Benefits Of Lysine – The 6 Major Ways It Can Support Your Health

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By Leslie Waterson

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Benefits Of Lysine

Have you heard of amino acids? Chances are if you an athlete or just an avid fitness lover, then you have heard a thing or two about amino acids. Lysine is an essential amino acid that help sit work properly – but unfortunately is not made by your body. Instead you get it in the food that you eat. 

There are many other benefits to Lysine that we will dive into as well that are beneficial for the entire health of your body. Lysine is most commonly known for being used for preventing and treating cold sores and other viral infections.

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What Is Lysine And How Does It Work?

Lysine is a fairly uncommon supplement to many people but it has incredible health benefits when properly taken daily.

Lysine is one of the many essential amino acids your body needs for it to work properly and efficiently, unfortunately, like many other vitamins and minerals, Lysine is not produced naturally. Therefore you either have to get it from proper foods containing lysine or instead, supplement lysine.

Lysine is also incredibly important for the proper growth of muscles and is used to make carnitine, an important substance that is needed by the cells of your body. Carnitine is also important as it properly transports the fats across your cells to be used as energy. It is also crucial to take note that there is another form of Lysine called L-Lysine.

L-Lysine is that type of Lysine the body can properly and efficiently utilize and is usually the type of Lysine used in most commercial Lysine supplements.

Lysine works by interacting with numerous amino acids in your body, the action depending on the functions outcome. What’s truly impressive is how your body is smart enough to know what specific amino acids should be mixed and used depending on what specific function it is.

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Benefits Of Lysine

There are countless benefits to consuming Lysine. Today we are going to dive into the top benefits that have been studied and researched by scientists.

1. Boosts Immune System Function And Can Help In Treating Cold Sores

Chills, cold sores, swollen lymph nodes, unpleasant feelings, and fever blisters are usually the most common signs of a viral or bacterial infection inside the body. T,hat said oral supplementation of Lysine can help you prevent and treat these symptoms.

In addition to that, cold sores are usually caused by a type of herpes virus which triggers cold sores, with that said Lysine supplementation can greatly help as they prevent Herpes simplex replication and reduce the cold sore.

It is believed although not entirely proven, that Lysine specifically blocks another amino acid called Arginine which is a type of amino acid Herpes simplex virus needs to multiply and reproduce.

2. May Reduce Anxiety

Lysine is said to be effective in treating anxiety by actively reducing or blocking the number of stress receptors in the brain

 A study concluded that oral supplementation of Lysine daily had reduced rates of stress-induced bowel movements. Another study had found that supplementation with 2.64 grams of synergistic Lysine and arginine lowered stress hormone cortisol that resulted in a more calming and anti-anxiety effect.

It is also currently studied although not entirely proven that supplementation of Lysine can help people diagnosed with schizophrenia – a mental disorder that causes a person to have the inability to distinguish reality from imagined perception.

Usually, people suffering from schizophrenia have common auditory hallucinations although it is relatively rare for a person with schizophrenia to have visual hallucinations which are considered to be a severe case of medically diagnosed schizophrenia. The research is still in progress with scientists medically prescribing a certain dose of Lysine daily accompanied by prescribed medications for Schizophrenia.

3. Helps In Calcium Absorption And Retention

Oral supplementation of Lysine has been proven to increase calcium retention and absorption in the kidneys and gut. This is especially helpful to individuals who have trouble absorbing calcium or retaining calcium in their system that results in serious diseases such as weak, fragile teeth, weak bones and improper growth of the craniofacial skull.

Lysine is also incredibly helpful in protecting your bones and joints and appears to play a major part in where the proper transportation of the calcium mineral is. This is important also to people who have high amounts of calcium in their body as too much calcium can lead to other problems as well, the same with calcium deficiency.

To prove the point, a study has concluded that Lysine prevents calcium buildup in the blood vessels which results in heart disease. Overall, supplementation of Lysine may help you retain and absorb calcium and could potentially be a miracle cure in reducing your risk of heart diseases.

4. Helps Wound Healing And Can Increase Collagen Which Promotes Skin Health

Lysine has been proven to promote and accelerate the healing of wounds by promoting collagen synthesis.

Studies have found that in subsequent animal tissues,  Lysine becomes prominently active at the main site of the affected skin tissue and helps the cells in the rebuild and repair process. Lysine is also good to supplement to take if your main goal is to promote healthy skin.

Lysine supplementation has a positive effect on collagen protein synthesis which is mainly found in your skin, joints, and cuticles. This is important especially if you spend too much time in the sun which actively destroys and degrades collagen in the skin which results in saggy, aging skin.

Collagen degradation is also apparent if you are exposed to a lot of environmental factors such as smoke coming from cigarettes, toxic chemicals, as well as a poor unhealthy diet. Overall, Lysine is a great supplement to have if you have any skin health issues.

5. May Promote Eye Health

While it may not be a dedicated eye supplement, such as EyePromise Restore, and although not entirely studied on humans yet, there is speculation that Lysine is greatly effective in preventing and reversing eye damage.

A study found that a synergistic compound of lysine added with known antioxidant catechins often found and extracted in green tea reduced and prevented the formation of cataracts in mice.

There are also scientists trying to formulate Lysine accompanied by Lutein and zeaxanthin both compounds are well-known carotenoids that further promote eye health, the study is still in progress.

6. May Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer And Lower Your Chances Of Inflammatory Diseases

Possibly the most beneficial of Lysine, its anti-inflammatory properties is being widely studied right now. Many studies have suggested that oral supplementation of L-Lysine can help reduce and may prevent cancer cell formation/ Lysine has also been proven to lower the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure although the reason why it helps is still specifically unclear.

Recommended Lysine Brands

There are many different types of Lysine to choose from. If you don’t get enough in the food you are eating, supplementing might be a great option. The products listed below are available on Amazon and can be found in other health shops online as well. 

Superior Labs L-Lysine

Superior Labs L-Lysine

This supplement from Superior Labs’ works to support calcium absorption along side immune function. This helps maintain muscle mass and promote overall well-being as well. 


NOW Foods L-Lysine

NOW Foods L-Lysine

One of the most affordable options to check out, L-Lysine by NOW Foods is a popular option if you are looking for a high-quality brand with a cheaper price tag. 


Solgar L-Lysine 500mg

Solgar L-Lysine 500MG

Moderately priced, this L-Lysine supplement from Solgar is a great option if you are looking to maintain muscle mass and well-being. 


Spring Valley L-Lysine

Spring Valley L-Lysine

With pricing similar to NOW Foods, this is another great option that is both affordable and known for being a great brand. This choice is a higher dose than the others, at 1000mg. 


Final Verdict: You Should Try Out Lysine 

Most Lysine Supplements you find online and in your local grocery stores are all FDA approved and regulated, though most of them do not claim the benefits stated above as it is only marketed as a supplement and not as a prescribed medication.

If you’re taking any prescribed medication please consult your doctor before supplementing with Lysine as it may counteract with the medications you’re using. If you are active, this might be a great supplement to take. 

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