Gastro-Ease Review – Is This Life Extension Supplement Right For Your Stomach?

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By Scot Mills

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Gastro-Ease Review

Nobody likes digestive discomforts. Although they are usually not seriously hazardous to our health, they can still hurt us in ways that you would not want to have them again – not to mention that time it steals from you because you need to go to the toilet very often!

One reason why we experience digestive discomforts is because of the hydrochloric acid we have inside our stomachs. They play a key role, though, so you won’t want to get rid of them in your system – they break down the foods we eat. However, in the process, they also damage the subtle lining of our stomach wall. To counter this, our stomach wall contains a protective coating of mucus to reduce the impact of the acid.

However, you still need to sustain that protective coating. Otherwise, it may weaken over time, and the pain from our stomach may get worse. One way to protect and strengthen our stomach is by eating zinc-rich foods. Zinc is one of the trace minerals that have a profound way of supporting our stomach health. But, unfortunately, zinc alone is not enough to sustain the demands of our stomach health. For this reason, taking a stomach or digestive supplement could be very helpful.

Of course, it is important that you pick your supplements wisely; we all know that supplements are not created equal! For this article, we are going to review one supplement that aims to promote stomach health: Gastro-Ease by Life Extension. We are going to consider key factors like benefits, ingredients, and more. But the most important thing to figure out is: will this supplement work? Let’s find that out in this review of Gastro-Ease!


About Gastro-Ease

Gastro-Ease is a stomach digestion supplement and a proud product of Life Extension, a Florida-based health supplements company that manufactures different supplements that address different health needs such as Cortisol-Stress Balance for stress, Bifido GI Balance for probiotics, and Migra-Eeze for head pain, as well as supplements for brain health, heart health, digestion, nutrient supplementation, and just overall wellness.

Gastro-Ease Tablets

Gastro-Ease is a simple, 2-ingredient formula that’s designed to support the health of the delicate lining of your stomach. Its main ingredient is zinc L-carnosine, which, in case you can’t figure it out, combines the trace mineral zinc with the amino acid L-carnosine. 

By delivering this combination directly to the stomach lining along with the patented probiotic strain L. reuteri, Life Extension is able to bring you a product that reduces gastric inflammation, promotes healthy stomach flora, and provides digestive comfort by improving the health of your stomach walls. 

Gastro-Ease Benefits

Gastro-Ease Benefits

Promotes stomach health and comfort

The lining of your stomach is delicate and relies on a thin layer of mucous to protect it from the hydrochloric acid that your stomach uses to break down foods. This is very important since stomach acid can be around the same pH as battery acid so that without a protective layer—ouch! We’re talking ulcers, indigestion, and a painful condition known as gastritis

But treating this condition with a combination of probiotics and zinc L-carnosine is perhaps the safest, most effective way to restore the health of your stomach’s lining. It’s all natural and proven effective at working with your body to go after the root cause of gastric distress rather than merely easing the symptoms, as many pharmaceutical “cures” do. 

Supports a healthy stomach wall at the cellular level

When it comes to a comprehensive approach to maintaining good health, you need to start where everything starts: at the cellular level. 

This is no different when we speak of your stomach’s health, which can be affected by alcohol abuse, drug use, age, and even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin. A poor diet doesn’t do your digestive health much good either, though when you eliminate these obstacles (other than age, of course) and replace them with an approach to good digestive health that begins at the cellular level, you get long-lasting results that don’t merely mask the problem and instead, go after the root cause for your best results. 

Protects and maintains the stomach’s mucosal lining

While not everyone with gastritis shows symptoms, the most common include:

  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • A feeling of being “stuffed” after eating
  • Vomiting

Worse yet, the condition can become corrosive and result in:

  • Black, bloody stools
  • Vomiting blood

But eliminating the causes of your gastritis and using a combination of zinc L-carnosine and the potent probiotic found in Gastro-Ease can restore what you’ve lost, which includes pain-free eating, digesting, and optimum nutritional uptake. 

Helps maintain a healthy stomach environment

It isn’t just your stomach’s lining that can take a beating under the wrong circumstances so much as the entire environment of your gut. This starts with the specialized cells in your stomach that produce bicarbonate to neutralize stomach acid, and mucous to coat and protect your stomach’s lining. 

Of course, when these cells aren’t performing well, your stomach becomes overly acidic and unprotected, which leads to gastritis and gastric ulcers.

Again, “OUCH!”

So yes, even if you aren’t currently experiencing any direct symptoms, the time to take measures is now, NOT after your stomach has become a corrosive, painful, bleeding mess.

Gastro-Ease Ingredients

Gastro-Ease has two main active ingredients:

  • Zinc (from PepZinGI zinc L-carnosine)
  • Pylopass Lactobacillus reuteri

Let us get a more thorough look at these two ingredients and see if they can produce the results that Gastro-Ease promises us.

Gastro-Ease Supplement Facts

Zinc (from 75 mg of PepZinGI zinc L-carnosine) 16.5 mg

Also referred to as polaprezinc, zinc L-carnosine has been used in Japan since 1994 to treat gastritis, gastric ulcers, and dyspepsia symptoms. It utilizes zinc, which has antiviral properties and plays a vital role in the synthesis of RNA & DNA to repair tissues.

Zinc is a trace element that plays a profound role in stomach health. As mentioned earlier, zinc plays a role in strengthening and maintaining the integrity of the protective coating of our stomach wall. If we are low in zinc, it can compromise the very protective coating that protects our stomach wall against hydrochloric acid, unwanted bacteria, parasites, etc. Aside from maintaining our stomach wall’s protective coating, zinc also performs other duties for our stomach, such as the production of digestive enzymes.

