Miles Teller Workout And Diet

Born: 1987

Miles Teller was born in Pennsylvania; his family moved to Florida when he was 12. He played musical instruments, including saxophone, piano and guitar, and was president of the drama club in high school. Teller also played baseball and hoped to go pro, but he went to NYU where he studied method acting and earned a degree in Fine Arts, graduating in 2009. His major film debut came in 2010 with Rabbit Hole. Teller went on to play in several other films, including Divergent and its sequels, Fantastic Four, and Bleed for This. He also appeared on stage in Footloose, and as the same character on screen. He married model Keleigh Sperry in 2019. Teller has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. He is 6 feet tall and weighs about 175 lbs.

Known For:

Miles Teller’s Diet


Teller got completely ripped to play a boxer in Bleed for This, but it took a lot of commitment. He hired a nutritionist and gave up eating everything he liked for the better part of a year, including no alcohol for 8 months and no bread for 7. His diet was extremely strict and included not much more than chicken, veggies, and protein shakes made with almond milk. He dropped 20 lbs. and got his body aft down to 6%.

Estimated Macros

  • Low-Medium Carb 20% 20%
  • Medium Fat 40% 40%
  • High Protein 60% 60%

Diet Details


Serious Diet Plan

Teller’s Bleed for This diet was pretty limited: chicken breast, spinach, avocados, tomatoes, and protein powder. If he treated himself to some fruit like blueberries, he’d only eat about 10 before cutting himself off.


Professional Help

Teller hired nutritionist Gary Kobat to craft the perfect boxer’s diet. Kobat has also worked with pro athletes and Olympians.


Will of Iron

Teller never cheated on his Bleed for This diet, to the point of exasperating his SO, Keleigh Sperry who ordered a bunch of junk food just to taunt him.


Look the Part

Teller’s motivation for such a strict diet was to look like a real boxer and not embarrass himself. He says acting skills only take a body so far. The rest has to be real.

What to Eat


Protein Powder


Almond Milk






Leafy Greens




Berries (limited)



What to Avoid






Processed Foods


Artificial Ingredients


Junk Food


Artificial Ingredients


Trans Fats


Teller on His Bleed for This Diet

‘I didn’t eat bread for 7 months. You have to just stay committed.’


Teller on His Motivation For Sticking To a Strict Diet

‘You’re playing a professional boxer. It’s embarrassing if you’re not in good shape.’


Teller on Changes in Cravings

‘Funny enough, I started to really crave greens. You can accomplish a lot by avoiding overeating during meals, and guess what? You don’t need bread.’


Teller on His Girlfriend Ordering Junk Food

‘One time, I came home…in the middle of my training…and there’s french fries…and I got so pissed off!’


Teller on Cheat Meals

‘I didn’t have cheat meals. I found it easier to stay away from anything like that than be tempted.’


Teller on Temptation

‘One day…I saw a Jolly Rancher and had an inner battle. I mean, that’s 15 calories and a few grams of sugar. I didn’t eat it.’

Miles Teller’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Always Active

Teller played baseball in high school and entertained dreams of going pro. In college, he studied various forms of dance including ballet as part of his Fine Arts degree.

Cross Training

Teller struggled with the footwork of boxing, until his coach caught him dancing in a corner. He added the dance steps and his boxing improved dramatically.

Pro Help

For Top Gun 2, Teller worked with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh, whose list of clientele includes John Krasinski, Brie Larson, and Matt Damon. For Bleed for This, Teller trained with Darrell Foster who also worked with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

Daily Dose

To prep for Bleed for This, Teller trained every single day for 5 months leading up to filming. His routine included 4 hours of shadow boxing, focus pads, heavy bag, speed bag, and jump rope, then 2 hours of weight training followed by another hour of choreography and finally physical therapy for recovery.

Serious Work Out

Teller’s Bleed for This routine included a 5-mile run just as a warm up. While filming, Teller faced off against real fighters who were instructed not to pull their punches.

