Steve Austin Workout and Diet

Born: 1964

Steven Austin was born Steven Anderson. His parents divorced when he was a baby. He took his stepfather’s last name of Williams before eventually changing it legally to Austin. After high school, he earned a football scholarship to Wharton County Junior College and then a full scholarship to University of Northern Texas. Austin’s pro wresting career began after college. From 1991-95, he was ‘Stunning Steve’ in the WCW, then became The Ringmaster with the WWF before changing to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin the following year. Stone Cold Steve was a brash, beer-drinking antihero who became more popular than wrestling legends like Hulk Hogan. He won 19 championships and is a 6-time WWF champ and a 4-time WWF Tag Team Champ before injuries forced him to retire in 2003. He then began a podcast called The Stone Cold Podcast, and released a beer called Broken Skull IPA. Austin also hosted a reality series called Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge and has starred in Straight Up Steve Austin since 2019. Austin was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009. Austin has been married 3 times (wife since 2009: Kristin Feres) and has 3 kids. He has millions of followers on social media. Austin is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs about 250 lbs.

Known For:

Steve Austin’s Diet


Austin understands the importance of diet. He eats clean and counts all his macros. He eats a lot of protein every day: 325 grams and he doesn’t avoid carbs and has around 300. His 125 grams of fat come from healthy sources like olive oil and meat. He consumes all the classic bodybuilding foods, including egg whites, chicken breasts, greens, and oatmeal. He even gave up beer for a short time, although not permanently. Of course he always drinks plenty of water.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Carb 30% 30%
  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • High Protein 40% 40%

Diet Details


Count Your Macros

Austin weighs and measures everything he eats. He eats about 325 grams of protein, 300 grams of carbs and 125 grams of fat.


Diet is Key

Austin knows that eating a clean, healthy diet with plenty of nutritious foods and low on junk is essential to create and maintain a strong, ripped physique.


Just on a Break from Booze

While Austin proudly proclaimed 2 weeks without alcohol, he never had any plans to give it up permanently.

What to Eat


Egg Whites




Whey Protein




Brown Rice





What to Avoid


Junk Food


Refined Sugar


Processed Carbs


Fried Foods


Fast Food


Chemical Ingredients


Artificial Additives


Austin on his Recovery Diet

‘My eating program is going fantastic.’


Austin On Chicken

‘I eat so much chicken, I’m surprised I haven’t grown feathers yet.’


Austin on His Beer-free Diet

‘There ain’t no room in my diet for alcohol at this point in time.’


Austin on His Current Diet

‘I’ve got my calories dialed in to about 3,600 a day.’


Austin on Counting Macros

‘I measure everything out that goes into my body. Zero alcohol.


Austin on his Diet During Rough Times

‘I started living on raw potatoes, 3 meals each day. One potato for each meal.’


Austin on Alcohol

‘I will probably drink until my final day on Earth.’

Steve Austin’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

All-Around Athlete

In high school, Austin played football and baseball, and was also on the track and field team throwing discus.

Nothing Fancy

Austin doesn’t believe in fancy gyms. A few basic pieces of equipment are all he needs.

It’s Not Genetic

Austin says blaming genetics is just an excuse, and that commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise will take you far.

No Failure

Austin says to reduce risk of injury, it’s best not to train to failure once you hit a certain age.

Classic Split

Austin follows a classic bodybuilding 4-day split routine, working 1 muscle group or body part per day.


Austin does standard weightlifting but also engages in 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 days a week, on his off days from lifting.

Simple Back-Up Plan

When he was on the road with wrestling gigs that interfered with his regular gym routine, Austin would do 40 squats with 265 lbs.

Flexible As DDP

Austin also took up yoga as part of his recovery plan. He’s been using Diamond Dallas Page’s plan, and says, in not quite family-friendly terms, that his flexibility is amazing.

Exercise Style


A Steve Austin Routine

Do 6-10 reps of each of the following:
Squats: 5-6 sets
Straight-leg deadlift: 2 sets
Barbell shrugs: 2 sets
Dumbbell shrugs: 2 sets

Do 6-10 reps of each of the following:
Bench press: 3-4 sets
Incline bench press: 2 sets
Cardio: 30 min

Wednesday: Off

Do 6-10 reps x 2 sets of each of the following:
Barbell rows
Dumbbell rows
Barbell shrugs
Dumbbell shrugs
Cardio: 30 min

Do 6-10 reps x 2 sets of each of the following:
Barbell press
Dumbbell press
Close-grip bench press
Cardio: 30 min


Austin on his Physique

‘I came from a football background and then I trained to be a pro wrestler. Did I try to have an athletic presentation? Damn right!’


Austin on What a Poor Diet Did to His Physique

‘I got flat. I was so…tired, I couldn’t even do a push-up!’


Austin on the Power of a Solid Diet & Exercise Program:

‘No alcohol, and when you hit the weights on a consistent basis and eat what you’re supposed to, it is amazing the difference that you can make.’


Austin’s Advice on How to Get Ripped

‘Good diet, hard workouts and less time looking in the mirror.’

Steve Austin’s Supplements

Unlike many fitness professionals, Austin doesn’t have a line of supplements and has kept quiet on his personal choices. So, below are supplements that can benefit anyone following a similar diet.

Protein Powder


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BCAAs and creatine

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Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Citrulline Malate

Citrulline malate

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Steve Austin’s Lifestyle

Mr. Personality

Austin has had a lot of nicknames in his career, and even before. In high school, he was voted Most Popular and Mr. Cowboy, the local equivalent of Homecoming King. He was no slouch in class either, and was a member of the National Honor Society.

Lucky Meeting

Austin got his start with wrestling by answering an ad for wrestling school run by ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams.

Name Change

Austin changed his name from Williams to Austin because there was already a wrestler called Dr. Death Steve Williams. Austin chose his name for the city in Texas, not the tv show, The Six Million Dollar Man. As for ‘Stone Cold,’ his wife came up with that one after he was getting frustrated. His wife poured him a cup of tea to calm him and told him to drink it before it got ‘stone cold.’

Varied Vehicular Inventory

Austin owns a long list of vehicles including a monster truck, a cement truck, and a Zamboni. His first car was a ’71 Pontiac Firebird for which he paid a whopping $1,500. It turned out to be a total lemon.

A Moment of Clarity

During Austin’s break from drinking, he decided to give marijuana a try, then quickly regretted it when he stunk up the entire camper as they were going through a checkpoint with drug-sniffing dogs. He decided pot wasn’t for him.


Austin on Marijana

‘Here I am, retired from the wresting business, a global icon and a national treasure, and I’m about to get busted for…one joint…so I could get away from the booze!’


Austin on His Drug of Choice

‘If smoking dope is your thing, hey, more power to you. It really isn’t my cup of tea. I’d rather have a margarita.’


Austin on his Personality

‘I’m a very serious person, but I don’t take myself very serious, and I would rather laugh all day than argue.’


Austin on How He Communicates Power

‘I no longer need my power tie because I always have my power finger.’


Austin on Being Himself

‘I found out in pro wrestling that it works better if you just try and be yourself.’

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