even though the name change, IdealFit says its mission is to create “a high-quality product designed to help women realize their ideal selves.” In 2017, the company expanded into France and the UK.

IdeaFit has a pretty large online presence and has been featured in some bigger publications. They seem to have a large customer base and a pretty expansive and well-maintained website, which is normally a good sign for company legitimacy. On that note, we’ll say they have one of the better websites for these kinds of products that we have seen. Most of IdealFit’s product list consists of workout supplement powders, pre-workout blends, and athletic clothing. 

We could not find a BBB profile for IdealFit, but we were able to find a Trustpilot profile with excellent reviews. It’s always good to see the public saying positive things about a supplement company, especially in a market so rife with scammers. 

How Does IdealLean BCAAs Work?

IdealLean BCAAs Bottle 2

It’s pretty simple actually. Each serving has 5 grams of BCAAs and contains their fat loss blend. You take a serving before or after each workout by mixing it with a glass of water; simple. Like we said earlier, IdealLean is marketed towards women, but the ingredients are perfectly suitable and effective for men too. 

Let’s talk some more about those BCAAs. The three main ones used are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These three amino acids are in a ratio of 2:1:1 so 2 leucine for every isoleucine and valine. This ratio is believed to promote optimal muscle fiber synthesis. 


The main ingredient of IdealLean is the BCAAs though it contains high amounts of magnesium, B vitamins, and coconut powder which provides extra electrolytes. In fact, a single serving of IdealLean contains about as many electrolytes as you’d expect from a Gatorade bottle. 

There is also the proprietary fat loss blend. The fat loss blend contains phosphatidylserine and CLA, both of which are believed to help fat loss. The one problem is that the amounts are probably too small to have much effect. This includes green tea extract, which mostly functions as an antioxidant. 

Last, the blend contains evodiamine, which comes from a berry. There is some evidence evodiamine can help rate lose weight but we couldn’t find any studies on effects on humans. 

Is IdealLean BCAAs Safe?

We could not find any notable side effects. The only thing we found mention was the somewhat funky aftertaste, which is kind of a side effect when you think about it.

Where To Buy IdealLean BCAAs And Cost 

IdealLean BCAAs Website
IdealLean BCAAs Website 2
IdealLean BCAAs Website 3

You can buy IdealLean directly from the company’s website or from online stores like Amazon. It does not seem to be available at any physical store currently. 

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IdealLean BCAAs: Worth It Or Not?

IdealLean seems to fall solidly in the middle of the spectrum of workout supplements. It is decent enough but might not be particularly special compared to other items in the same category. It is affordable and has good ingredients though, so it’s at least worth giving a try. 

IdealLean BCAAs Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Ingredients
  • Cost
  • Taste


IdealLean BCAAs by idealfit claims that its blend is designed specifically for women in a market that is dominated by men’s workout supplements. It is an intra-workout product that claims to be specifically designed for women and their exercise needs. Discover more in our blog and see its several claims. 

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