Work With What You Got

Prepping for Spiderhead took place during covidandTeller couldn’t get to a regular gym, but that didn’t stop him from working out.

Exercise Style


A Miles Teller Bodyweight Circuit

Run: 800 meters

Work out:
Flutter kicks: 40

Bench dips: 20

Bodyweight squats: 20

Feet-elevated pushups: 25

Alternating reverse lunges: 25


Teller on his Bleed for This Routine

‘I just didn’t want to be embarrassed by not putting in the work physically.’


Teller on His Life While Prepping for His Bleed for This

‘We were spending the entire day in the gym.’


Teller on Boxing

‘Let’s be honest, it’s not fun to get punched…There is something about the sport of boxing that makes you dig deep and find out who you are.’


Teller on How to Get Abs

‘I thought that you start doing some crunches, you get abs. It’s like, no, man, you gotta totally change your body’s chemistry.’


Teller on Seeing Physical Changes From Working Out

‘It takes a long time to transform your body.’


Teller’s Significant Other’s Take on His Bleed for This fitness Regi-men

‘He was ripped and shriveled, but he was also boring.’

Miles Teller’s Supplements

Other than protein, Teller is keeping quiet on his supplement use. So, below are options that can benefit anyone following a similar diet plan. 

Protein Powder


Teller used protein supplements to build muscle while he was prep-ping for his role in Bleed for This. Besides helping build muscle protein also burns fat, and helps you feel fuller, longer.

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fish oil

Serious athletes take fish oil for their anti-inflammatory, health-boosting omega-3s and creatine because it builds mass and increases strength.

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BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are another top pick for those looking to grow and maintain muscle, and it also helps shorten recovery time.

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recovery supplement

A recovery supplement with nutrients like zinc and magnesium is another smart idea to reduce post-workout soreness.

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Also consider a caffeine supplement to boost energy and help you last through lengthy workouts.

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If you follow a restricted diet like Teller’s, definitely add a multivitamin to be sure you’re hitting all your nutritional bases.

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Miles Teller’s Lifestyle

Simple Motivation

Teller says his interest in acting appeared coincidentally with the arrival of a pretty drama teacher at his high school.

An Experience He’ll Never Forget

In 2008, Teller was a passenger in a car that rolled 8 times and threw him 30 feet, and he sports many scars from the incident. He wears a bracelet that says ‘Buckle up for Bo’ in remembrance of a friend who died a year later in a different car crash.

Not Always Paradise

Another memorable experience for Teller involved getting attacked in a restaurant bathroom by 2 men.

Top Marks

Teller was picked to play in Rabbit Hole by none other than Nicole Kidman, who said he was ‘real’ in his audition. She has continued to support his career.

Close Call

Teller considered turning down the role in Whiplash, but his agent talked him into it. Teller was nominated for several awards for his performance.

Hometown Faves

Teller is a big fan of his hometown teams: the Phillies, the Flyers and the Eagles.

Error in Judgement

In 2017, Teller was arrested for public drunkenness. He spent about 4 hours in jail before being released.


Teller on Predictions About His Future

‘My second grade teacher told me I would never graduate high school, that I was going to be a juvenile delinquent.’


Teller on His Personal Drive

‘I always had ambition…I always got straight As and a 4.0 and all that.’


Teller on How He Got Started Acting

‘I got into acting my junior year of high school. We got a hot new drama teacher and I was like, “All right, I’ll try drama.’


Teller on Acting

‘Living in somebody else’s pain for an actor, man, it’s actually nice when you get to feel that kind of emotion. That’s what I like.’


Teller on His Many Talents

‘Naked acrobatics are on my resume.’


Teller on Dancing

‘I’m the first one out on the dance floor.’


Teller on His Unusual Talent

‘I don’t know if I’m lazy or I like trying to do things with my feet.’

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