The Miz Workout and Diet

Pro Wrestler
Born: 1980

From Ohio, Mike ‘The Miz’Mizanin was always athletic. He was captain of his high school’s basketball and cross country teams, and he also swam and participated in student government. Mizanin attended Miami University before dropping out to join the cast on The Real World in 2001. He then appeared in spin-offs including Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Seasons, The Gauntlet, and The Inferno. Mizanin also won a Reality Star episode of Fear Factor in 2006. His most recent reality tv show appearance was in Dancing With the Stars. In 2004, Mizanin signed on with the WWE. He has won 20 titles so far, including the WWE Championship twice, the Raw Tag Team Championship 4 times and the Intercontinental Championship 8 times.Mizanin has been ranked #1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s PWI 500 list. He appears in the video game WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009, and he has also done some acting, including in Santa’s Little Helper and The Campaign. Mizanin is married to fellow WWE wrestler Maryse Ouellet and they have 2 children.Mizanin has millions of followers on social media. He is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs about 205 lbs.

Known For:

The Miz’s Diet


To kick off 2021, Mizanin dropped 14 lbs. and got ripped abs in just 4 months, but it took a lot of work. He followed a paleo-style diet and cut out all gluten, dairy and soy products, and he also stepped up his training with the goal of optimizing his physical fitness to prolong his career. He worked with The Paleo Chef, Mary Shenouda to be sure he was getting a good balance of nutrients and energy for staying strong in the ring. He still feels tempted by junk food and sometimes gives in, but overall, he says it’s worth the sacrifice.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Fat 20% 20%
  • Medium Carb 30% 30%
  • High Protein 50% 50%

Diet Details

The Paleo Diet

Mizanin did not fool around when he decided to shape up. He cut out 3 big allergens: gluten, dairy and soy, and consumed only foods that would have been eaten by our ancestors, such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds. The results speak for themselves.

No Magic Bullet

Mizanin slimmed down and looks great, but he is the first to admit that it takes a lot of commitment. That said, he loves how he looks and feels, which is plenty of motivation to keep it up. 

On Temptation

Mizanin admits to giving into his cravings from time to time, but because he likes the way he feels and looks, he gets back on the wagon of healthy eating.

Weekly Weigh-Ins

During his slim-down phase, Mizanin checked on his progress by weighing himself weekly.

Dancing Diet

Mizanin says he’s lost even more weight being on Dancing With the Stars, and that the routine is so intense, he can’t even eat enough to maintain his weight.

What to Eat


Whole, Natural Foods


Grass-fed Beef






Fresh Fruit






Olive Oil





What to Avoid








Processed Fods


Artificial Ingredients




Mizanin on His Gluten-, Dairy-, Soy-free Diet

’This routine for 3 months has now turned into a habit I want to keep.’


Mizanin on Quick Fixes

‘There is no secret drink or pill that’s going to get you ripped.’


Mizanin on Junk Food

‘There are tough days where I just want to eat like crap, and honestly, I’ll indulge.’


Mizanin of the Benefits of Clean Eating

‘I love the way I look and feel.’

The Miz’s Workout Routine


Weekly Routine

Always Active

Mizanin has been an athlete all his life. He captained his high school’s basketball and cross country teams and swam.

No Short Cuts

Mizanin says there is no magic formula to getting ripped. You simply must do the work.

Friend in Need

Mizanin credits his pal and trainer Matt Blank for helping him to stay the course and show up to the gym when he didn’t feel like it.

Daily Dose

Mizanin pumped iron 4 days a week for 3 months as part of his New Year’s resolution to get in shape. In just 3 months, he’d dropped almost 15 lbs. and his abs were popping.

Cardio King

Mizanin also did 3 days a week of cardio, doing the treadmill at a 10% incline at 3 mph.


Another form of cardio Mizanin does is 20 min of jump rope in intervals of 90 sec/30 sec rest.

Timing Matters

Mizanin’s trainer has him do lots of squats. Mizanin hates leg day, and he also didn’t want to be sore for his tv performances, so he’d do legs on Tuesday or Wednesday, after a Monday Night Raw show.

