Floracil50 Review – Does This Umzu Supplement Really Work?

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Floracil50 Review

In German, the word “umzu” means “in order to,” and in order to fully appreciate the brand, you need to start with their founder, Christopher Walker. 

That’s because as a young neuroscience student, Christopher was diagnosed with a tumor in his pituitary gland that he didn’t like treating with the synthetic hormones his doctors prescribed. Instead, his strong belief was that a side-effect-free natural solution had to be out there, which he then used all the research tools at Duke University to find. Umzu Floracil50 - Christopher Walker

Once he came up with natural hormone balance solutions for both men and women, he responded to the requests of those he helped by starting a supplement company called Umzu designed to give users something to believe in. 

Umzu’s probiotic, Floracil50, aims to follow that lead by giving users a supplement to believe in. This gut support supplement combines Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri along with other strains to help you maintain good digestive, immune, and hormonal health. 

The question is, is it truly worth using? Let’s take a closer look at this probiotic supplement and all it can provide in this Floracil50 review!

About Floracil50 

Floracil50 is a potent probiotic that combines 50 colony-forming units (CFU) of lactobacillus and Bifida strains into one convenient dose. It works in the manner you would expect from a quality probiotic—as in, it keeps your digestive and immune health at their optimums—and lactobacillus is also a type of bacteria found in the genitals as well as the digestive tract, so it’s not just your gut that these guys keep healthy. 

Umzu Floracil50 Supplement

According to Umzu, they’ve included a hearty dose of effective strains to help your gut, immune, AND hormone health to stay strong. 

Floracil50 Benefits

Supports Gut Health

Without an ample supply of good gut bacteria, you stand the chance of poor nutritional uptake, a predominance of bad bacteria, and an entire host of problems stemming from poor gut health. 

Since these include gas, bloating, diarrhea, weight gain, risk of chronic disease, and, if left unchecked, leaky gut, you can easily understand why probiotics are so important.  

Floracil50 Benefits - Supports Gut Health

But using a quality, high-count probiotic along with a diet rich in fiber and good fats while being low in sugar, trans, and hydrogenated fats, and sodium can keep you free of these—and worse—types of problems. 

Well, there is the occasional hustle-to-the-can necessary after an afternoon nosh at the roach coach, though even that is something Floracil50 can help you avoid. 

Supports Immune Health

Just in case you thought that friendly bacteria were a one-trick pony that only affect the gut, guess again. In fact, probiotics produce varying levels of immune-regulatory effects that include the expression of genes, protein synthesis, and signaling the pathways in immune and intestinal cells. 

In other words, these little buggers have a strong and positive relationship with your immune system, and without them, your immune system is like a castle without a moat. 

Helps Balance Hormones

When it comes down to it, everything in you is connected to your gut, since it’s kind of like the shipping, receiving, mailroom, sorting, processing, and distribution center of your body. This includes your hormone production and balance, which is affected negatively when bad bacteria take over in the absence of their good foes. This creates the perfect environment for weight gain, increased risk of chronic disease, and leaky gut—a condition in which the intestinal lining becomes loose to the point large molecules are able to slip through. This also creates chronic inflammation and immune response with a negative effect on your hormone balance, which includes causing insulin resistance. 

And no, you don’t want any of that, so eat right and take your probiotics!

Floracil50 Ingredients

Floracil50 includes, you guessed it, 50 Billion CFU. This is a relatively high amount in comparison to other probiotic options. For comparison’s sake, you’ll find only 10B CFU in KaraMD GutBio and 12.5B CFU in Jetson Seasonal Probiotics.

Below, we will take a closer look at what’s included in the Floracil50 formula.

Floracil50 Ingredients


Found in both the intestinal tract and genitals, lactobacillus relieves inflammation, helps your gut break down and utilize nutrients, balances hormones, and goes to battle against pathogens. Floracil contains 5-strains of lactobacillus, including lactobacillus reuteri and lactobacillus rhamnosus, which are particularly effective against inflammation and in treating gastrointestinal conditions, respectively. 

And, in our modern world of ultra-clean surfaces, processed foods, and not enough time in the dirt, we lack the healthy buildup of ALL these guys, which may have something to do with how…plump we’ve become as a society. 

That, and an overload of stress hormones don’t do us much good either, since they also contribute to our waistlines while causing depression, brain fog, high blood sugar, and the increased risk of chronic disease.  

So, take your lactobacillus; it’s what’s good for you!

That, and eat right, drink enough water, and…well, you know the rest by now. 


Along with the 5-strains of lactobacillus in Floracil50 are 3-strains of Bifidobacterium, just to make sure the downstairs is neat, clean, and safe from pathogens. Along with lactobacillus, they help keep your digestive health, immune health, and hormone balance all at their optimums, though they typically work lower in the gut. 

And they’re also known for turning the fiber in your diet into beneficial fatty acids that help control your hunger and keep toxins from entering your bloodstream, and together with lactobacillus, they provide the one-two punch to keep illness, obesity, and depression away. 

Does Floracil50 Work?

If you’re feeling gassy, bloated, and as though the throne is your second home, Floracil50 can help. It contains a potent 50 CFU of lactobacillus and Bifida bacteria that can successfully keep your digestive, immune, and hormonal health in line and clicking. 

Floracil50 - The Perfect Probiotic

Plus, Umzu uses a patented freeze-drying process they say will ensure more of the little guys reach your gut alive, well, and ready to go to work. 

Who is Floracil50 Best For?

If you’re a mammal and have a digestive system and genitals, Floracil50 can help. It contains beneficial bacteria that we all need, though many are deficient in. 

And being deficient in beneficial bacteria means being deficient in overall health. 

But even if you’re not suffering the effects of stress, poor diet, age, and too many sanitizing agents, using Floracil50 is still a good call for anyone from office workers, to athletes, to single moms—though if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, you need to check with your doctor first. 

Claims vs. Reality

Long before Umzu was even a company, there was science telling us that probiotics were good for us and could do all the things Umzu says they can. 

So, all their claims line up with the real world. 

Umzu Floracil50 - Helps Balance Hormones

Is Floracil50 Safe?

Prior to preventing diarrhea, Floracil50 may cause it, though it’s because of the good guys going to work as the new sheriff in town, killing off the bad guys. It’s temporary, and once you’re cleaned out, you’ll feel great. 

But, on the off chance that you are sensitive or allergic to any ingredients, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee, and nothing to lose.  

Where to Buy Floracil50

At $44.95 for about a month’s worth, Umzu’s offering is about what you’d expect to pay for a quality probiotic. You can also take an additional 15% off that when you sign up for auto-ship, and orders over $99 get shipped free.

Umzu Floracil50 Website

Along with Umzu’s site, Floracil50 is widely available through Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and many other retailers that carry quality probiotic supplements.

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