What Do Probiotics Do For Women?

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By Juliana Tamayo, MS, Nutritionist

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what to probiotics do for women

Probiotics are in these days. Whether you buy probiotic supplements or instead try to add more foods with healthy bacteria in your diet, you are probably working towards improving your gut health. However, probiotics can do much more than just give you a dose of beneficial bacteria. 

If you are here wondering, “what do probiotics do for women?” then you are in the right place. We will give you an insight into what a probiotic supplement is and is not. You will likely be able to find out if taking probiotics is the right call for you. 

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What Are Probiotics ?

Probiotics are foods or supplements that contain healthy bacteria. The human GI tract contains several bacteria known as the healthy gut microbiome. These bacteria colonies help digest, break down, and absorb nutrients properly. Some foods that are classified as probiotic foods include fermented foods, like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and cheese. 

For some, eating enough good bacteria is not easy, especially if they are on a budget or can’t tolerate certain foods. Instead, looking for probiotic supplements could be a good way to ensure that your body gets a high dose of healthy bacteria. 

Some factors can affect your gut bacteria, such as eating a diet high in refined sugar and saturated fat, and not eating enough fiber. When your microbiome is not healthy, you develop poor gut health and experience other symptoms, such as irritable bowel syndrome, a weak immune system, and overall, poor digestive health. 

Things To Look For In A Probiotic 

The most common mistake someone can make is to buy probiotic supplements that do not have the correct dosage or that do not contain enough beneficial bacteria. If you are looking for the best probiotic, keep these things in mind:

  • Your probiotic contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, Bacillus or Saccharomyces boulardi
  • The product has a minimum of 1 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) 
  • It has been tested 

There is no specific brand of probiotics for women, but you can look for these specific traits before you take something that will affect your gut flora. Be sure to also accompany your supplements with healthy diet changes, more probiotic foods, more fiber, and better sleep. 

What Do Probiotics Do For Women? 

The question we plan to take on today is why women, in particular, would benefit from good bacteria and what the specific benefits of probiotics are in this case. Women’s health is something that affects everyday life, including maintaining a healthy weight, a strong immune system, sleep, and more. 

Please see below the probiotic benefits for women.

Better Gut Health

Probiotics can help create the perfect balance between bad bacteria and healthy bacteria that should make up your gut flora.

Things like taking antibiotics, bacterial infections, yeast infections, or eating the wrong foods can lead to harmful bacteria overgrowth that kills your healthy gut bacteria. Lack of healthy bacteria leads to things like a leaky gut, problems when your gut tries to digest food, abdominal pain, gas, constipation, and more.

A probiotic can help regenerate your gut bacteria while also helping reduce the bad bacteria that should not be there. Soon, you will notice that you can digest food easier, you have less gas, and you might even reach a healthy weight you were not before. 

Taking probiotics for women simply means more optimal gut health and feeling like your digestive system works more efficiently. Some of the health benefits of these probiotic strains also include a stronger intestinal lining, which means you will be less likely to develop any infections. This is also true in cases where the lining has been damaged, such as Celiac disease or Crohn’s disease. 

Fewer Urinary Tract Infections 

Vaginal health is something else that seems affected by bad bacteria. A probiotic supplement could positively affect your vaginal health by giving it the right bacterial strains that help maintain the correct pH level. The vaginal microbiome is in charge of helping fight off infections, such as bacterial vaginosis, but to do this, the right pH has to be maintained. 

Probiotics for women can help prevent any vaginal infections while promoting a healthier and stronger vaginal microbiome. 

Stronger Immune System 

Research now shows that a lot of your immunity is connected to your gut. This is particularly true for women, as they tend to be more vulnerable to autoimmune diseases and infections. 

Eating fermented foods might be beneficial to create good bacteria, but a probiotic yogurt a day might not be enough for your immune system to stay strong. The best way to ensure that your gastrointestinal tract has a healthy microbiome that supports your immunity is to take probiotic supplementation. 

The gut-brain axis is real and it can lead to a lot of problems in your life when your microbiome is out of balance. Live bacteria in your gut can help regulate your health, especially by strengthening your gut lining and preventing any microorganisms from crossing the intestinal barrier. 

Weight Management 

While it is not a magic weight loss pill, a probiotic with the correct good bacteria can help you maintain a healthy weight by having a positive impact on your metabolism and energy levels.

When good bacteria enter your gut, it also promotes the production of short-chain fatty acids, which play a role in digestion and metabolism. 