But as mentioned, zinc alone is not sustainable in delivering its benefits. This is why zinc is combined with L-carnosine (PepZinGI zinc L-carnosine) to further improve the effect it has on our stomach health.

There are certain studies that support this claim about zinc L-carnosine. For instance, in one study, it is concluded that zinc L-carnosine can stabilize our gut mucosa.

Pylopass Lactobacillus reuteri 100 mg

Pylopass is a patented strain of Lactobacillus reuteri, a probiotic strain that is found to have plenty of health benefits. This well-studied probiotic is found mainly in the digestive tract of mammals, but can also reside in breast milk, urinary tracts, and skin. They help guard against pathogens by inhibiting their colonization, boosting your immune system, and helping improve the environment for friendly bacteria inside you.

According to one study, the natural decrease of L. reuteri in humans which was mainly caused by our modern lifestyles such as improved hygiene, consumption of Western diet, and antibiotic use coincided with higher cases of inflammatory diseases. While not necessarily correlated to one another, it is still suggested that we increase our L. reuteri as protection against inflammatory diseases.

Now, what does this have to do with stomach health? Aside from tremendous health benefits brought by L. reuteri, our stomach will certainly benefit from this probiotic strain as well. This is especially true when we use Pylopass. This specific type of patented L. reuteri helps our stomach health by binding bacteria that can affect our protective mucus coating and the overall health of our stomach.

Ingredients: Verdict

Considering that zinc (zinc L-carnosine) and Pylopass™ L. reuteri, the two main ingredients of Gastro-Ease, do provide benefits to our stomach, Gastro-Ease will most likely deliver the stomach health and digestive benefits it promises.

Does Gastro-Ease Work?

Any supplement that treats a condition such as gastric ulcers and gastritis needs to eliminate the root cause of your problem, and using Gastro-Ease can do just as its name implies: ease the pain, discomfort, and danger of an unhealthy gut. 

It does this by both healing the stomach lining immediately, as well as protecting it long-term.

But it cannot be overstressed that overconsumption of alcohol, tobacco use, long-term use of NSAIDs, and illegal drug use need to be eliminated if any are the root cause of your problem. This should also go along with adherence to a diet of healthy, fibrous fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, and the avoidance of unhealthy processed foods. 

Doing so along with this product can be your ticket to comfortable digestion, the avoidance of ulcers, and the kind of better overall health you can’t have with poor digestion!

Gastro-Ease Pros And Cons

As with any supplement, Gastro-Ease has its own set of pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at these below to gain better insight into whether or not Gastro-Ease is worth purchasing.

Pros Of Gastro-Ease

The main benefit of Gastro-Ease is the simple fact that this supplement will most likely work, thanks to the main ingredients used for this supplement. I also like the fact that, as with most supplements from Life Extension, Gastro-Ease uses only ingredients that are directly necessary for the result it aims to produce. This is contrary to many supplements where they use additives, which can bring negative side effects on our body in the short- or long-term period.

Gastro-Ease For Stomach Relief

Cons Of Gastro-Ease

So far, I do not see any negative side with Gastro-Ease. One may note its relatively high price – $33 as of this writing – but that’s probably because of the probiotic strain (Pylopass L. reuteri) it contains. Considering that, I think that price is reasonable.

Who Is It Best For?

Stoamch Pain

Whether you have symptoms of gastritis or gastric ulcers, or your lifestyle or other factors puts you at risk for them, Gastro-Ease can help. It’s been clinically proven to help heal and maintain a healthy stomach lining so that you get relief from—or avoidance of—gastritis and all its danger and discomfort. 

This includes preventing your condition from advancing to the point of gastric ulcers which can bleed and become life threatening.

That said, the product comes with strong warnings to keep it out of reach of children and to stay within its recommended dose.

Claims Vs. Reality

When claims are backed by science, you can rest assured they’re real. This is the case for this product, which not only has a main ingredient with viable human trials backing it, it’s also been used for nearly 3-decades in Japan since it works.

Is Gastro-Ease Safe?

Because this is a stomach supplement, you may get digestive-related side effects if you take more dosage than you should. Life Extension warns against overuse of this product, which includes taking no more than 50 mgs of zinc for longer than a month and keeping the product out of reach of children. Needless to say, you should follow the dosage recommended by the supplement and by your medical practitioner.

Supplemental zinc can also inhibit our absorption of copper, which may lead to copper deficiency in the long-run if we are not careful. If you are going to take zinc, be sure to also take 2 mgs of supplemental copper as well to avoid copper deficiency, and if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, be sure to speak with your doctor before considering this product’s use. 

Other than that, the only “side effects” should be comfortable, healthy digestion and optimized nutritional uptake.

Gastro-Ease: Is It Worth It?

I give my “go” for Gastro-Ease. It is a promising supplement that can help you with your stomach or digestive problems. Needless to say, you need to take care of your stomach in other ways, such as through a healthy diet.

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Where To Buy Gastro-Ease

If you want to try out Gastro-Ease, you can try it out on their official store! At $33.00 for the one-time purchase of about a month’s worth, Gastro-Ease is within the realm of reason, and signing up for auto ship will net you a further 10% discount and free shipping. 

Life Extension Gastro-Ease Website

Along with Life Extension’s site, the product is widely available through retailers both online and off, corporate and independent. This includes the usual Walmart and Amazon, and lots of others who could use your dollars more than the corporate giants can. 

Just sayin’!


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