Withings Steel HR Review – Is This Hybrid Smartwatch Worth The Cost?

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Withings Steel HR Review

There’s a lot of devices out there that track our fitness progress. Yet, we cannot seem to figure out which ones will give us the most accurate readings possible. We all have a knack of keeping track of how many calories we’ve burned, how many steps we’ve taken, and so on. Needless to say, we do this so that we can remind ourselves that we are one step closer to our fitness goals. What if you wanted a wearable device that was accurate and gave you readings on everything you needed to know while crushing your fitness goals? There is one that you might enjoy.

The Withings Steel HR Smartwatch is a wearable device that you can wear like a regular watch. It will give you readings on your heart rate, sleep time, and track your day-long activity. Plus, it’s waterproof up to 5 ATM. No other fitness watch may ever come close to the accurate readings you can get with this kind of watch.

Withings Hybrid Smartwatch 3 pair

What Is Withings Steel HR?

The Withings Steel HR Smartwatch is a rechargeable battery watch that will last you a long time on one charge. How long exactly? Try 25 days. It’s advanced technology mixed with a unique design to make it look like a real, fashionable watch is what makes this watch stand out much better than others. You get 24/7 activity tracking, so it’s working to see how long you’ve slept, how many steps you have taken, and more. It can continuously track you during rest periods and during workouts. Plus, you’ll be able to access all of your data right on your smartphone.

Withings Hybrid Smartwatch in wrist


  • Very long battery life
  • Quick to recharge
  • Allows 24/7 fitness tracking
  • Very comfortable design
  • Includes VO2 tracking
  • Works with Alexa
  • Gives you smartphone notifications
  • Wi-Fi compatible


  • Expensive for some users
  • Small display for notifications

Who Makes Withings Steel HR Smartwatch?

Withings Steel HR Smartwatch is made by Withings. The company was founded in 2008 in France. It has built quite a reputation for manufacturing many fitness devices that you can wear and use at home. Aside from the Steel HR Smartwatch, Withings makes scales that are proven to be 99.9 percent accurate in their readings. All devices are compatible with Wi-Fi and smartphones by way of various fitness apps. Withings devices can work with well over 100+ fitness-based apps in both the Android and iOS platforms. While they are not among the big names for fitness devices like Fitbit or Garmin, they have shown that they have flown under the radar by providing accurate readings for its users.

Withings Steel HR Features

Withings Steel HR comes with plenty of features that will make it stand out head above shoulders over standard watches and fitness tracking devices. Like any other fitness device on the market, it has a heart rate tracker that will measure your heart rate at any time. You can keep track of your resting heart rate as well as your max heart rate when you are working out.

Withings Hybrid Smartwatch blown

Of all the fitness tracking devices on the market, this one might have the longest battery life of them all. One charge will last you 25 to 30 days. Imagine having a device that lasts you the entire month before you have to charge it again. It may sound unheard of, but you’ll get to experience it with this watch.

It can also track your sleep activity, such as rapid eye movement (REM) and clocks in how long you’ve slept. You’ll be able to determine how long you sleep on average to determine if you are actually getting the required 7 to 8 hours sleep that you need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This will also track your daily activity from how many steps you take, how far you’ve walked, jogged, ran, or swim. You name the activity, and this watch will track every inch, mile, or meter you’ve traveled.

Every day, you’ll get in-depth reports right on your phone, so you know where you are exceeding expectations and where you need to improve. It’s like having a personal fitness trainer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Why spend more and lose track of all of your stats at the same time when this watch can do it all?

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How Does Withings Steel HR Work?

The Withings Steel HR Smartwatch has built-in sensors that can track any and every movement you make throughout the day. It also includes a sensor for measuring your heart rate and another for day and night tracking while you sleep. The battery will run on two modes of operation. The normal operation will give you the full 25 days. However, if the watch is in “Workout Mode,” the battery will last at least 5 days at the maximum.

This has the ability to consume a low amount of power and thus doesn’t suck down any juice when in normal mode. It might be considered a plus if you have dealt with wearable fitness devices in the past.

You can access your watch’s stats by accessing the app that you can download via the App Store or Google Play, depending on which phone you have.

Withings Hybrid Smartwatch

Fitness Watch Alternatives

While we like Withings Steel HR, there are other alternatives out there on the market.

Let’s take a look at some other fitness watches:

FitTrack Atria

The FitTrack Atria is a multipurpose, smartphone integrated smartwatch designed for fitness tracking purposes. It features a 1.2″ touchscreen display that feeds you push, text, and calendar notifications, as well as letting you monitor your vitals. You can get the FitTrack Atria for $95.00 or $122.00 with a lifetime warranty guarantee.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

The Huawei Band 3 Pro is an activity tracker watch. It offers heart rate monitoring, step counting, calorie tracking, sleep monitoring, and GPS workout tracking. You can get the Huawei Band Pro for around $60-$70.

Withings Steel HR: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a fitness device that will keep track of everything day in and day out, this will definitely be worth purchasing. This watch might even put Fitbit devices to shame. That’s because you can wear the device as if it were a regular watch, thus making it inconspicuous rather than obvious. If you have a hard time keeping track of all of your stats, you may want to consider wearing this daily while tracking your fitness goals.

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