Better Skin Health 

Better digestion will usually lead to healthier skin as well. Consuming probiotics can not only lead to optimal health but can help promote shinier and stronger skin. 

Since beneficial microorganisms in oral probiotics prevent infections and help promote digestion, your skin will also see some of the benefits of an efficient gut. Also, a stronger immune system means less chance of microbes affecting your skin and leading to things like acne or rashes. 

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Balance Mood 

A balanced gut can lead to a better mood by improving your energy levels and sleep habits. If you can digest food properly without digestive distress, pain, gas, or bloating,  you feel better and happier. At the same time, you are also probably getting more sleep at night, which is essential for mental health. 

Are Probiotics Safe? 

In general, everyone can safely take probiotics. It might not be recommended for pregnant or lactating women, but you can also check with your healthcare provider. 

Children should also not consume a probiotic before checking in with their pediatrician. Finally, individuals with a weakened immune system should be mindful, since these are microorganisms that could cause issues in certain situations. 

Finally, be mindful that taking a probiotic on an empty stomach can cause nausea, vomiting, and bloating. In the beginning, probiotics can cause some diarrhea and gas, but these symptoms should pass after a few weeks. 

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Probiotic Supplements: Which One To Choose 

Before you go out to buy a probiotic, it is best to know which products are out there and what they offer. Some will include prebiotics in their formulas, and others will add essential vitamins, but it is up to you to decide which supplement to buy.

If you are trying to minimize abdominal discomfort or have regular bowel movements, a traditional probiotic with active cultures is the best choice. If you need help with other health conditions, such as bacterial vaginosis or acne, then a supplement with added vitamins and minerals could be beneficial. Either way, we will break down some of the best products out there. 

Seed Synbiotic

Best Overall

Unlike other products out there, Seed stands out because it is a “synbiotic.” This term simply means that it includes probiotics and prebiotics in one. The reason Seed is superior is that it is straightforward, not only does it only have two ingredients, an inside full of 24 strains of probiotics and an outer shell made entirely of prebiotic fiber. 

For those women looking for a product that gives them the benefits of probiotics without the hassle of dealing with other ingredients, then Seed might be the right choice.

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Routine Probiotics for Her 

Best Value

The whole product is dedicated to women and it not only includes bacteria, but it also has Ashwagandha. The main probiotic strain here is B. lactis, but you will also see L. acidophilus and L.rhamnosus. The addition of Ashwagandha is for maintaining calmness and a stress-free day. 

This brand is transparent about its ingredients and manufacturing, and for only $39.99 you can get a month’s supply, which is significantly less than most products out there.

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Primal Harvest Probiotics

Best for Stacking

Primal Harvest is one of those companies that seems to have a supplement for everything you need. When it comes to your gut microbiome, Primal Harvest Probiotics includes 12 different bacterial strains.

Primal Harvest is great if you want to order from a company that can give you a probiotic as well as multivitamins, collagen, and other high-quality health supplements.

primal harvest probiotics


Since probiotics are so common these days, it is completely normal to want some answers, especially when it comes to probiotics for women. See some of the most frequent questions regarding this supplement. 

Should A Woman Take A Probiotic Daily? 

Yes, a daily probiotic will make a difference. While there is not any hard evidence that a woman should benefit from having a probiotic every day, for living microorganisms to make a real change many factors have to be taken into account.

Taking probiotics daily can be beneficial for women, as it ensures that you will reach a therapeutic dose and that you see the benefits as quickly as possible. Always read the label for the probiotic you choose, as some dosages vary and directions do too. 

What Are The Signs That You Need A Probiotic?

There are many reasons why someone could need a probiotic, but here are the most common: 

  • GI distress, including constipation, bloating, gas, pain, and diarrhea 
  • You have been taking antibiotics for a while 
  • Constant flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and lack of immunity 
  • Lack of variety in the diet, including fermented foods, fiber, and vegetables 

All of these could indicate that you might want to try taking a probiotic to improve your life. 

Final Thoughts On Probiotics For Women

If you think that taking a probiotic is simply about your gut, then you might want to rethink this supplement all over again. For those that suffer from issues in their vaginal health, who might get urogenital infections, or who feel tired constantly, probiotics work to help keep your body functioning properly. 

The time is now to begin taking care of your general health, and what better way than taking a supplement that will provide you with multiple benefits? Probiotics do exactly that and pose no danger for most women. Be sure to choose the right probiotic and pair it with a healthy diet, more sleep, physical activity, and stress-free day-to-day. 

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