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By Meghan Stoops, RDN

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asystem sleep gummies review

You don’t realize how much you need sleep until you find yourself not getting enough. Sure, we know it’s important but it’s still the first thing we sacrifice when we find ourselves low on time. Although it may appear to help in the short-term, chronic sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your health and your productivity. 

Whether you are missing sleep because of stress, a busy schedule, or other sleep challenges, there are supplements out there that may be able to help. Taking a supplement for sleep may not be your first choice, especially if you don’t enjoy taking pills. Because of this, many consumers have started reaching for ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies to ease into their evening Z’s. But do these gummies do the trick or are they just candy disguised as a sleep aid? Let’s find out. 

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About ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies

ASYSTEM is a supplement company founded in 2018 by Josh LeVine and Oliver Walsh. This health and wellness company markets science-forward supplements for active lifestyles using a combination of research-backed clinical ingredients and proprietary blends with “the best that nature has to offer”. Their supplements run the gamut from immunity and energy to libido and stress. Their products have been featured in GQ, Well + Good, and many more. Additionally, we have also reviewed many of ASYSTEM’s products.

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ASYSTEM created an advanced natural sleep gummy that claims to be proven to improve sleep without daytime grogginess. Their product uses a mixture of active ingredients that includes chamomile extract, L-Tryptophan, Lion’s Mane extract, and more to help you increase your sleep duration and quality so you can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Benefits

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies claim to provide benefits such as improved sleep quality and sleep duration, provide a calm mind, and allow you to wake refreshed instead of struggling with daytime grogginess commonly experienced with sleep medications. This product is great for consumers who don’t like taking pills and comes in low-sugar, gluten-free, fruit-flavored gummies. 

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Ingredients

The key ingredients in ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies are Safr-Inside, L-tryptophan, chamomile extract, passionflower extract, holy basil, lion’s mane extract, Rhodiola extract, lemon balm extract, and a night terpene blend.

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Supplement Facts


Safr-Inside is saffron extracted to get the purest form of the active compounds which are believed to manage stress and promote relaxation. Some successful clinical trials support Safr-Inside to increase resilience to stress and improve anxiety. It is even being looked at as a possible treatment for mood and depressive disorders.


L-tryptophan is an amino acid found in high-protein foods. It’s often referred to during the Thanksgiving holiday due to the high consumption of turkey, which is rich in L-tryptophan. Research has found that concentrations of this amino acid of at least 1 gram or more can help you fall asleep faster. This is because your body uses L-tryptophan to create serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls mood and sleep.


ASYSTEM’s Sleep Gummies contain a mixture of powerful adaptogens including lion’s mane, Rhodiola, lemon balm, holy basil, passionflower, and chamomile. Adaptogens are compounds found in plants, such as herbs and mushrooms that are believed to improve resilience to stress. Because stress is a common cause of sleep disruptions, adaptogens are also used as a sleep aid.

Adaptogens have been used as a natural health aid in place of traditional medicine for centuries. Although there are some studies to support their benefit, more research is still needed on their effects, especially when combined with other herbs. 

Night Terpene Blend

ASYSTEM’s Sleep Gummies contains a night terpene blend that includes Myrcene, Linalool, Terpinolene, and Phytol. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are responsible for the scent of various plants. Many studies have found a connection between terpenes and stress. Some terpenes, such as Myrcene, may even have sedative effects. However, more research is still needed to determine the effects of taking oral terpenes on health.

Do ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Work?

According to ASYSTEM, their clinical studies show their products work. According to a study conducted on 28 adults between 24 and 48 years old struggling with sleep issues, anxiety, and a stressful lifestyle, 82% saw an improvement in sleep, 79% fell asleep faster, and 82% had more restful sleep when taking their Sleep Gummies. As promising as this clinical study appears, it includes a very small sample size of only 28 individuals. A larger sample size is necessary to determine the true efficacy of a product. 

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Supplement

Their consumers, however, feel this product works very well. They received 4.9 out of 5 stars from 39 customers stating ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies helped them wake up refreshed, fall asleep quickly, and hate going to sleep without them. 

Who is ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Best For?

This product is best for someone who is looking for some assistance improving their sleep but does not want to take medications. Consumers looking to take ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies should avoid taking this product if they are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. Avoid the use of Sleep Gummies if you are taking medication for a chronic condition. Always speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before adding a supplement to your routine.

asystem sleep gummies

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Claims vs. Reality

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies contain a blend of ingredients that provide a good amount of clinical research to back their claims. However, many of their herbal ingredients, such as adaptogens and terpenes, require more studies to support their potential benefits, along with any long-term effects that might be present. 

Additionally, their clinical research claims regarding their Sleep Gummies have a very small sample size that does not reach the full spectrum of individuals that might be taking this product. Although their claims seem enticing and there is research to support many of their ingredients, ASYSTEM’s Sleep Gummies are still lacking in adequate clinical trials to fully support their claims using human trials.

ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Containers

Are ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies Safe?

The active ingredients in ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies are typically well-tolerated by adults however, some side effects can be noted. Adaptogens can result in nausea, diarrhea, headache, and upset stomach in some populations. The most common side effects reported for Safr-Inside include nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, and drowsiness. 

Some terpenes taken orally can cause irritation, allergic reaction, nausea, headache, and even toxicity if consumed in too high amounts while L-tryptophan can cause drowsiness, headache, stomach pain, and blurry vision. Always speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before adding a supplement to your routine. 

Where to Buy ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies

You can purchase ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies directly from their website, priced at $59 for a one-month starter pack. ASYSTEM also offers a subscribe-and-save option that takes an additional 7% off your total by signing up for a monthly automatic subscription. 

For best results, ASYSTEM recommends taking their Sleep Gummies every evening for at least six weeks. They also offer a wild berry gummy that contains melatonin. 

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