Growth Factor-9 Review – Does This Supplement Really Work?

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Growth Factor-9 is a unique patented combination of specific amino acids and a plant extract, SeroVital.  The proprietary ingredient in Growth Factor-9 has a few clinical trials backing their claims. These studies were conducted by the ingredient manufacturer, San Medica International LLC. It’s important to point out this exact product is also sold under the name SeroVital but it is marketed at older/aging women rather than the bodybuilding industry. 

Growth Factor-9 claims the product can boost growth hormone production by nearly 700%. As a result, the product is marketed to increase several desirable attributes in the fitness industry such as increased lean muscle and speed recovery. The dosing instructions are four capsules per day on an empty stomach to get to the clinically tested 2.9g dose.

Growth Factor-9 Product

GF9 Benefits 

Naturally, Boost Your hGH Levels up to 682%.

This claim is in reference to one of the clinical trials SeroVital conducted on the proprietary blend of amino acids and Schizonepeta powder. However, by boosting hGH Growth Factor-9 believes they can produce several other benefits. Their bottle and website list that hGH has been associated with all of these amazing benefits:

  • Increasing lean muscle mass
  • Strengthening bones and joints
  • Recovering quicker
  • Sleeping better
  • Improving energy
  • Improving mood
  • Increasing sex drive 

These are all true statements, but they are stretching the evidence from their research. Growth Factor-9 is trying to claim that by boosting hGH you will then see X improvement.

Growth Factor-9 Ingredients

Growth Factor-9-Supplement Facts


SeroVital is a proprietary blend of amino acids with the addition of Schizonepeta. The company claims what makes this blend unique is the way in which the five amino acids have been linked together. San Medica, the company that manufactures SeroVital, references 4 clinical studies when they make their claims about the benefits of the amino acid blend. Most of these studies are patent applications and not necessarily peer-reviewed articles in medical literature. 

L-lysing hydrochloride

Lysine is one of the most common amino acids. You can find it in animal and plant-based foods. Some studies have shown that lysine, in combination with other amino acids, can stimulate growth hormone production. It’s hard to determine how much of the amino acid would be needed because these studies often involve IV infusions rather than oral supplementation.

L-arginine hydrochloride

Arginine is a common amino acid sprinkled throughout the bodybuilding and fitness industry. This amino acid is most often associated with pre-workouts because it can help increase blood vessel dilation. When it comes to arginine and hGH most research has used at least 5 grams. One study showed that exercise was more effective at boosting hGH than arginine supplementation.


There doesn’t seem to be a relation between proline and hGH. Instead, proline may be in this product to help speed healing and collagen production. 

N-acetyl cysteine

n-acteyl cysteine, or NAC, is common throughout the supplement industry. It has benefits from immune health and energy support, to reducing inflammation and reducing pain. NAC was probably included into this formulation for those reasons rather than its effects on hGH.


Like creatine, glutamine is one of the most established supplements in the world. It has a long track record of producing benefits in the lab and in the gym. Glutamine is a key to rebuilding muscle after exercise. Glutamine is involved in protein synthesis but also involved in hGH secretion. Research shows that taking 2 grams of glutamine can boost serum hGH levels significantly.

Schizonepeta Powder

This traditional Chinese herb has been used for centuries. It is mostly used for its effects on inflammation and the immune system. There doesn’t seem to be a direct effect on hGH but controlling inflammation is an important aspect to recovery after a hard day in the gym. Doses often range from 2.5 – 9g for adults.

How Does Growth Factor-9 Work?

Growth Factor-9 uses SeroVital as it’s one and only ingredient. One study shows it has the ability to increase hGH. For that reason Growth Factor-9 probably does boost hGH to some degree. But the question is whether or not that boost in hGH is enough to produce some of the other benefits they list like, increasing muscle mass, speeding up recovery, and generating better sleep. It is unlikely that Growth Factor-9 impacts hGH production enough to have much impact on these other areas. 

How Does Growth Factor-9 Work

Claims vs. Reality

Growth Factor-9 really only makes one claim. That claim is that by taking the product you can boost your serum hGH levels by as much as 682%. However, the study they are referencing is very small. Only 16 people were involved. Also that 682% increase is not in reference to peak hGH levels. The 682% increases only refers to the amount of serum hGH observed over a certain period of time. 

There are several other implied claims that Growth Factor-9 makes on their website and label. They try to extrapolate that because hGH is associated with X benefit, and Growth Factor-9 can boost hGH, then Growth Factor-9 can produce X benefit. Without studies to show that Growth Factor-9 can actually produce that benefit, it is misleading to make those claims. 

At this time there are only a few tried and true ways to boost hGH. One of the best things you can do if you’re trying to boost hGH is focus on your sleep. Most of our hGH is produced in the late hours of the night and early morning when we are fast asleep. Cleaning up your diet can also positively impact your hGH levels. In particular, it is important to get your blood sugar under control. It seems that when your blood sugar is elevated your hGH may be suppressed. The only other viable option is getting hGH replacement therapy from a physician. Your doctor will administer a specific peptide that tells your pituitary to produce more hGH. 

Growth Factor-9-Claims vs Reality


hGH is a hormone and needs to be treated responsibly. If Growth Factor-9 can boost hGH it may be important to get these levels measured and monitored by your physician.

Where to Buy Growth Factor-9

You can get Growth Factor-9 on The GNC website. On GNC a one-time 120 capsule purchase will cost $99.99. If you really like Growth Factor-9 and are looking to save GNC also offers an auto-delivery option which saves you 10% and adds free shipping.

Growth Factor-9 Website

Growth Factor-9 is also available on other online sites as well (see below).

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