Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar – Top 6 Reasons To Add It To Your Diet

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Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most well-known home remedies. It is claimed that this type of vinegar can bring a variety of health benefits, ranging from weight loss to hair health and even a potential treatment for diabetes.

In this article, we are going to dig deeper and find out the actual benefits of this well-known home remedy. If you’re wondering how apple cider vinegar can help you, then continue reading below.

Without further ado, let’s get started so you can discover all the health benefits of apple cider vinegar!

Apple Cider Vinegar

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is simply a vinegar that is mostly made from fermented apples. To make apple cider vinegar, apples are crushed to squeeze its juice, then yeast is added to the apple juice to ferment it and turn its sugar into alcohol. Eventually, the bacteria turns the alcohol into acetic acid, which makes the vinegar sour.

Apple cider vinegar is mainly used in food preparations like salad dressings and marinades.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Glasses

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work?

The majority of the health benefits coming from apple cider vinegar comes from its vinegar – after all, ACV is a vinegar!

In general, vinegar has its own benefits. Thanks to its acidic liquid, the vinegar possesses antimicrobial effects against certain viruses. On the other hand, the “mother”, the clout of yeast and bacteria which is specific to ACV, contains probiotics that are mainly beneficial for gut health.

How Apple Cider Vinegar Works

These are basically how apple cider vinegar works in your body to provide the health benefits it possesses. But what are these health benefits? What can you actually get from apple cider vinegar? Let’s find out below!

Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

1) Can Aid In Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, then you may want to consider adding apple cider vinegar to your diet.

Apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight because it can lower blood sugar, has a very minimal calorie count per tablespoon, and it can create a feeling of fullness for a relatively extended period of time. If you feel less hungry, you’re unlikely to eat more.

For example, according to one study of 175 people with obesity, daily consumption of apple cider vinegar led to fat belly reduction and weight loss. The results show that taking 1 tablespoon (12mL) of ACV led to a loss of 2.6lbs (1.2kg) while 2 tablespoons led to a 3.7lbs (1.7kg) loss.

However, this study was conducted on a 3-month timeframe, so the results weren’t grand by any means. But regardless, weight loss and fat burning is a long-term commitment. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet are still the main factors that will lead to weight loss. Adding ACV should only be used as supplementary and not as some form of “magic pill” (or in this case, “magic vinegar”).

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

2) Capable Of Killing Harmful Bacteria

Apple cider vinegar and vinegar in general are capable of killing pathogens, including bacteria. This is why aside from cooking, vinegar is a famous cleaning tool as well.

Interestingly, the bacteria-cleansing effects of vinegar are known as early as ancient Greece. Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, was known to use vinegar to clean wounds. If you want to preserve your food, you can also use apple cider vinegar as a natural food preservative.

3) May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

If you are concerned about your blood sugar level, you may want to add apple cider vinegar to your diet. In one study, for example, vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity by up to 19-34% after eating a high-carb meal. At the same time, it can also lower blood sugar and insulin response.

In another study of 5 healthy people, vinegar reduced their blood sugar by 31.4% after eating 50g of white bread. However, while ACV may help you lower your blood sugar level, eating a healthy diet, and working out regularly is still key to maintain a healthy sugar level and attain optimal health. Again, ACV is just a supplementary food for these cases.

4) Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Apple cider vinegar is known to help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These two, when raised at unhealthy levels, can increase your risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Hence, lowering their levels is necessary for a healthy heart.

Since ACV can aid in weight loss, it indirectly benefits the heart as well as excess weight is simply bad for the heart (and overall health).

5) Promotes Hair And Skin Health

Apple cider vinegar is a common remedy used for certain skin problems like eczema and dry skin. This is because ACV can help rebalance the pH of our quite acidic skin. Because ACV also contains antibacterial properties, it can be used to protect your skin from possible bacteria that may harm it.

Aside from skin, ACV can also protect and promote hair health. Just like with the skin, ACV can lower and balance the pH level in your hair. At the same time, it can fight off bacteria coming to your hair. It’s for this reason that ACV is a common ingredient in many natural shampoos.

6) Loaded With Probiotics

As a fermented food, apple cider vinegar is loaded with probiotics, and probiotics are good for the gut – and overall health!

Gut health is not only limited to digestive issues and other toilet-related problems. Having a healthy gut does not only spare you from diarrhea but promotes overall health in almost every area of your health – heart, brain, mood, weight loss, metabolism, hormonal balance, etc.!

Probiotics are live microorganisms that will contribute to your gut’s health by adding and enhancing the healthy microbiome that lives in your gut. By enhancing this healthy microbiome, they can work more to promote health for the gut and for your entire body.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe?

Although apple cider vinegar has great health benefits, it also comes with some potential side effects. Most of these side effects come from the fact that ACV is acidic.

Here are some potential side effects of using ACV:

  • Erosion of tooth enamel
  • Skin burn
  • Throat burn
  • Low potassium level
  • Bone loss
  • Digestion-related side effects
  • Potential drug interaction

Recommended Apple Cider Vinegar Brands

There are many brands that you can buy when you’re shopping for ACVs, but if you don’t have any idea on what to buy, then consider our recommendations:

1. Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

This brand is best for cooking purposes. You can make a soup, a sauce, or even a salad dressing to use on a daily basis. Just remember that it needs to stay refrigerated. 


2. Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies 

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Goli Gummies are a great option if you do not like consuming capsules or pills. They’re vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain no preservatives, chemicals, nor artificial ingredients. 


3. Kevala Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Kevala Apple Cider Vinegar

This brand of apple cider vinegar is a budget-friendly ACV. This is a great alternative to Bragg Organic if you are on a budget. 


4. Peak Purity 100% Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules


If you are looking to take apple cider vinegar, this brand is one of the best ACV capsules you can take. If you are just looking for the health benefits, then consuming it in capsules can be an easy method.


Final Verdict: Give Apple Cider Vinegar A Try 

Apple cider vinegar is a great addition to anyones diet. Whether you consume it in its original liquid state, or you take it as a gummy or in capsule form, it can provide you with a variety of health benefits. In order to truly see these benefits, you must try it out for yourself and see how your body reacts, as each one does differently. 

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