Exercise Style


A Miz Sample Routine

Train 4 days/week.

Do 5 reps x 5 sets. Rest for 2 min after each set.
Bench press

Do 8-12 reps x 2-3 sets. Rest for 60-90 sec after each set.
Good mornings
Leg extension
Leg curl

Dumbbell bench press
Lateral raise
Rear delt raise

Dumbbell row
Lat pulldown
Lat pullover
Machine row

Cardio 3 days/week
Treadmill: 10 degrees at 3 mph
Jump rope: 20 min in intervals of 90 sec/30 sec rest


Mizanin On The Gym

‘I’ve never been a guy who enjoyed the gym. I hated getting started, but once I’m in there, I’m locked in.’


Mizanin on Leg Workouts

‘Honestly, who likes leg day?’


Mizanin on Jumping Rope

‘It’s a fat burner!’


Mizanin on Getting Ripped

‘I know there are no short cuts. You have to put in the work for the results you want.’


Mizanin on How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

‘’Find a group that motivates you, find your goal and PUT IN THE WORK.’


Mizanin on His Motivation To Work Out

‘I’m doing my best to make sure I can continue to do my job at the highest level for many years to come.’

The Miz’s Supplements


The Miz hasn’t shared much information on the supplements he uses. Below are some supplements that may be beneficial to people who are following a similar diet and workout plan.

Protein Powder

protein shake

Mizanin went full-throttle with the clean eating and he also got professional help. The Paleo diet is high in protein, phyto-nutrients and fiber, so if your diet is less than ideal, try adding these with a protein shake, a greens supplementand soluble fiber.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil


Healthy fats in the form of omega-3s are also essential to combat inflammation, boost brain power, and improve overall heath.

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vitamin B12

vitamin B12

Mizanin hit 40 last year, and men of a certain age can benefit from supplementing with vitamin B12, necessary for good brain function and not as easily absorbed as we get older.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another must-have for most people, and men in particular as it boosts testosterone production.

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Sufficient magnesium helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, and it also helps you get a good night’s sleep.

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Calcium is another smart choice for strong bones, healthy muscles including heart muscle, and nerve function.

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Finally, a multivitamin is always a good idea to cover all your bases.

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The Miz’s Lifestyle

Sleep: Not Always on the Schedule

Mizanin says he’s often persona non grata when he goes to bed, the baby and dogs having taken up all the spare space.

Alter Ego

‘The Miz’ first appeared on The Real World, and provided a contrast to Mizanin’s usually calm demeanor. He only realized later what a great gimmick his brash, angry persona would be for pro wrestling.

Staying Power

Mizanin says old-school wrestlers used to kick him out of the locker room, saying he wasn’t a ‘real’ wrestler due to his background in reality tv. Some 20 years and 20 championship titles later, he’s proven them wrong.

A Born Competitor

Dancing With the Stars is just the latest in a long line of competitions Mizanin has participated in. He says he always wanted to do DWTS, but never had the time due to his packed WWE schedule. He was pleasantly surprised when his boss let him take the time off to focus on dancing.

A Total Romantic

Mizanin met his future wife Maryse during the 2006 WWE Diva Search which he hosted. Seven years later, he popped the question in the same room where they first met: at the Ritz-Carleton in LA.


Mizanin on Sharing Sleeping Space With The Whole Fam

‘I have ruined everything by trying to get into my bed.’


Mizanin on His Job With the WWE

‘I love seeing a live audience every week and doing something that I’m actually really good at.’


Mizanin on His Real Personality vs ‘The Miz’

‘Sometimes I blur the lines between The Miz and Mike Mizanin.’


Mizanin on Aging

‘I’m 40 now and it’s not so easy to shed the pounds. It’s not as easy to gain muscle anymore. Now I have to work double-time from when I was 25.’


Mizanin on His DWTS Weight Loss

‘I’m turning into dancer shape and my wife doesn’t like me skinny.’


Mizanin on His Wife’s Unconditional Support

‘It’s amazing to have…a person that always supports you in goals you didn’t even know you had.’


Mizanin on What Would Happen if His wife Maryse appeared on DWTS

‘She’d beat me.’

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